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  1. Sounds awesome check Sounds easy NOPE
  2. I would love a weapon creation system, but i dont want it to be blocky so if they make one and they use voxel i hope there is slope blocks
  3. Welcome to the forums sir
  4. I was only suggesting the pet part because it would maybe be easier to some people, then to programe a robot. And some people just want an alternative to robots.
  5. Maybe there could be macines you could build in order to make creatures specifically made for one objective, so you could make creatures that gives more food, more nutrition or you could get some DNA from a tameable animal/creature, and combine the DNA with a bigger and stronger creature's DNA, to have a chance to make a bigger and stronger pet. This would be good for building farms for getting good companions especially for lone wanderers.
  6. Hello i'm WorldsNoob. I don't want to tell people my real name, where I live or how old I am. I'm excited for this game, and I hope that I can try the game in the alpha, or that it doesn't end up costing too much. Because it looks amazing, and it would be fun to play with my friends, maybe takeover a whole planet and make a giant Clan/Group, starting with my friends and I on a quest. Have a nice day.
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