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  1. Oh I am impressed. So much guys from Austria. Greetings from Styria. Ein freundliches griaß eich aus der Steiermark
  2. Did they already present there game i think i missed it uHH i dont missed it
  3. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/406-devblog-the-first-images-of-dual-universe/page-3 Heyho, First thanks for that list. I find this so we can say there will be also some type of fuel tanks And Stargates are confirmed and 2 kinds of space Travel.
  4. Terraforming is an extensive word. I would like to say if you start to smooth a land it is a Kind of Terrarforming. But again you illustrate an important Point ( I love your Point of view ) If we are able to build in this harsh envirnoments like water planets, Lava planets, did we Need Special Buildings/Resources ? ( This is what Nora already said ) Oh please no dont come with such things I have to think about Space Engineers. How stupid this look if you jump around with your suit on earth like planets. But please dont understand me wrong if you have to wear a Special or a Military suit its okay, just dont run around with them in a coffe shop Edit: Now i read it you already said it would be nice to remove it in save Areas.
  5. Hello again !! The universe is a harsh place, we all know that and we already spoke about that there would be a large number of planets. And no one will look like the other. We also know that we will be able to build on the planets. Maybe just an outpost or an City or a big trade planet who knows. But the human race is a weak race. We Need a respirable atmosphere, water, Food, not too hot not too cold etc. To come to the Point we Need earth like planets. So would we be able to build on planets with a harsh Environment ? Whats about terrarforming ?
  6. Azrael

    Shields Please

    I would also recommend shields like that and not just small save Areas. As I mentioned in my post where I suggest destructible Planets, we also have to speak about the planet defence. I thought in one Topic there was an Suggestion for the shield that it shouldnt act like one big bubble it should have parts. ( see the Picture below ) http://imgur.com/44BgRos So if you are able to Focus your fire, one of this parts should break for a Moment and you could be able to send out some troops to the planet.
  7. Azrael

    Macroscopic Events

    Nice Suggestion. Yeah concentrate on the main mechanics/Features, but just dont forgett it.
  8. Both depends on the fire power But as Nora already said. It would be horrible for the people on the receiving end of it, or the people who are unlucky to be placed on the planet. They will lose everything. But i still would love this Feature, there was another Topic about planet moving with engines, like in planetary Annihilation, but what happend if i move the planet into the sun Of course this Feature have to be carefully balanced and we have to speak about defence of the planet against such weapons. But Who said that the weapon have to be so powerfull. Let us think about what Nora said : Really Powerful Weapons that leave big Craters I Vote: Yes (In Moderation) What happen if I shoot with such a weapon to the same Point again and again and again?
  9. I am not sure what you want to tell me with this. In one way you just confirm what I said. For Example FTL exist and all other things are about balancing. I still completely disagree with fix jumping Points and i still prefer something like that: Maybe for Long distance travell there could be a high end Technology, wich gave you the abilty to open wormholes. With a percentage that you will throw out somewhere in anywhere . Depends on the knownledge of that Technology. And as he said its not necessary to build Stargates to leave a solar System. @NQ-Nyzaltar But again : From what we have analyzed, afk cloaking has been possible because of a few things: - the fact that all players in the solar system are displayed on the local chat. If you see someone you don't know, it migh be a spy, or someone planning an ambush. - the fact that a player can leave from a safe area (space stations) from a unique point (easy to ambush). - the fact that a player wanting to leave the solar system generally needs to use a stargate (also an easy place to ambush). I still suggest another fast way to leave the solar System otherwise its just suboptimal. Now you can decided between a Long risky slow travell or an ambush at the stargate.
  10. Will it be possible to destruct Planets/Stars ? Just think about it how great this would be . Of course it should be realy hard/costly to destruct a complete Planet with massive weapons but i think it would be a great Feature. Just imagine how your weapons shoot a big Plasma sphere to the planet and it burst on the surface of the planet. Another thing what I was thinking about is if I start to bombard a Planet which effect will have this to the Environment. I mean after 1000 of Plasma Impacts on a planet this cant be healthy. So what do you think about that ?
  11. As we now know from another Topic, we wont have a solar System to solar System travell. So I agree with Ripper at 2 Points: Standard thrusters would be used for normal travel and dogfighting. And a FTL ( Speed should be related to the known Technology ) But I completely disagree with fix jumping Points. Maybe for Long distance travell there could be a high end Technology, wich gave you the abilty to open wormholes. With a percentage that you will throw out somewhere in anywhere . Depends on the knownledge of that Technology. All other things. Speed/Time/Distance are about balancing so we could discuss til we are dead at this Point of development.
  12. Azrael

    Water World

    To be fair we have more than just our Earth to comparison. But i also prefer something which will blow up my mind. So back on Point dont hang on Water Planets let your mind flow.
  13. This anwser some questions thanks. Now I am thinking about that the game plays "just" in one Galaxie. Dont understand me wrong it is immersive: Just take a look Milky Way = 100.000 - 120.000/180.000 light years in Diameter and approximately 2ly in thikness ( this is realy small ) Between 100-400 Billion Stars in it. Now I am thinking of No Man´s sky or Spore. But travelling from one Planet to another one ?? All planets have a fix Environment/Sphere with Moons Asteriods etc where you jump in ?? I am not sure if this is what I call freedom.
  14. Sorry but no, definitively no. Everybody want to get a reward or appreciation for his/her work and there is nothing wrong with it. Like I already said they should be able to sell there scripts InGame. And with our new knownledge we can say that they dont whould have an to big Advantage.
  15. Shields: I would love the Option for energy Distribution in generaly. Not just for the shields. (Scans,Engine,Weapons) I also recommend the usage of cpus which controll the energy Distribution for example if you Switch in combat mod the most energy will evenly distributed to the shields weapons and other neccecary combat modules. Also you should be able to preadjust the cpus how much Energy which modul should receive depending on which mod you Need. Another Thing which would be nice if the shield have more functions. For example there will be more type of weapons and you shield have to be configurate to the enemy wepaons otherwise the shoots will go through your shield and in the best case the shoot will deflected from your shields. A modul/CPU you can buy in the market should be responsible for that. Depending on the Quality/AI of the CPU/Modul and on the time how Long the battle takes as more efficient your shield will be aginst the enemy weapons as Long as the modul wont be damaged.
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