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    HairballHacker got a reaction from AlexRingess in Stop calling combat "PvP" pt. 2   
    YES! I was thinking of posting your graphic ('say "combat" not "PvP) over on the ED forums. There the debate has never ceased and is always polarized between the same two toxic extremes. FDev responded and as a result much of the game has been ruined IMO. I really don't want that to happen to DU.
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    HairballHacker reacted to Atmosph3rik in Stop calling combat "PvP" pt. 2   
    Ok well then what are we calling the thing that was avoided, in that scenario?  If we're not calling it combat anymore.
    That needs a name too.  
    I would like to suggest "Big boy boom boom time"
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    HairballHacker got a reaction from lucagrabacr in Stop calling combat "PvP" pt. 2   
    YES! I was thinking of posting your graphic ('say "combat" not "PvP) over on the ED forums. There the debate has never ceased and is always polarized between the same two toxic extremes. FDev responded and as a result much of the game has been ruined IMO. I really don't want that to happen to DU.
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    HairballHacker reacted to lucagrabacr in Stop calling combat "PvP" pt. 2   
    I just think semantics matter, when people say "Do PvP" or "PvP organization" they imply non-aggressive players or non-PvP organizations don't do PvP, which is not the case, but the implications do divide the community or create a perceived division more so than how much there actually is, and NQ do tailor their developments from perceived player sentiment to some degree
    I just don't want DU to end up like ED where there's a completely separate path of gameplay without any PvP because of some hardcoded distinction or barrier (their solo / private group mode), essentially undermining the whole universe of the game
    Maybe I'm just paranoid or overly pedantic, at least I hope so
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    HairballHacker reacted to lucagrabacr in Stop calling combat "PvP" pt. 2   
    I wrote about these a bit ago shortly after beta release, and exactly what I said gonna happen is happening right now so making a 2nd thread here and attaching a video I made about why we all should just stop calling combat PvP, seriously guys

