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  1. Pretty much it, it`s sadly the truth word for word, I`m ashamed by the new arrivals or even older players, who turned an insanly supportive Discord of a Company like NQ, into a beg & brag festival. I can`t stand it anymore, all that " refund me this, fetch me that and while doing so reimburse me asap my 10 times lost industry M" BS. I was kindly said disgusted, how the game support was gutted by the players since Beta Release. Not that I want to put every player under general suspicion, but it became very obvious, that a lot of the people who flooded the Discord, tried to cheat the sy
  2. I can only agree on that statement with the person that replied above on the market issue, which is none in my own opinon. Not sure if a person who even not got it, that not human players but market bots placed the sell orders of 100k to 200k quatities inside the market at this time, should come up with suggestions, but I repect the effort of bringing up something the thread starter thought was some good changes. Sadly I can see the lack of knowledge that person has related to the DU market, because if a real player would place a lot of different sell orders for different items or ore, that
  3. Hey Luukullus, aka Luka Welcome to Dual Universe, feel free to ask things about the game we`re participating in the Alpha, but be beware it is still under NDA till the 27th of August 2020. So my tip would be, hop onto Discord and hook us up on our Discord Server (https://discord.com/invite/5MMxacV ), we welcome all new Noveans, specially Germans, because we`re till that time the largest german Organisation in Dual Universe. Check out our DU Org page https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/2041/#tab-posts Feel free to get in touch with us and we can talk ( ofc in german, if you like
  4. discordauth:TK5Z3JoK5QwXkupMfTzzD_6VLI58UELpQqv8s7bVYI8=

  5. Sorry I`m fairly new to the dual universe board, not new to the project, because I`m lurking around for a long time now before deciding to pledge and back up as patron, but I`m really shocked that people already complaining in an early PRE-ALPHA phase game development about being or feeling bothered by others behavings in an OPEN WORLD based game, futher more already requesting a "leave me alone mode" in such state of game development. Pretty sad to see, people like that kind spend money to be first and try to play private. I hope the developers don`t jump onto such a requests band wagon in th
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