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    I have to agree with : "People in DU can build whatever they want, and as such many people will be driven less by profit and efficiency, and more so by the ability to be artistic, creative, imaginative, and simply to say "because we could. '' As unpractical it may seem I am sure some organization will build the Death Star or something like it eventual even if its just for bragging right !
  2. Hello I came across something interesting I thought I would share. This will be a great topic and possibly tactics used by some organizations. There will probably be some people new to MMO ( massive multimedia online ) games or games that use a player based economy ! When it comes to sabotage and espionage the best ways to counter these tactics is to understand them and then plan accordingly with you countermeasures. I will use definitions to make it simple and straight to the point. I have played many types of games and with different organizations and thought this might help some people learn something new and plan a head for safety measures within you organizations. As Dual Universe becomes more popular you could have organizations with thousands of players! ESPIONAGE : 1. the act or practice of spying. 2. the use of spies by a government to discover the military and political secrets of other nations. 3. the use of spies by a corporation or the like to acquire the plans, technical knowledge, etc., of a competitor SABOTAGE : 1. any underhand interference with production, work, etc., in a plant, factory, etc., as by enemy agents during wartime or by employees during a trade dispute. 2. any undermining of a cause. verb (used with object), sabotaged, sabotaging. 3. to injure or attack by sabotage I played EVE for over a year and now I am kind of a on and off player over the years ! EVE is a good game and I am just using this as my example of SABOTAGE and ESPIONAGE inside a game . The simple lesson from this is they gave one person way too much power! Someone how was not the founder of the organization and then after a argument things went bad! As I said this should be a good discussion on how to prevent this from happening in Dual Universe and for people to think on tactics in a player based economy game ! So I will start with this as I listen to a little theme music : Beastie Boys - sabotage ?
  3. This seems like a never ending run on topic ? I will be nice and just say lets just agree to disagree , but I have 100% confidence that when some one crosses that line NQ will step in and handle it! Yes I have 100% confidence that NQ and the Dev's will take care of any Pay-2-Win situations that may accrue and they seem to already be working on it.
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    In-game voice.

    Personally I will pass on the in game voice for now and you may say why , but to put it simply you really don't need it when there or other tools you could use instead of in game voice! There is still the other issues people have forgotten about : The team is trying to stream line the server as much as possible so we can have millions of players in the DU galaxy playing at the same time and if things like in-game voice puts unneeded stress on the server then yes I will pass ! We all probably have a dream list of things we would like to see in the game but I would like to see them achieve the basics first which will be a feat in its self being the single shard technology : can they truly pull it off and I would like to see this happen first be for we all request our list of thing we would like to see in the game that may also add unneeded stresses on the server to make it happen ! If they do use voice please add features to mute and block people out I really get tired of : guy that thinks he can sing , guy that thinks he is a comedian , guy that thinks everyone likes his music and the guy that is rude to everyone ! Get where I'm going I don't really like voice but if you get it please have features in place that allow you to avoid or silence these types.
  5. The redemption system sounds like a better plan and even if some games have this feature the loot system mechanism was usually use on killing NPC or monster mobs and not other players ! I guess it would be ok if you remember not to carry loot able items on you but personally it seem like a insult to injury tactic to me : not only did you get killed but you where also looted so I hope the bounty system might help counter this because I see so many ways this tactic could go wrong .
  6. That's a NO ! 100% NO ! So you want to put a feature in the game that lets you steal from people that paid money for there subscriptions ! OMG really ? Have you really thought this one out ? Your player base would drop so fast you can just close this one out to most because it will become a griefers wet dream ! Please pay more money for DAC's so I can just keep killing you and taking your money / real money ! I will be waiting for you at the spawn location to come out of the protected area with love ! XOXO I have ben doing a little research and checking out games that have large building community and when this game has ben brought up they love it but don't like the idea of having there built creations destroyed or some random guy just killing them for fun and now a suggested way to rob people for real ? Which is a shame because some of these builders have some fantastic building skills ! I and others have explained that they can stay in the safe zone and not worry about the hazards but they feel the safe zones will be too small and if they did venture out it will not end well ! One solution for those builders would be a added creative mode and some games are starting to add this feature so I hope NQ / DU will add this feature later and maybe me and others will be able to persuade these types of builder with fantastic skills to join DU and share there works !
