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  1. Basically a good idea with prefabricated patterns, ... but what's wrong with building symbols in construction mode and these will be available to the organization as a blueprint?
  2. Ah, the quote from Mark Danielewski... Simply wonderful.
  3. This reminds me of this video, which took place at the beginning of the year. The video's uploader says they are trying to find a replacement game for their grandfather - a tall order for a game he's devoted so much time to. When the person filming asks if he thinks he'll be able to find something similar to play, he pauses and then replies with a smile: "No, everything now looks like crap compared to this game." Edit: I should watch the video till the end... But anyway, here's the source for the 74 years old player.
  4. I was frightened for a moment. I have been playing mmorpgs since 2001. As I read it, the memories of Star Wars Galaxies immediately came up with the Combat Update and NGE. If you want to kill a mmorpg, take a look at SOE with this game. Anything that changes the game style or turns around 180 degrees, in my opinion can not be released after release. The best examples are your survival elements. Everything that affects planetary changes can, in turn, be applied to the expansion of the universe with the new planets. Everything that expands elements or other things enriches the possibilities for new or revised projects. But Novaquark knows this. One must not forget: in the end, we make only suggestions. They can be accepted or not. I may be unpopular with this opinion, but sometimes it is better not to listen to the community during development, but to wait for feedback on the PTR test. I save the words to the alpha as they are self-explanatory. These are processes that are common in the business world. I think it's good that you've written it down ATMLVE. Perhaps this also brings some people back to reality.
  5. I imagine that these clusters are redundant. Perhaps also a cloud solution. A little explanation for the others: Clustered: This means, at a basic level, that two or more servers are combined together to act as one in some way. This may involve a computing cluster, such as in "grid" computing, where all the cluster nodes are computing a portion of the workload in order to scale the power of the system. Alternatively (and more commonly), it may involve a failover cluster of nodes that are designed to take over for each other in the event that one (or more) fails. In that case, a particular service only runs on a single node at a time, but may be moved to another when needed. Redundant: Redundant nodes are those in a failover cluster, where they are designed to take over operations for one another in the event of the failure of one of the nodes. Failover: The term for when services on one node "fail over" to another node in the event of an emergency, or when manually moved.
  6. In my opinion, ATMLVE has said all relevant. I am also of the opinion, that it is an exciting playstyle. Nothing comes from nothing. In the end, you see what you have done. I think it is also a matter of time, when you get to the game. At the beginning, everything will still be under construction and the nomadic life will be a bit quieter. The later you get to it, the more difficult it could become. Especially when territories have formed as well as the characters with abilities. If you come later, I would be looking for an organization early to train the skill points before tackling a nomadic life. The only thing I would add for nomadic life: Each of your mistakes will be punished.
  7. I have read the topic quietly. An interesting subject. It mixes game mechanics and players. I think however that you can not make a generally valid statement. In doing so, I refer to the organizations, as each is built differently. As far as the game mechanics are concerned, the developers have certainly thought about how they would like to introduce the system. Thanks to yamamushi for the research. The game mechanics will make things easier for us. But let's light up the players once, as more speculation is possible here. Of course this is a guess what I am writing, but I think it hits the point. Everyone starts with the same prerequisites. The difference here will probably be whether you are alone or play with friends. Collect and sell materials, build a ship and find the right home. In the collective, this is of course easier, due to the distribution of tasks. As soon as the start-up capital is given, it is now possible to consider how it should proceed. And I think here you will first have to answer a few questions for yourself before you take a step: - What do I want with this city? (This is perhaps already clear at the beginning) - Will it only be for friends and family or should others be added? - What can I do, what can I not? - ??? I speculate on the game mechanics and suspect that you can put on a lot of things a tax. (Examples: shops, market, land price) On the one hand you will have to convince prospective customers to come to your city. Usually it is a welcome gift. (Money, blueprints, tax relief) With the RDMS, the Rights and Duty Management System, I think you'll have the options to adjust taxes. Depending on how you make yourself as a mayor, you will also earn a reputation among the players. The question now is how to pay employees or contractors. I hope it is feasible: You should not forget that it is a game. Consequently, every human being has a real life that he pursues. One has more time or is willing to spend more time in your organization, another can not or will not. I would place a job terminal here, which contains all orders. With RDMS, you set the terminal so that only your citizens can use it. This would allow the city to continue "working" while you are offline as a mayor. The companies and games will already find their trading partners. And if you have bigger orders, I would go directly with your citizens and pay them. I hope that there is something like an organization account, from which is deducted. So you do not accept liability with your money. But you see what I'm getting at. Much will have to do with communication. Being a mayor has his duties. How much can be achieved in the game, only time will tell. Ultimately, this is just from the theory of what I am writing. Example in SWG: Http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Player_city Cheers!
