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  1. Ex-player of eve you say. I think you might find yourself right at home in DU like many other ex-eve players. Welcome mate
  2. Nice. welcome to the cool club Dynamic.
  3. Well its a game about space that kinda promises to deliver on all the stuff i just dreamt as a child. My goal is to run a corporation in DU primarily focused on the high end materials and ship production
  4. discordauth:iSbsdck6FsJ4RZFeE5QhGrYiGhIVzWeMCnDE3NxCkVc=

  5. Howdy my fellow DU folks. I am from India and have always been a fan of scifi novels/games. I love MMO's with good social aspect and have sunk about 6k hrs into ark survival evolved and one of the things that kept me going for that much amount of time was the group of people i met and played together with. As they say, space can be a lonely place but i hope to make some good friends here too and sink many more hrs together with you guys to create something noteworthy ingame. Regards; DreamCatcher
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