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  2. Sorry I`m fairly new to the dual universe board, not new to the project, because I`m lurking around for a long time now before deciding to pledge and back up as patron, but I`m really shocked that people already complaining in an early PRE-ALPHA phase game development about being or feeling bothered by others behavings in an OPEN WORLD based game, futher more already requesting a "leave me alone mode" in such state of game development. Pretty sad to see, people like that kind spend money to be first and try to play private. I hope the developers don`t jump onto such a requests band wagon in the fist place. Better refund the thread starter and offer that person a gentle and nice meant way to the exit door. Hopefully my thoughts are no insult to the threat starter, because they were never meant or typed as trolling, just saying something like that request has no right of exsitance here in a community driven and supported game developement. We all (hopefully) want the the same, that Dual Universe becomes the World we all love to spend time within in the future. See you all somtimes in the Dual Universe.
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