  8. Definitely. I can not set up my detailed drawing board yet. As you have already written, you try to imagine with your eyes, how big something can be. If it went after that, I would have to know how big every single element / construct is. In addition, not all tools are known. But as soon as you are in the game and you can try yourself, many questions will evaporate. The first draft can certainly already be created.
  9. With the GeForce GTX 1080 and the GeForce GTX 1070, Nvidia has also introduced new, optionally usable SLI bridges. The new bridges, called SLI HB (High Bandwidth), are designed to offer higher bandwidths and thus significantly higher speeds than high-resolution flexible bridges, which were previously available free of charge. Has it completely disappeared? I do not think so. Especially since a graphics card is behind. But I think the new Pascal architecture at NVIDIA is going the right way. How it looks with AMD, I do not know. In my opinion, the high price of 1080 does not justify the performance. The 1070 reads like a Titan X at half price. Http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/review-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-review-titan-x-less-half-price
  10. Wait a moment, if I see it right, then this laptop has 2 dedicated graphics cards in SLI mode. Really recommendable is SLI only at higher resolutions (> 2560x1440), since such performances CAN (but need not) be needed. In smaller resolutions, the disadvantages are predominant. Have you ever heard of microstutters? Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb3MsENJ-fu Also consider that some work is coming to you: - much work through driver optimization and creating profiles for individual games - Depends on the driver manufacturer, who adjusts the support (the further development) of SLI / CF profiles of older cards / games in new drivers (period: approx. 2 years)
  11. I was originally a trained draftsman (building construction) before I switched to computer science. It does not matter now whether it is game industry, building construction or surveying. There are many ways to get something there and none of it is wrong. I am writing here a process which is common in different industries. 1. Concept phase Before you build something in real life, you make a plan. A conceptual drawing is the alpha and omega. It is the same for games. Why do you see drawings on the walls? So that people can get a picture. Since conceptual drawings are a lengthy thing, I have taken a finished picture and prepared it accordingly. (I do not want to present my work for DU) I can take the blocks as a guide for the survey. Here it can vary according to given industry. It could already be textured or not. Here the link: http://imgur.com/a/ZScxE Example: 1 block = 1 meter 2. Sketch-based modeling These conceptual drawings are created in relation to the propotion. (Possible things: Up, down, left, right (if different from left), front, rear). I've chosen a video for you so you can see the technique behind it. The first two minutes are worth mentioning. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiIoWrOlIRw 3. Texturing Last but not least: After the model has been finished, you can color the corresponding objects as you want.
  12. Is it known how large the blocks are? I mean the ones shown in this video: Https://youtu.be/fo-2DE-dAiw?t=5m22s I know, for example, that in Space Engineers large block is 2.5 meters, small block is 0.5 meters and the astronaut / enginneer is about 1.85m And in DU? - Block size? - Astronaut size? - ??? It would be helpful for 3d models to find the right propotion.
  13. I have questions to cover the overall picture: - Would you be so nice to write us the laptop model? - Is an external monitor connected to this laptop? - Since the model is still unknown, is the screen matte or glossy? - Scale the programs you're using? (W10 does this well, but not everything) - What is needed for 4k? Bluerays, YouTube movies or picture editing? (For YouTube you need a very good internet connection) - Do you need it privately or for business? - What exactly do you want to do with it? Further questions could follow.
