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  1. EselaMindles

    Q&A Compilation Thread

    What I want to really know is what happens if that cube you place down to start a ship gets destroyed or deleted.
  2. EselaMindles

    Alpha 1& 2 Server times

    Can't wait. Considering the Game was originally planned to release at the end of this year instead got a extended pre-alpha I'm hoping all of this time in pre-alpha means alpha one is coming before Christmas. so Soon tm
  3. This has to be some kind of error on their part or no? It says for the iron bundle it includes the game at launch and its expected to be delivered around December 2018. Also i'm still new here and i'm haven't learned much past the trailer but I have one concern that maybe someone could help end. The Grind I'm a bit worried that its going to take 2 years to build a larger ship (exaggerated to show a point.) Most MMO games that I've played have it to some insane amount of materials required to build something, so it takes a long time to gather, and then a few games make it so its like a minute to place down a single wall. Hopefully its something like Space engineers and Stationeers where its just place down the frame and then build it. I'm just worried that besides having all of the materials and designing the ship theres going to be some barrier there to arbitrary make it longer. how is building planned anyways?
  4. EselaMindles

    Space music

    Good music.