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  1. Pretty much it, it`s sadly the truth word for word, I`m ashamed by the new arrivals or even older players, who turned an insanly supportive Discord of a Company like NQ, into a beg & brag festival. I can`t stand it anymore, all that " refund me this, fetch me that and while doing so reimburse me asap my 10 times lost industry M" BS. I was kindly said disgusted, how the game support was gutted by the players since Beta Release. Not that I want to put every player under general suspicion, but it became very obvious, that a lot of the people who flooded the Discord, tried to cheat the system without any proper need. I really had the strong feeling, "Hey we`re all here up for a free grab of anything we can squeez out of the heaviely overtime working NQ-support peoples." Sure thing, the server are obviously not running at it`s smoothest, aswell as we`re all undergoing a painful journey of getting buttkicked by some nasty or annoying bugs, but the amount of " Gimme gimme gimme " posts in the #Troubleshooting_help channel really made me mad. Thanks RNJesus it all found an end and that crowd of peepz now has to go and create a quadrillion support tickets and hopefully wait till eternity, because the support team takes the time to double check all request on integrity. End of Story.
  2. I can only agree on that statement with the person that replied above on the market issue, which is none in my own opinon. Not sure if a person who even not got it, that not human players but market bots placed the sell orders of 100k to 200k quatities inside the market at this time, should come up with suggestions, but I repect the effort of bringing up something the thread starter thought was some good changes. Sadly I can see the lack of knowledge that person has related to the DU market, because if a real player would place a lot of different sell orders for different items or ore, that mostly dosn`t say the person would mass produce all that stuff on it`s own, but most likely sells stuff as trader for his/her corporation, or in other cases bought stuff cheaper out of the market in smaller quantities and put these items back up for sale, which is the way most markets in the real world work aswell. Actually the DU ingame economy driven by players works only in one direction, player who are running only a small scale industry, go to the market, check the lowest prices, create a selling order that undercuts the lowest price by 1-5 quanta each piece and case closed, bigger/richer traders wait for specific price to hit rock bottom low and buy all stuff out of the market for cheap, same old same old, like in all games who provided a player to player market structure. In Dual Universe that issue works even easier, because the seller of an item can always hide behind an anonymous order and has not to fear any substantial disadvantages, like getting ganked in the future or being in the focus of other traders and getting their industry structure wiped of the map, later on in the development, at time territory warfare will be implemented, only to mention a few possiblities for making the profession of traders harder during gameplay . My only improvement suggestion related to the DU ingame market, is plain and simple and should be easy to implement, after the time the market bots got removed by NQ. Every order handled in the market needs to be flagged with a player ingame name, so people are able to decide, if they want to buy stuff, from the player xyz, which could be FoE or not, even items or ressources which found their way into the market in a kinda cheezy way, would be possible to identify that way and could be dealed with. Only anonymously placed orders will be a hugh possibility that the player driven market will fail, or only work into one direction, like I already stated above. small traders undercut themself for a fast few bucks, and laughing their asses of deep pocket traders, buying the stuff for cheap later on the week and if they`re smart enough, creating shortages of important items for even bigger profites without any visible risk of being exposed. Player name information included in every market order are an easy and possible implemented must have for the long term success of any player driven markets in online games.
  3. Hey Luukullus, aka Luka Welcome to Dual Universe, feel free to ask things about the game we`re participating in the Alpha, but be beware it is still under NDA till the 27th of August 2020. So my tip would be, hop onto Discord and hook us up on our Discord Server (https://discord.com/invite/5MMxacV ), we welcome all new Noveans, specially Germans, because we`re till that time the largest german Organisation in Dual Universe. Check out our DU Org page https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/2041/#tab-posts Feel free to get in touch with us and we can talk ( ofc in german, if you like that more ) about the game and the future goals and dreams you want to archive in your upcoming exciting journey while playing Dual Universe, during that time you can hang around with us and check out if our friendly community and given game structure we follow, is something for you in the long run. Greetings NoBadCompany
  4. discordauth:TK5Z3JoK5QwXkupMfTzzD_6VLI58UELpQqv8s7bVYI8=

  5. Sorry I`m fairly new to the dual universe board, not new to the project, because I`m lurking around for a long time now before deciding to pledge and back up as patron, but I`m really shocked that people already complaining in an early PRE-ALPHA phase game development about being or feeling bothered by others behavings in an OPEN WORLD based game, futher more already requesting a "leave me alone mode" in such state of game development. Pretty sad to see, people like that kind spend money to be first and try to play private. I hope the developers don`t jump onto such a requests band wagon in the fist place. Better refund the thread starter and offer that person a gentle and nice meant way to the exit door. Hopefully my thoughts are no insult to the threat starter, because they were never meant or typed as trolling, just saying something like that request has no right of exsitance here in a community driven and supported game developement. We all (hopefully) want the the same, that Dual Universe becomes the World we all love to spend time within in the future. See you all somtimes in the Dual Universe.
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