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  1. discordauth:aunDyFlUSW3rNcCi1amFC_yIGs48orAq1K5HoF-WZBo=

  2. Would it be possible to have a link system for the referral program instead of using email addresses? So you could generate a link that would bring people to the kickstarter page and still retain the ID of the referrer?
  3. If DAC's are not lootable there would not be a need to transport valuable materials from one location to another. You would just sell your materials at location A, buy a DAC [or multiple] and travel to location B and use the DACs to buy new materials. Obviously there would still be situations where you would have to transport the raw resources, i.e. establishing a new outpost somewhere. But it a lot of cases you could just digitize your belongings and have someone else do the hauling. You would avoid most of the risk, and in turn a lot of the emergence. If people feel the urge to take a stroll with their [126*19,95€ =] 2.513,7€ shuttle, then I see no need to not let them. Letting DAC become a safe way of moving wealth across the universe would rob the game of all that ensues in interplanetary bulk transport, and in turn make any freighter redundant, except moving resources into a new area. In my opinion this would break more than it would fix. Add a warning saying something like this: "Redeeming this item will create a physical item, this physical item can be lost. Please ensure your safety while carrying this item"
  4. Could you add digital packs for the higher tiers as well? While the physical items are nice for people who likes it, it would be nice to have an option to back at a higher tier without the hassle of shipping and physical items. Alternatively an option to say no thank you to the physical items, but still pay the same price? Considering downgrading to the digital gold pack to avoid to get a digital pack.
  5. I would love some sort of quality of materials as well. Would make resource surveying alot more important and interesting.
  6. Who said anything about underestimating an entity with superior numbers? Underestimating any enemy could always be fatal. But the same goes for underestimating an entity with inferior numbers.
  7. In a true sandbox you cannot place too many artificial restrictions without removing integral parts that make the game a true sandbox. While "blobs" can be a powerful thing, it also has its disadvantages. It is a lot harder to manage a group of 5000, than a group of a few hundred. Also it is a lot easier to disrupt the operations of a huge group. While you would obviously loose if you lined your ships up against their line of ships. There are other ways to fight a superior force. The history of guerrilla warfare (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_guerrilla_warfare) shows us that superior numbers does not always guarantee victory. As a smaller force you will need to adapt you tactics and play style to fit the enemy you are up against. The word "Blob" always makes me think of something like this, and this does not seem like an entity that is too hard to fight
  8. I agree with you.
  9. I do not think a skill time reduction for any class will be necessary (beyond making low tier skills quicker to learn to medium, high and "elite?" skills), after a while most professions will be populated with people who enjoy them and would train it regardless. To protect the longevity of the game, I would hope nothing is quick. Progression should be (as it is in RL, within reason obviously. It is a game after all) a long process. If you after a few months know all there is to know within your field, you have reached your goal, what then? Also (not knowing how the final system will be, or any limitations put on it) there is nothing preventing a doctor or medic from being versed in mineral extraction or construction as well. Or other combinations as well. I do hope that you can sculpt a character as you wish (maybe with some limitations, would depend on how it is done) within reason. It is hard to quantify your play style and place that within a box and call it a name. A system with more freedom would offer more players to choose their preferred play style. For example as you mention, giving medics a possibility to skill up in defensive (or offensive) skills as well
  10. I agree with the point of the arkship, since they have already stated that the starter area will not have any of the rare ores/minerals you will find in space, it makes sense to (slowly) regenerate the resources around it to make sure new players will be able to get of the starting planet. That being said though, you should never underestimate a player (or playergroups) ability to strip mine and hoard materials. I do not only think it will happen but I am quite sure that players will be able to strip mine a planet for any usable materials. Also keeping in mind that an entire planet (or asteroid) would not be composed entirely of valuable minerals and ore. But like I mentioned above I like the thought of being forced to expand (much like in real life) when resources are becoming more and more scarce. There could be other ways to regenerate materials more naturally (and randomly) as well. Comets, asteroids and such.
  11. Lasting bonds of friendship and alliances have been forged over conversations in bars like this, as well as wars being fought over disagreements. I would visit.
  12. Will it be possible to make (Made with voxels and elements.) and save "frames" (using the term in the top post) that you build your self and later on merge them with more "frames" to make a complete construct. You could for example make a standard drive section that you use on a variety of fighters, then merge the drive section with wing sections and a cockpit section. It would make streamlining design lines a lot more user friendly. It would also open up more possibilities for trading blueprints.
  13. While no one likes to loose control of their constructs, I think that not having the risk of it would take something away from the immersion of the game. It should (as mentioned above) not be an easy thing to do, but in my opinion it should be possible. I would like to see great wars fought over a strategically placed outpost, or players banding together to capture an advanced capital ship that is laying siege to an area.
  14. If you take the approach that Star Wars Galaxies (pre-NGE obviously), a doctoring profession would be quite useful and highly sought after. Having a medic on board a ship that is far from your resurrection point might be quite valuable. As well as a combat medic could be given certain skills to affect the result of a direct firefight as well (not knowing how personal combat will be like in DU). But being injured on an asteroid or planet far from home, you might appreciate a medic tending to you (http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Medic_(pre-NGE)) (http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Doctor) Doctors could also be given the skills for player modification, letting players customize (to a certain degree) their appearance. Which in my experience is something a lot of players appreciate. A doctor could also be skilled in crafting/producing pharmaceuticals in all kind of variations. Stimulants (temporary "buff") to increase everything from HP regain to skill gain. Or something similar to EvE Online's boosters. Either way any increase in any stat or performance would give a similar decrease in other areas
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