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  1. From mining and transport to battle and information, robots are huge parts of sci-fi and futuristic television shows and movies, so why not bring them into Dual Universe? Being a solo player can seem nearly impossible if faced against larger pirate groups, or even managing larger ships, but if you had a hard working team of steel companions with you, it would be an even match! Host an industrial company and don't want to fork out thousands of your hard earned credits to pay for defense? Worry not! For you may manufacture hundreds of honest and loyal machines to keep your business in running order! C'mon, who hasn't wanted their own private army of battle droids? Robotics can be a fantastic and unique addition to the universe that Novaquark is creating. Just like other technological skill trees, robotics can have it's own, unlocking you different components to make robots that are elite in fighting, mining, transporting goods, repairing, or other utilities. There are many possibilities for this addition, if you care to, feel free to add on any ideas to this post ????
  2. We're hiring all sorts of industrial roles into our system. If you're serking honest pay and strong allies, Craft Corp is on your side!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm asking every organization high and low if they would like to be at peace with my faction, and any other factions! I wish not for war, but for a kind community of friends to build the future of the universe! Send me a private message if you would like to ally and I'll add you to the list Have a fantastic day!
  4. This belongs in the Ark Pub
  5. Should have named it Allied Syndicate Defense Force or something along those lines so you could have the acronym ASDF
  6. I 100% agree with this ^
  7. It looked as if something like this was already shown in some of their youtube demo videos https://www.youtube.com/user/dualthegame Specifically Here- https://youtu.be/-9QmYW7ekLM?t=4m7s
  8. Hello there fellow enthusiasts, I am CaptainKingz, or CraftingKingz. Few of you may have already seen my posts, but I'd thought I'd introduce myself and a little background. I am an aspiring entrepreneur who started off playing loads of Minecraft since 2011. That's where I got my original title of CraftingKingz, which I only use for some games nowadays. I played loads of Yogscast complete modpack with my buds and loved the factory feel and idea. When I first discovered Dual Universe (through a facebook ad) I was hooked. I ran to my wallet and backed the with an honest Iron Founder package. I do plan on buying higher tier packages too when that shop is set up. I saw the videos and read every update about ship building and construction and I loved the idea. I created my own organization in hopes of providing the whole universe with cheap and reliable transportation. I really want to give into this great game's community and be an active member of the forums, and also build up my organization before the game's release. I hope all y'all in the community can accept and welcome me into your family and help shape this game for the better. I thought I should also include: Sandbox Games Played: Rust Minecraft (Yogscast Complete) Ark Space Engineers Empyrion Terraria Starbound Don't Starve (Together) Factorio Savage Lands Starmade Reign of Kings (Regrettable) Space Games Played: Space Engineers Empyrion Starbound Starmade Star Citizen Pulsar: Lost Colony If you want I'd love it if y'all add me as friends
  9. We have just the place for aspiring builders, wanna hop aboard and join the Crafting Corporation builders team as a lead designer? I can message you more info if you're interested!
  10. Say each of the zones in the diagram (A-f) are like supportive generators for a safe field around the central building (G) I do agree with the 12-48 hour cooldown after delcaring war upon a faction, but my point is it shouldn't be as simple as a giant firefight in a city, but factions have to perform planned attacks to capture the support zones. The safe-field generators could be in any of the A-F zones too, not every area needs a support generator/structure. That encourages people to plan attacks out more and scout each control point. Construct vs Construct isn't in the initial release of the game, so having air support may only be good for scouting and transport roles.
  11. How can a territory be obtained from another faction? Well, two main thoughts come to mind: -Peacefully Obtained through trade (land for land, land for resources, land for money) -Forceful conquest This post is to discuss how players can take territories by force Capturing territory from another faction should be no easy task, automated defenses and player defenses will be present in larger, more desirable territories. But capturing someone's land should not be impossibly hard either. It should cost more resources to launch a successful offensive than maintain a defensive line. My idea would be to set up a web of command posts or capturable locations in a large territory hex. You, as an invader, must capture all of these secured points to be able to claim the territory. This is an example of zones within a hex territory. An invading group would have to overpower zones A through F, or a majority of the zones before they are allowed to capture the master command post represented as G. This makes invading factions form attack plans to capture the outer command posts before they can take a central power, and requires invading factions to scout out where a command post lies within each zone they are planning to capture. It also requires a heavy amount of scouting to find out which zones invaders should attack based on defenses and guards. Not all territory hex's should operate like this, but the Capital hex territory, or main command point for all the other hexes. The Capital hex should be the first territory you claim in that area, and should be able to be moved to other hex territories you claim later on in the same hex cluster (connected hexes) Please post your opinion about this and your ideas!
  12. If you're looking to build, you can come join Crafting Corporation and design the best ships around! We're looking for excited builders/designers to make ships to mass produce. If you're interested, please take a look at our org page- https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/crafting-corporation See you in the verse! ♤
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