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  1. Even better: - "Boss, it's 3.6" - "Not great. Not terrible."
  2. Actually, you shouldn't log in to vote. In the end, perhaps the wrong conclusions are drawn from the survey. "Our monthly user activity has jumped amazingly."
  3. For the game to be a sandbox mmorpg, the character variety or the gameplay itself is too restrictive. When I look at other sandbox mmorpg, the possibilities are much more varied. Until we have reached a state that it can develop itself in a healthy way, there will still be a very long time to go. Until then you will only have rp-pvp that has no meaning and in the end you will be desperately begging NQ to do something for pvp, as others on the forum have already done. I remember back to alpha time. Some people said they found space boring and there is no conten
  4. I don't think they should have put the queue for the games so close together. Someone might still be hoping that millions of players will actually go to DU, if the trailers are to be believed.
  5. https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions Must be this one
  6. Which engine are you talking about then? The client comes from unigine. The server tech was built between 2014(?) and 2016. The wandering of npcs following any points is not a peculiarity as such. It is only the points that are passed on to the clients that are then rendered. And in this video the bots were just walking around. Everything else that flew the few constructs were players.
  7. I'll just throw in that they use Unigine as their engine, which was not developed in-house but bought in from outside. https://unigine.com/ If wiki is to be believed, there were a few single player games and no mmorpgs that made it to release. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unigine#Games The more you know.
  8. There was an idea, JC knows this, called the Rubyvengers Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could. They said community wasn't an achievement, it was a responsibility. See, it's stuff like this that gives me trust issues. War is a universal language. I know a renegade soldier when I see one. Never occurred to me that one might come from the Kickstarter era. A few renegades, assembled white knights and fanboys under the b
  9. The most important(?) feature of 0.24 is being postponed.
  10. Then read the first post or the other posts like this one, for example:
  11. Of course, a graphical update and the jetpack improvement will save the game. I see this as feedback. Fanboys with rose coloured glasses wanted new players to come, they are now here and giving feedback. They don't seem to be enthusiastic. *insert surprised Pikachu face here*
  12. A good start would be to publish the things that were presented as concept art in end of 2017 / early 2018. Surely some progress has been made since then? There are a few more, but these are the ones I just found on the fly.
  13. It was not meant in the sense you describe. But more in the context that this spot in DU as such is unique and the empty 1 tile bases with their 5k towers adorn the actual landscape. Therefore this hub does not reflect what DU is and consequently does not reflect the reality of the game as people find it when they play it. I hope this is now clearer what I mean.
  14. I'm pretty sure there's something like that in DU Landmark, but in space. But does that really reflect the reality of the game?
  15. I must honestly admit that it is difficult for me to look forward to it all with confidence. When I look back and see that the focus was always on one feature and everything else was half-heartedly "added on", then it could well be 2030 before we have everything. I recently said to a friend, looking back 4 years: "Well, you're always smarter in retrospect. I remember a company that wanted to take on a singleshard project with 25 men and an inexperienced ceo and revolutionise a genre." Don't get me wrong, JC himself is certainly a brilliant scientist who knows a lot abo
  16. Honestly? I don't know. Even if it was only a day or a month and the rest of the players were not compensated so that there was no displeasure or feeling of injustice, this should at least have been communicated in the forum or other channels. What remains is a bitter taste in this story. It doesn't affect me personally, but it's still just bitter to see. I know what you mean, we are both from the same time. You can even go to the KS and see who was all on board back then. And there were only 25 people at NQ. I realise that it's frustrating for everyone. At the end of the
  17. Your addition "then NQ changed it (once or many times) and then the feedback transitioned to mostly positive?" really made me think for a while. In retrospect, a lot of things were implemented to some extent but never got a revision. From any unnecessary features that crept into the feature list at the time and added no value to gameplay (yes, I'm looking at you Surrogate Pods) , were postponed indefinitely (yes, I am looking at you AvA), or made worse to make it more accessible (Yes, this time looking at you thrust-to-mass ratio), there wasn't much left that met your criteria
  18. In very many of my previous posts I have described the view from the paying customers. Until recently, it was even the case that players could still play after their subscription had expired, which would make me a little suspicious even as a paying customer. Don't get me wrong, this is not about me at all. I'm reflecting this whole view from a customer. To put it mildly, I would feel like a fool if I had a 1-year subscription and the other person could only continue playing after a 1-month subscription. Why have so many old players quit? Especially since they were backers / support
  19. The criticism and displeasure will not change. One censors oneself in the moment that one does not see what popular opinions of others are, even if they have no weight. That only shows in the end that you are dissatisfied with what others think. Bute sure, let's remove it. I'm in favour of removing the like button and just dealing with the context that the players write. At least then we don't have to deal with arguments like: "You write this only for the brownie points." It's funny that in the alpha there was a great community that gave good and constructive criticism. But it's al
  20. "DU now has effectively turned itself from a promising civilization building MMO, into a quiet, enormous and extremely overpriced museum for sci-fi voxel creations." Change my mind.
  21. They should have worked on the feature list instead of revising the mining 5 times.
  22. Cool! I think it's good that something is being done to counteract this. Is it also planned to build some kind of safety distance around the houses? The players seem to like to place their constructs in the form of screens against the market house wall.
  23. Play the Forum Simulator 2021 for free and interact with other people.
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