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  1. discordauth:xSIC1LiSvYC3nFycN0To3OS3HWC_E6KFAuYhAFcepgk=

  2. microware

    Sponsor Pack bought

    Everything went fine now. I just rebought it (this the the patron pack). 🙂 Thanks for the help! Regards, Microware
  3. microware

    Sponsor Pack bought

    I am sure that I used this account. I dont have any other. 🙂
  4. microware

    EVE Online players , pls gather here ;)

    Can I here see a strange coincidence between MMO's and divorces? 🙂 On the other hand... I can see a lot of coincidences everywhere... 🙂
  5. microware

    Sponsor Pack bought

    Thanks for the link. The strange thing is, I do still not see that I have any title like "Sponsor Supporter" in my Profile. It still says I should pledge for the game.
  6. microware

    Sponsor Pack bought

    Hi together, I bought the Sponsor pack but can not see/find the download link in my profile. Does it take a few days until my profile is updated? I bought it using Xsolla and payment in advance. Payment has already be confirmed by Xsolla. Kind regards, Microware