  7. Top definition : Pay to Win : Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying. Dude, you've spent like 400 bucks on this game so you can beat everyone who hasn't spent any money. Pay-to-win noob! I think people have different ideas of what true pay to win is ! Personally I have no problems with the DAC's system and feel that most players will use it as was intended but that being said no matter what system is in place you will always have that small amount of people trying to beat the system and I feel NQ will handle it IMEDIATLY as they see fit ! So please don't make suggestions that penalize the majority of players that use the system as intended and it is also strange we are acting like the system is broke even be for it comes out ! Everyone has there opinion's and I don't really see this topic really making any ground so maybe we should wait until we get more data from released in-game DU play ? Just Saying.
  8. Yep I second that it sounds like a great plan to get away from the massive crowed areas at the start and to do some exploring in solar system and mining to start off.
  9. Not sure on the number of blue prints we can have , but I am sure you will be able to have a lot of them! Most players blue prints will probably be modifying and updating over and over until the player feels that they have the prefix design they want. For instance you may only have made 2 ship design but made changes to each of those designs 10 to 30 times to tweak them.
  10. In one of the interviews I am sure they said it would take a year for players to build a space station like the one in the video but I am sure that time could be shortened depending how many people are working on it and the availability of resources. I think this might be the best option for most or you could build a smaller station with a modular concept to expand over time.
  11. I have build weapons in different games where you could customize and give them unique appearances, but one of the ways they balanced this in games would be like: a pistol would have a certain range , fire speed and damage min to max level while something like a sniper rifle would have a longer range and higher min to max damage level, but have a slow rate of fire than a pistol. Each weapon system will probably have a set distance and max level of damage based on its size and type. I would think if it works something like this that large cannons will be devastating and slow firing but best used on other large ship long range and not very accurate against small fast ships like fighters. Small laser guns or cannons with quick fire rates would be used as your anti-fighter set! Small lasers will not have the same range as large lasers but they will serve a purpose like I explained. Nothing is 100% but this is how I think it will work some, but hopefully I will get a better idea during the alpha's and beta seeing that I will be a weapons system designer! =)
  12. I would love to see force field doors in the game and it might even be easier for them to do than doors with rotors or gears! =)
  13. Hello and welcome ! When you get the Bar set up lets have a drink! =)
  14. Well I sure there will be a lot of players like me that work and don't have a lot of game time compared to someone that doesn't have to work and doesn't have a family to take care of? I think NQ has thought it out very well and I will most likely be using some of my DAC's to acquire the materials and parts I need and I'm sure I will not be the only one doing that. Free to play seems like a griefers dream most people are not going to mess up what they have to pay for and like they said there are other ways to pay for a subscription with out paying money : sell blueprints , ore's , are work contracts to make game money and buy Dac's for subscriptions! Seems like a great idea to me.
  15. Dual Universe Wiki : Complexity Bigger ships will certainly be harder to destroy/invade if they're built in a smart way by players. However, their toughness will be balanced. Due to their mass, they will be slower and less agile than smaller ships. Large weapon turrets will also be at a disadvantage against very fast ships. But nothing will prevent builders to create specialized ships, such as a huge battlecruiser full of small weapon turrets to hunt down hostile small and fast ships. But there will be a choice to make: energy consumption. Every module in a ship will require energy. So it won't be possible to have everything in infinite number, even on a large ship. To answer your question yes but they have not stated what kind of modules you will be able to put on your ships! People building ship will probably have multiple system like space and atmospheric engines on there space craft! They will probably also have hybrid systems like taking a space engine and a atmospheric engine and combining them into one system that can fly in space and the atmosphere! The path that Dual Universe is taking is to mostly have players and not AI's do most of the work so these systems and modules might need someone to man them like a scanner , weapons , etc.. I will be working on weapons and weapons system maybe coming up with some exciting hybrid ones also, but my friend working on engines explained it to me so planning on making him some cool weapons and he will make me a cool ship with great engines because I know nothing about building ships or engines! I have ben a weapons smith and a armor smith in other games and that's what I love to do! =) I hope this answers your questions and I hope to see you in the pre-alpha! =)
