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  1. Hey did you get it to work im having the same issue booting


    1. HolyAvengerOne


      Yes I did. Did you delete the folder I mentioned on the thread?

    2. sgtpwnd


      Yes i deleted everything, ill try again... nope


  2. discordauth:2SRWDzBFMw_0B0WY6lLYvYboWBtrnMCJJQ_Is67H5aw=

  3. multiple resets, the only thing you will keep is a blueprints you made
  4. game element and design wise (what they are spending their time on) is building :-P
  5. the focus isnt politics, or trade or movement of information. the focus is building the other stuff is bonus :-P if the focus was on politics it would be more like eve in the set up.
  6. i mean just tell all your merchants to change a persons permission to be in your area if he trys to sell anything illegal. otherwise we would have to see everyones inventory and that would be dumb and unrealistic. i mean unless you can convince people to spend their time finding out if people on your property have illegal goods its not gonna happen. but tech i could see people killing you over for stealing lol
  7. so my first question, I don't think we have an answer yet on streaming. will it be sanctioned? do we wanna set something up as a group before hand? We will most likely have accelerated building and mining i think. so as to better check the stress of a lot of constructs. This means quite a lot should be possible. if we work together plus having everyone of a goal checks stress on servers. for instance, could we do a scene from a movie everyone agrees on? like brave-hart. Also lord of the rings would be cool. I'm thinking something scifi would be nice but i cant think
  8. necessary? if we went by what EVERYONE deemed necessary, we would have collision damage and self replicating robots and blah blah blah the game would be broken.i can probably make something if they dont make it for the game and ill post it up somewhere :-) as long as nq will let me
  9. isnt the whole point of the game supposed to be that everything is player driven though?
  10. im torn i want it but i want them to spend the time on it, maybe a deal with someone like curse where they dont have to do much work and its a plugin everyone gets so pie in the sky with everything,first we have to get the revolutionary mmo thing up a running :-)
  11. i like hexagon idea, plus its what is shown in concept art for territory claims so it would just make sense
  12. im pretty sure it will be a drag and drop interface and not html5 (did they mention that specifically?) cause a dreamweaver like interface would be nice. not afraid of html just has checking and tweeking thats gonna annoy me lol i guess i can just pop open dreamweaver and build it then copy the html lol
  13. well its a lock fire mechanism only, so this would still function relatively the same. just have an onclick function trigger all guns and make all the others lock. unless they purposefully leave it out for some reason (like self replicating) it should be a simple matter of coding it. most likely they will still have reduced damage. look at it like this, if you are using it you automatically plug in your augmented hardware and it increases the charge per shot, cause... science! side not even if they do leave it out that might not be so easy for them to stop it. i know im going to try my hardes
  14. a couple things, technically collision happens already (if it didnt you would go through what ever your not colliding with) the problem lies with scripting something other then stopping the moving object. this requires logging speed trajectory ect ect. what really bogs the server is then changing that info into damage. for instance if you just made the ship blow up when it touches something that would be not too labor intensive. what you want is the wing to come off though and that requires algorithms. 500 ships crashing into a death star at the same time is gonna cause bogging. actual worka
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