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  1. Couldn't agree more feathers632. Dual stick user myself. It really adds to immersion. Also it just feels right for a proper space-sim.
  2. There is just no pleasing the plebs. They want spaceships, DU gives them spaceships; they want planets, DU gives them planets; they want a billion systems, DU gives them a billion + systems; they want to build, DU gives them the ability to build; they want a true MMO on a single shard - DU provides. But then they bitch and complain DU is a ripoff of No Man's Sky? ROFL! Please.... Fortunately the video clearly demonstrated the differences and was positive overall. Still, a little controversy may not be a bad thing.
  3. Personally I would LOVE to import my stuff from 3ds max which is pretty well the standard for 3d ship modeling. But it really wouldn't be fair and hope the devs have some kind of in-game development scheme.
  4. I love pretty well everything about this game; the building, the single server persistent universe and the ability to seamlessly fly from planet to planet and step out of your spaceship and of course play with others - not big on single players. So welcome and if you ever build a house, space station or city, please let me in - I'm not as bad as everyone makes out.
  5. Welcome. But size may not matter - it's how you use it. Often larger ships are susceptible to smaller ships so we shall see.
  6. Great having you! Lived in Germany for a time but many many many years ago. I hope DU develops a strong support base in Germany.....home of many awesome gamers and developers.
  7. I'm an EVE'r myself so know what you mean. Personally I think EVE is in decline anyway - it's technology is now obsolete. Anyway, good to have you fellow DU'r.
  8. Dad also. We should start our own Game called Alpha Dads. Welcome to the DU family.
  9. I think they had a lot of valid questions and concerns. First, as I have stated myself, C++ or any scripting is not conducive gameplay for the average player, so I would hate to see it go the the route of Space Engineers. One thing I have noticed, DEVs are great at making games but not so great at gameplay. That said, I think DU is the greatest potential of any game out there, even Battlescape which already has a massive system with real life sized planets and no loading screens. Clearly these guys are not up on the latest in game innovation.
  10. Nice thread. I just have to say it looks very promising. But one of the main reasons the trailer looks great is because there is some uniformity in ship design and assets...imagine someone building ships in the shape of genitalia or buildings looking like pez dispensers - this trailer would have flopped. So yes, great video....but what is going to happen when we have absolute freedom to build whatever we want decked out in the most horrible coloring schemes ever imagined?
  11. Love the idea of Rogue planets. But they would be very cold and very dark. Not much to see. But if you want to set up a secret base, can't think of a better place.
  12. Welcome on onward space pilot!
  13. Hey OzzWald. Great having you and look forward to seeing you on the PC....play EVE presently but it doesn't even come close to what DU is working on.
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