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  1. This 100%. The current L/H is beyond a joke and a kick in the face. How are we supposed to do anything in this game now. I have 0 drive to continue playing with the direction this is going. I love the mining units, but the rates need to be raised tremendously.
  2. With the new changes to the brakes and having to be outside of a ship now, our ships are going to look even goofier. There is no reason that our ships should have to have 30 atmo engines, 50 brakes and 100 wings to fly, that makes zero sense and any space ship you see online, in the movies or other games don't look as goofy as the ships do in DU. They really need to adjust the power of each of these items (thrust, lift, braking) so we can make more realistic and actually good looking ships.
  3. Hey all! I am considering hoping into the Alpha testing, but I am concerned that if I pay for Alpha now, it will close down next week and I wont be able to play again till Beta. Does anybody know if there will be one more Alpha phase after this current one?
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