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  1. I presume eventually the devs of Dual Universe while add some kind of weather cycle to the game and if so I have some suggestion on how it would affect you and your constructs. Rain: Rain would slow down your player movement by 25% on regular terrain and 10% on player placed blocks, also reduces visibility by adding water effect on your screen. For ships it would again reduce visibility as well as reducing accuracy of weapons by 10%. Snow: Snow would be a more amplified version of rain, reducing speed by 35% on regular terrain and 20% on player placed blocks, again reduces visibility and reduces weapon accuracy by 20%. Lightning: Though lightning doesn't provide movement penalties like the other two, if your vehicle is struck by lightning it would cause the ships system to shut down for 5-10 seconds, which could result in a crash if you are flying too fast at too low an altitude. Cold weather: Cold weather would reduce engine efficiency when it is at low speeds as the engine would freeze over, reducing the speed depending on how cold it is, from 10% if it is -5*c to 50% if it is -50*c. At high speeds the engine would produce enough heat as a by-product to keep it working at normal levels. Hot weather: Unlike cold weather hot weather would reduce engine efficiency at high speeds, as the engine would overheat, reducing the speed from 10% at 35*c to 50% at 70*c, low speeds would not cause enough heat for the engine to overheat. That's a brief idea of weather and climate and its effects, things could be added, changed or removed and I would like to hear your opinions on the concept.
  2. With war between nations probably going to become inevitable, do you think privateers will become more common and are they any currently around?
  3. There has been at least one post on this forum complaining about how people are receiving freebies because they "lost" their ship or it got destroyed. My solution to this problem is to launch an insurance company. The idea would be that you would insurance your ship for a week at a time, with a flat rate of 15% of the ships total value for the week but the rate can be affected by: - If you've bought insurance for a month or longer and have not destroyed your ship. - If you're ship is made up of durable materials and is equipped with weapons. - If you've read a guide on how to safely fly and use a ship and past a test. - If you're ship is particularly cheap or expensive. - Whether you regular visit dangerous areas. -Etc. If you do end up crashing your ship, the amount of pay is based on: - 100% Repayment If you can provide solid, unshakable evidence that it was out of your control and was not staged. - 75% Repayment if the destruction was due to Human error or the pilot may have been able to prevent it or if the evidence has minor issues. - 50% Repayment if the evidence is fairly solid, but has several minor issues and concerns. -25% Repayment if the evidence is pretty minimal or and there inconclusive evidence that it was faked or forged. -0% Repayment if clear proof it was faked or forged. There would be a similar concept for cargo, but instead of insuring the whole cargo, the cargo would be insurance based on one or several resources, so it was an oil tanker, it would be insured on the oil it was carrying but not on carrying something like components. Again this would be a weekly thing and be based on 15% of the total value of the declared items. There would be a similar repayment system to ships. The insurance companies could be protected by one of the major organizations such as the Empire, as if someone tries to scam the insurance company of money they could be declared a criminal by the organisation, making it a risky option to try and get money out of them.
  4. Also where is this city the Empires building on Aliloth?
  5. Imo we should form a builders guild and begin developing the place, I feel like a city would change people from living in small concrete huts and micro factories to living in apartments and working in companies
  6. I think cities could really boom with player marketplaces. As basically most cities are built on either trade or convenience to resources such as water and wood, also could cause lots of free trade cities with no tax.
  7. That's what I was wondering, because sure you can give people access to apartments but not edit them unless you risk them destroying someone else's room. Also how many cities exist altogether?
  8. Do you know the exact location? Also can you purchase apartments in it?
  9. Just out of general interest, is there any cities which have been built? Also how would a city even function? Could you sell apartments by using the permissions function or is the whole concept still WIP?
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