  16. Slopjohnbee this was on Dual Universe wiki but I guess it could always change so this is probably the most accurate info for now ? Directional Shielding Are we going to have working shields systems? Will they be modular-based or a single construct? (Interviewer) Something where you have multiple different elements that project the shields at varying degrees. The idea for the moment is that you have the shield unit that is going to create the shield around your ship. We don’t have more thought at the moment than that. What you mean is that you would need to have multiple shields units to certain different areas before it becomes active? (Interviewer) I think what this question is about, like in star trek when they can say things like power to the forward shields or? Ah, I see, well, we have not thought on that. I think the first iteration of this feature will be global shield but that’s interesting, we could think about… I don’t know. We… okay this is a typical example of a feature we did not think about, but its interesting. {?}
  17. I was just speaking on shields in a general way not any specific game or mechanism and you make some valid points. Most people automatically think of shields in a defensive way but once in a while you come across a player that thinks out of the box and instead of using the shields for defensive they make a ship that uses them for offence by doing something like putting a lot of shields in front of there wedge shaped ship and using them to ram and cut the other ships in two! This is what I love and some time hate about playing other people and not AI's : once in a while some player may do something tactically crazy that no one has thought of and it turns out to be effective! Just saying =)
  18. Hello and welcome! Nothing has ben release on skills or combat but I will be a weapons smith and weapons systems designer. I have ben doing some research on the info I could find so far and in one of the DU pictures I have seen something that looked like a missile launcher? Is this a fire and forget system or just a dumb fire rocket system I really don't know? Even if they don't have missiles you may be still able to make something similar with a system that could fire rockets with explosives or proximity warheads? Maybe even something laser guided? Sorry just not enough data released yet on this type of system : the pre-alpha is soon but there will be no combat in this one but at least I will get a good look at the skill tree and that may give me better insight on the weapons systems and what they may have later. If they say its ok I will update you with the info I get in the pre-alpha or maybe they will just release it?
  19. For every measure there is a counter measure : sure they will probably have shield which mean you will also see : Jamming , EMP's and Disruptor type weapons to counter shields but I think the big question is how much damage will these shields be able to soak up be for they fail ?
  20. Welcome and your organization has a very interesting name. =)
  21. Hello =) it may take some time but I'm sure you can master all skills if that's your goal.
  22. Have people played any tactical games with stargates or maybe warp zones? Most of them are fixed stargates with a certain set range to reach solar systems near them and when the stargates are all linked together it looks like a giant web highway! This is also a great tactical setup because if one path was blocked you could always enter the system from another direction to gain access. I love the tactical importance that fixed gates would bring to the game and understand some worries about it but I still think the dial up and stargate to any other stargate will be a tactical nightmare! Hopefully they will make it where there are 2 types of owned stargates : 1. Public owned stargates: theses are stargates that will pop up like a quest or mission to the community that a link was made with another system and now we have the ability to donate resources to build a neutral community stargate free to everyone! This stargate could still be attacked and destroyed but that might be a bad idea for that organization! 2. Private owned stargates: these are stargates owned by a organization and that organization has the ability/scripting to make that stargate useless to everyone but there organization by coding it! Private owned stargates will most likely have a big tactical play to it so most organizations will probably find cool ways to hide and defend there stargates from others! Fixed stargates to me means you would cross the galaxy like a highway making a jump from solar system to solar system picking the shortest paths to make your journey! There doesn't need to be just one fixed stargate per system to the next solar system, but you will have to find one that will allow you access to make the journey. A fix stargates has a certain range to the next stargate which is usually the distance from one solar system to the next closes one, some might view this as a problem but tactically I think it adds to the tactical game as a big plus. The Dial-up stargate nightmare: Most likely this gate has no limits and anyone could simply jump from one side of the galaxy to the next opposite side of the galaxy instantly as long they have the codes? Defending against someone with a dial-up stargate good luck because all it takes is for some spy or disgruntle member of your organization to just steal or sale your stargate codes to your enemy. In a instance all of your enemies could just dial in to your home planets stargate and a massive armada is on its way to extinct you and your organization! There is no reason to hide dial-up stargates because we can have dozens of them and all it takes is just one and we can have our armada there in a instance! Yes fixed stargates or not perfect and have there down sides also, but I personally think they are a better choice over dial-up stargates and is a game with so many organizations and players not to mention play styles cough cough pirates =) do you just want anyone to be able to dial-up and go anywhere in a instance as long as they have the codes? Just saying and something to think about. =)
  23. Some time when you buy something from a company that is over seas the credit card company labels it as suspicious and blocks the purchase. In that case you will have to call your credit card company and verify the purchase so they will stop blocking it and you can buy from that company. That is one case I went through with one of my cards and I hope it helps?
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