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  1. Any chance of getting a statement to this topic from the developers themselves?
  2. Releasing an API and exposing data to the community would enable the community to built the management tools they need out-of-game. Effectively it reduces the work of NovaQuark since they don't have to provide these tools. The "saved" time can be used to concentrate on the sandbox and provide a better game more quickly. Of course an alliance with good coders that build tools for their alliance exclusively might have an advantage over others. But an investment of time and knowledge should give some benefit. If the benefit is overpowering, I'm sure the developers will find a way to balance it as with all other aspects of the sandbox.
  3. I think it is obvious that an API wouldn't provide any additional information that you wouldn't be able to get in game as well. Thus of course you wouldn't be able to get the inventory, location, whatever of another player, if he/she hasn't given you explicit access to that data (see the "API key management" of EVE Online). Primary focus of an API should be general, publicly known information and personal information. I can pull from the API my asset overview, but nobody else can. This should cover your fear of griefers...
  4. Dear Novaquark, haven't read through all the DevBlogs yet, but the idea your transporting sounds very enticing. You yourself often take EVE Online as a comparison and want to expand on the sandbox made available there. Instead of CCP providing "Citadels" to the players, in a sandbox it should be other players constructing and selling "Citadels" and many other things a creative community will come up with. It will be interesting to see, how this added freedom and sandbox will play out. Getting to the point of this post, again you often refer to EVE Online and the community, the market, economy, PvP to be had there. One aspect that has helped EVE a lot is the introduction of an API, that allow to read/export game data and create applications out of game that help with the individual gameplay. The variety of such 3rd party applications has grown to a huge amount and many players use such applications/sites on a regular basis. However since this API wasn't on the plan during the creation of the game, there are certain restrictions to the data available and the possibilities. Thus the question, if a API/automated data export functionality is planned from the get-go, thus being available in a rudimentary form in the alpha or beta already? And of course if you are interested in and allowing 3rd party applications to expand on the sandbox, you are creating? Thanks and very interested in seeing how DU will evolve, Successor
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