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  1. I already know I'd have at least 2 characters Illuana Segojin - Star station Captain and entrepreneur mainly a builder and merchant. Armethaliah Segojin - Combat expertise and space pirate.
  2. I whole heartedly agree. I want to tame an alien animal that I can breed for sells to other players.
  3. so the 2017 is just an pre alpha.... that is too bad. But that will be my time to learn how the game designing goes and how much I can get out of the situation. I can start the station there under my own abilities and learn what and how the building will go when I get into the Beta and final release. Thanks for that bit of information. I guess this thread has met its end till further notice. I will leave it open for discussion though.
  4. Well, I thought the game was gonna be released in early 2017. Anyways, there is quite a bit to do before the release. There will be logistics for the materials, the location of the space station, and how the systems operate. As far as joining the server... I'm not sure what that even means. Is that the pre alpha? and how might I do that?
  5. I don't have a lot of time right now to get into this but I am looking for all types of workers once the game gets started to mine, build, and assemble a space station. I already have the designs in mind and all the details. I want to hire people (with real and in-game money) so that I can get this thing going as quickly as I can once the game is released. I am making a way point with all types of things for various players. There will be a bank, a marketplace, ship docking, living quarters, everything a person needs in game will be present including drone sentries to keep the populace safe
  6. Right they are a business and you don't make money by giving everything away. But the point behind the monthly subscription is not to get your money its so that the developers can spend said money on new things to provide for you... If they are out working at a job other than making this game have new content cause its free to play you 'll never see the new content you're gonna gripe never came out. Suck is up buttercup. Pay to play is the way.
  7. This makes me think of a semi-related thing... will it be necessary to have multiple characters to have a diverse skill set? Like A character only has a set number of skill points and as such can not learn to be both a miner and a fighter? And that forces the player to have more than one character to fill all the roles they need such that one character to mine and gather materials , one to refine materials from the miner, and one to turn the refined materials into a construct, then one to learn the API programming so that the construct does what its supposed to? That's 4 characters already jus
  8. Yea, whenever a player sees an opportunity to -exploit- a system they will do it. Have an external API will lead to griefers that are able to manipulate the system and ruin the game for other players. And you might be thinking "well anyone can have access to this or that..." Check Mortal online for recipes on alchemy... you're not gonna find specific recipes and that game has been around for 6 years. People can be very quiet about these things. If I had a API that let me know when a certain resource was being depleted by a player I could just jump into the game and gank that player and tak
  9. I am usually a pve player and crafter. Many people don't like to do these things cause they cause large amounts of grinding the game and I would probably for Dual Universe pay the first 6 months to learn the game and build up the ability to eventually go f2p through various in-game things. Or at least semi- f2p say only paying every other month so that I could continue to enjoy the parts of the game that take time away from the grind. I want to build a interstellar space station with many things that people will be needing as the travel between different locations including a market and sleepi
  10. Wondering how skills are learned and how many skills a person can have?

  11. I'm not sure how to vote on this. My first idea is the game is supposed to be after we leave earth cause of the impending destruction from the super nova so we are on a new world and We are thinking of wreckage and ruin found on the new world? If that's the case then there are definietly alien design. Even if it would be considered homosapien type beings they are not human as we think cause of cultural differences and the buildings would have a perhaps different design cause our unique history. Unless you're taking in the wreckage is from our "landing"?
  12. Not exactly planets but I'd like to take an asteroid and turn it into a space colony with an atmosphere and all the life support systems needed for humans to live inside the colony. I mean an asteroid would be similar to a planet just smaller and I'd use its surface to make supports for the colony and all the different rooms and areas within. Maybe even tunnel out some of the asteroid to provide areas too.
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