    It's a misnomer, it's divisive, it's dumbing down the game
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    HairballHacker reacted to CptLoRes in Refund update   
    As a backer you did not buy a car. You financed the development of a car, with the hope that it would one day become a great car.
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    HairballHacker reacted to Ven in leaving this steaming pile of #@##$$ anyone want my 2 silver founder accounts   
    I am moving DU into the this had so much potential category
    I bought 2 silver accounts if you are interested in having them post here and I will choose who to give them to after I read some of your post to make sure you are not some kind of scummy exploiter running around stealing peoples shit and exploiting this cluster fuck.
    I could post endlessly about the things I don't care for in DU but this is not the place for that.
    Maybe someone else can find some fun here, I already got my moneys worth and I thought it was going to be a game I could invest lots of time in and watch it grow.
    So post about why you want my account as said I have 2 to give away and they still have all the stuff (beta keys and other perks) on them and very few talents trained so you can make it how you want.
    The best replies will have the best chance for the gift.
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    HairballHacker got a reaction from Mordgier in Why should i play this game?   
    I respectfully disagree.
    Elite Dangerous is 'Carebears in Space'.
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    HairballHacker reacted to Mordgier in Why should i play this game?   
    Literally the same thing gets said about Minecraft. And EVE is Excel in Space. Elite Dangerous is Poop Hauling Simulator.
    You can make some extremely simplistic generalist judgment about most games with intent to make them look uninteresting.
    I absolutely agree that in the current state vital core elements of the game are simply missing based on what the premise of the game was. I do not agree that what is there is not a gameplay loop that will keep some people playing for years to come even with no additions. 
    There is certainly a carrot, and that is building more and more and more - that may not be a carrot you want to chase, and that's fine, but it's certainly there.
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    HairballHacker reacted to joaocordeiro in Why should i play this game?   
    Its not up to us to convince you to play the game. If you cant find a reason on your own, dont play. 
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    HairballHacker reacted to Mordgier in PvP is Broken aka Pay to Win   
    You know what NAVY stands for?
    Never Again Volunteer Yourself.
    I spent 5 years with NAVSEA and learned my lesson.
    It's ironic when you post about being an adult when you clearly have not grown up enough to shake yourself free of absurd childish idealism. 
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    HairballHacker reacted to Orangeferret in PvP is Broken aka Pay to Win   
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    HairballHacker reacted to Mordgier in PvP is Broken aka Pay to Win   
    This is so unbelievably stupid.
    It's as stupid as solo players complaining that they have no chance against groups of players.
    Finally the primary use case of multiboxing isn't pvp directly but being able to mine on your alt while your pvp alt is stuck on a ship idling or playing an alt as your main is flying between planets.
    Nevermind that regardless of if NQ allows or prohibits multiboxing - it's impossible to detect so no matter what NQs stance on it was, it would still happen.
    As I've had to say way way way too many times on this forum - deal with it.
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    HairballHacker reacted to Mordgier in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    Are you intentionally being obtuse?
    Dual Universe :: Civilization Building Sci-Fi MMORPG
    You BUILD the civilization. You are in frontier space. It is uncivilized by nature. Just like the wild west. It is your job to create and spread this civilization - how you do that is up to you - but I expect it to be spread with an iron fist.
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    HairballHacker reacted to Zamiel7 in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    But again, being a "dick" is totally subjective and has no value in actual rulings. I am loath to compare a video game to society because, despite certain people claiming the contrary, they are two completely different things when it comes to human behavior. Certain games straight up require you to engage in behavior that would be deemed sociopathic in society (e.g. killing someone in Among Us and then lying about it), and Dual Universe is no different. The only difference in DU is that there are more ways for players to interpret what the goal of the game is and some of the ways are in direct opposition to one another. The burden lies with NQ to deliver clear, focused rulings and develop the game in such a way that behavior they have deemed exploitive is impossible and/or punishable.
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    HairballHacker reacted to Zamiel7 in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    Except this is actually a terrible way of thinking about rules. The more specific and technical rules are, the better because it leaves no room for interpretation. "Don't build walls in adjacent tiles to adversely affect neighboring players" is infinitely better than "don't be a dick" because that the threshold of "being a dick" is going to vary wildly from player to player. A person can realistically say that it's a dick move to blow up a tiny, unarmed hauler, but that is absolutely not an infraction against the rules. There are far more ways to argue and circumvent "being a dick" than a specific, clearly worded ruling.
    Ideally, it will become difficult or impossible to take an exploitive action that goes against the design of the game as time goes on, but until then, NQ should endeavor to be as clear and technical as possible in rulings.
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    HairballHacker reacted to ElGesem in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    so, dude build a wall on his/unclaimed hex - and you were smart enough to build a runway that starts from non-yours hex. What is the problem here? If I will decide to build a big factory near your runway, will you run to the NQ support ticket crying how me bad player influencing your gameplay by minding my own biz on my own hex? The problem here is not a griefer but an issue with texture load - so you may write NQ a ticket to fix it instead. If we go and start to report all people on neighboring hexes that bother us - that guy can go and write a ticket that he is tired of your ships smashing his wall and each time he has to remove the wrecks
    And that streaming menacing reminds me of this:
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    HairballHacker reacted to Mordgier in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    I use dongs to mark unclaimed tiles that I mined out because they are easier to spot than holes.
    Removing these markers is griefing. Frankly I think they are a public service, if you see a dong, you know that tile has been mined. 
    Please don't grief.

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    HairballHacker reacted to michaelk in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    A player taking advantage of how elements load into the game to construct an invisible wall of death is clearly exploitative. It takes advantage of technical flaws with the game, not an intended game mechanic.
    I don't really think NQ should step in, though. When issues like this are dealt with ad-hoc by GMs, it is sloppy and prone to inconsistency. It doesn't stop bad behavior, it punishes it after the fact. Frankly, NQ will never be able to afford enough GMs to monitor players for "good behavior". 
    If they want to stop a behavior, it's easy -- just fix the technical issues or game rules that make griefing possible.
    The rules of the game shouldn't be a guess. If you can do it, it is legal. If you shouldn't be able to do it, the game should not let you do it...not an underpaid and overworked GM prone to human error. 
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    HairballHacker reacted to Mordgier in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    You only need a few tiles around your base to have a clean approach. We literally did that on our Alioth base to prevent exactly this kind of stuff.
    Our org claimed the main tiles, our chars everythign around it.
    Most of the tiles are unbuilt but only the org has rights to mine.
    It's not hard. This is a problem that can be solved without crying to mommy....
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    HairballHacker reacted to Orangeferret in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    Dictating what can and can't be built in a tile you don't own is ridiculous. On a related topic, having a stream doesn't make you special.
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    HairballHacker reacted to Mordgier in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    So you're upset that someone is doing something in a territory you don't own?
    OK Karen.
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    HairballHacker reacted to Mordgier in NQ, Griefers are a problem   
    Claim that territory if you don't like it. If it's already claimed, too bad. He can build the biggest wall he wants in his territory. It's his territory. If you don't like it, check your HOA ordinances.....oh wait...
    Also - you're not some special snowflake just because you stream - your attitude is more harmful than these walls.
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    HairballHacker reacted to Anderson Williams in Leaving safe zone is consenting to PvP.   
    Thats not accurate especially in the context you have supplied. Lets say I played a game like Star-craft and was destroying my buddies base. By your assertion if I kill all of his units he continues to spawn I am a griefer. If I played a full loot MMO, which we do... and the target I have selected to fight has armored their core, as they should it will take me time to kill it. 

