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  1. If there was a market, prices offered by players would be higher then current bot prices (excluding the 0.23/Christmas special). Everything points to more mining and less reward if bots are removed. And in my opinion that is the exact opposite of what this game needs, since (in my opinion) mining is slowly killing this game.
  2. Put a round carpet under it, they would match well..
  3. <JC voice>Billions guys, billions.</JC voice>
  4. Once you have been in this game for a couple of years, you will notice some predictable patterns with how NQ does development. 1. NQ releases large relatively untested patch with sweeping changes 2. Backlash from community. 3. NQ has to back-peddle to mitigate the damage done So my guess is that experienced players realized the 0.23 schematic situation would have to be changed, and where looking for the smallest hint from NQ as to when it would happen. Hint. I have hardly used any of my talent points yet. And I will wait until 0.24 at the earliest before I do.
  5. Your point which is very valid, was lost in a wall of text. So I am highlighting it for you here.
  6. Nothing concrete, but there are some indications that the market crashes are related to GPU memory. For example I got a 1080ti with 11GB and I never crash at markets (more then the game crash other places).
  7. I was enjoying the building/scripting aspect of the game for a long while until I develuped mining PTSD. And knowing that 0.23 now will require even more mining, my inspiration and will to play the game is at an all time low.
  8. Since what you see on the screen is a combination of the local cache voxel DB and freshly streamed data, it might to some degree explain why you can sometimes have things far away draw just fine and at the same time get close by object popping up out of nowhere. But when it comes to lack of optimization you will get no argument from me. I have yet to see anything displayed on the monitor in DU that justify the low fps and lag spikes we are experiencing.
  9. That's hardly fair. Industry was one of the few enjoyable aspects of this game. So it made sense for players to concentrate on that while waiting for the game to get a more complete loop and content. This is also why the player backlash to 0.23 has been so massive when NQ in their infinite wisdom decided to nuke industry from orbit, before they had added any alternative and enjoyable activities to the game. A monthly subscription for DU before 0.23 was already a hard sell, and after it is more or less impossible to justify.
  10. You are looking for a UI with sensible ways to gather and display information. This is not the game for that..
  11. It's irony. In the beginning JC talked a lot about emergent game play and giving players tools to create their own content and economy. But everything is now suddenly turned upside down, with JC pushing changes that try to force us to play the game in a very specific way.
  12. Your post is also absolutely dripping with bias, in case you missed it..
  13. Thanks for the tip Blaze, but some of my more advanced scripts that do heavy remapping of engine functionality, control inputs and stability algo's for horizontal to vertical flight mode transitions etc. are still borked. Specifically many of the remappings like custom key assignments are no longer being applied.
  14. Yeah.. I am not planning on playing the game much (if any at all) in the current state. So I just queued up a month worth of level 1 to 3's of the obvious stuff, and left my points untouched until I know better how to use them in the future.
  15. As usual. I even asked before the Q&A specifically if JC would tackle some of the hard questions this time. But was promptly ignored. So let's call them what they really are since they are more 'show and tell' then Q&A's.
  16. I am not trying to start something here, but that is a fallacy. The person most unlikely to look at the complaint impartially, is the person who applied the ban in the first place.
  17. Same here. I been playing for years and got about 5mill also. Simply because I don't care about mining or industry, and only did the bare minimum needed to purchase elements for my builds. In other words, I was playing the game the way JC wanted me to. And as a result I am now stuck with not enough resources for markets and being forced to grind like crazy if I want to to continue my builds.
  18. The problem as I see it is that NQ isn't balancing the game the way it was supposed to be done. The principle idea behind DU was to give the players tools and a set of world rules (physics etc.), and then let it play out with emergent gameplay. But that idea quickly got abandoned by NQ, since it requires that they actually need to know in detail how the game is supposed to work. Much quicker and less work to just add lots of quick patches and special rules for problems as they occur instead. Even if they break the universal world rules, and ignores that most of the balancing issues are because we don't have the tools and world rules needed for a complete ecosystem yet. It should be obvious to NQ that the reason why everybody is doing industry, is simply because that is the only part of the game that works proper and there are no alternatives. Just as it should also be obvious that people would build PvP ships as small and economical as possible, based on the size and weight of L weapon elements. And it also turns out that JC seem to have some very specific ideas about how this game is supposed to be played after all..
  19. Most of my custom flight scripts broke in 0.23, so there is more going on then just what is written in the release notes.
  20. This game used to have a steep learning curve for new players. Now it has become a wall with barb wire on the top..
  21. No, it is the price of NQ's tendency to not having sensible priorities when adding features, and instead just add whatever takes the least amount of work first. If they had first added some sensible alternatives to making income, this would have all gone over much better with players. There is an almost universal hate for mining in this game, and NQ just sky rocketed the amount of mining needed to get anywhere in this game, and at the same time lobotomized the one thing most players enjoyed doing (industry). So there is no wonder people are frustrated.
  22. But EVE also has content to keep you busy in the meanwhile.. NQ on the other hand has added 'end game' grind of the type you would find in a established long running game to a 'beta' that doesn't even have a complete game loop yet.
  23. Correction, you used to play the economy solo. This game is now exclusively for big orgs thanks to 0.23.
  24. So in case people missed it. The reason for the L core hording is now pretty clear. Price for Dynamic Core L Schematics is 656 millions..
  25. If there was no bots, where would the money to buy products from other players come from? The 100.000 a day fund? Let time I checked it is not possible for players to print money.
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