  14. This. That's exactly what I wanted to read. That's how it should be everywhere. This makes a good community.
  15. This is exactly what it should not be. I do not want a safe zone. Why would you restrict yourself to hubs in a universe of possibilities? Role playing can always and everywhere take place. In my opinion it would also be wrong to hide behind an entry fee. Role play is what we make of it. And everyone is invited. And if someone is trolling, then he is expelled from the building. It is frustrating when you approach people who are clearly OOC. - "lol, why are you talking so swollen?" - "Don't you have a real life that you want to be someone else?" - "Are you such an RPG freak?" These and similar answers came when I spoke to someone IC. Sure, you ignore it, but do I have to "try" to find the role player? The same is true in the vastness of the universe. If I meet another player in solitude, I could see by the tag I'm getting into. - No rp tag? You say kindly Hello and look like your counterparts reacts. If he shoots first, you shoot back. - RP tag? You signal with the tag you want to do some role play. You say friendly hello. If he rob you in the rp, it is your bad luck, but the bigger the reward is that it happened in the rp. This RP tag lets both sides know what they are doing. On the other hand, you do not bother OOC people with RP and vice versa. The difference is that the role player can switch when the situation requires.
  16. I completely agree with you. Both in this, as well as in the previous post. Exactly these basic tools are needed. The rest does not matter because the roleplayers create the content. And you are also quite right. The hubs, the cantinas, etc... This works by itself. That's why I do not understand your post. In the idea, I was only concerned about these basic tools.
  17. Yes, I've got the wrong quote - You're absolutely right. I'm Sorry.
  18. Problem not solved. I want to role play with all people, which want to do rp. Not only my organisation. That's why I wrote "strangers" in the first post. Have you ever played Lord of the Rings Online? Or Star Wars Galaxies? Have you seen the flagged RP people? --- Only if you can find them. lol? 5 Minute example: function chatCommand( ply, text, public ) if (string.sub(text, 1, 3) == "/me") then --if the first 3 letters are /me, execute emote. ply:Me() return(false) --Hides the "/me" from chat end end hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "chatCommand", chatCommand );
  19. SirJohn85

    Role play Tag

    Greetings. I am a passionate role player. I see a small problem: A server for all players. I have no way to go to an RP shard to find like-minded people. It is difficult with strangers. I can not know who does roleplay and who does not. My wish: Give me a command to color my display name. Here's an example: Type /rp on to turn your name white(?) and signal to other role-players that you are ready for roleplay or are role-playing. Type /rp off to turn your name back to yellow(?) to signal to others that you are not role-playing. Type /rp to display your role-playing status. I am well aware that it is for a minority. Alone by this color change, I know if I can appeal to role play. And since we are on the subject: Add a /me command to the local chat. /me is the command used to describe an action that your character is doing. Here is an example that you type in the local chat: "/me sits down on the bench, and yawns." Output in Chat: "SirJohn85 sits down on the bench, and yawns." Cheers!
  20. Quite right! That's why I wrote that they should look at it. The simple question in the office, who would like to do that ... Et voilĂ , your potential candidates are given. And if really something should not work, you can also ask the people in the forum. I would help. That goes without saying. After all, we are a community. And ultimately you could see it as a pilot project. You do it once and draw your feedback from it.
  21. And that 's exactly why I use this as an idea. Maybe they have already thought about that. Maybe not. It is intended to encourage the developers to think about it. Especially since we have no idea what they think about it. So I leave it as an idea in the room. Or did I not understand the meaning and purpose of this forum section?
  22. Yes, I did in the past. Now I am in a company that works with ITIL. (What is common in the IT industry) In the last sentence I do not agree. Here is the reason: JC gives 10 interviews with 10 different people, one hour each. So he explained in 10 hours, 10 times that he has a scientific background and you read 10 times the star-destroyer example. Instead of peddling, people are picked up. Youtuber get the necessary information, make videos and it distributes by itself. Why do you think that it would not have any added value? - So you have an overview of what they are working on - You see how the game goes ahead - Players form an opinion about the game and the company. (PR!) I mean, we're not talking about the fact that you should stream every week. Once a month for maybe 1 hour.
  23. 1. More viewers = More potential backers = More revenue. 2. I'm pretty sure you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which is common at this stage.
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