    If you say that me killing the same guy 10 times to get to his core is griefing, then what you are saying is... Once i shoot his ship and he dies, thats it I should disengage and move on. Not kill the ship, not be rewarded for pvping by taking the ship. I kill the guy one time, and he gets to say 'oh gee willickers you got me!' respawn, get back in his ship and leave. No thats not how it works.
    You are suggesting that by playing the game, as it is intended to be played... we are bad people. Thats not true nor accurate.
    There are no social consequences, this comment could be misconstrued in a way to suggest that if someone kills you or someone else... YOU may do something bad to them. IRL.
    This is the long and short of it.

    So I just wanna say, though my opinion is stupid and no one really cares... that the game has pvp. The game has pvp orgs which are large and like to fight. They are bound, because so many of you feel pvp shouldn't exist or safe zones for days. I told you how this was gonna go and none of you listened. Since you forced pvpers to have very limited means to pvping they have to take what they can get. So they hunt the commerce and trade lanes.

    When atmo pvp comes... there are gonna be wars. Empire vs NG, or like BOO vs NG, or like numerous other orgs vs NG/DSI/Others.. and its gonna be a blast. You guys will have the occasional commerce raiding but we are gonna be hunting each other and we will not cry and whine about it.

    The real problem here is that you guys feel you should not have to endure any risk for your reward, which borks the game. You guys made your own orgs because you wanna make something and be the leader, and instead of joining a larger more powerful org and working out how to PROTECT your convoys you felt that we should just ignore you because thats how its gonna work.

    Thats not.. at all how its going to work.

    But you lads will learn in time. Build relations with pvp orgs, join orgs that will protect you! Form mutual defense treaties... all of that stuff. Stop sitting in your corner playing blocks in a warzone, saying that no one should be able to touch your block city because... you built it. Imagine how this will work when they implement defense mechanisms, imagine that NQ will create a way for you to protect your ships that you wont even bother to learn because 'eww'. And you will still die. Then you will whine that you died from pvp, in a game with pvp, in an area that is clearly marked, for pvp.

    Join a pvp org, there are so many orgs offering defense for your convoys, there are ways around getting killed in the pipe. We see people defeating our tactics almost daily... when atmo pvp comes there will be wars between the larger orgs and you guys are gonna have a blast. Stop being salty over what is actually alot of fun. And Joacorderio stop projecting. C'mon hugs for everyone!
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    HairballHacker reacted to Elrood in Leaving safe zone is consenting to PvP.   
    I don't understand why is this even a topic...

    PvP space is a space where killing player is possible and actually should happen.... If you enter willingly - you face consequences. If you decide to enter again - you can die again. If you enter 10 times in a row, you can die 10 times in a row. Doesn't matter if this will be same player ganking a spot or 10 different players. Doesn't matter what the balance is, how disproportional forces are, is going to pvp zone even necessary, etc. All of that is beside the point. Whoever is in the pvp zone signed in blood and tears contract to be allowed to be killed and kill by solo action of being there.

    To be brutally honest - in this game if you can't run or fight, you are nothing more but flying paycheck waiting to be cashed in. if you are dying over and over again at the same spot, you are minimal effort, probably lucrative (and dumb) paycheck. End of story. 

    For the records, all that "doesn't matter" has an exception - exploits - those do matter, should never be used in practice and be dealt with by NQ asap.
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