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  2. Right, I’ve heard that rails aren’t going to be implemented because of issues with multi-part constructs and I wanted to show my idea on how we could do trains. My idea is that instead of rails in the traditional sense, we add a gps-based system. The “trains” would be simply hovercraft traveling between two points. How this would work is that a player would place at least two “beacons” and it would create a link between them. The “train” would have a special antenna that would cause it to automatically try to stay on the line directley between the beacons. The disadvantage is that you can only have one train per segment, so you would need to have a lot more than two beacons. You can switch the link between two beacons manually or with a Lua script, meaning that multiple branch lines can be made. The trains themselves can be manually or automatically controlled, and I think it would be cool to have a railway network going around Ailoth. What do you more skilled players than I think of this idea?
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