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  1. Well after all this I just have to say, actually Nora, DU needs this. It needs this because Alpha Testing will require more than simply submitting ideas, it will need dedication on a daily level. If A-Team members cannot find the time to be here on forums than how will they find the time to rigorously test the game? Sorry but the DEVs have already made a mistake by picking those more interested regurgitating ideas from the net than finding dedicated consistent testers. So I leave it to you - I can see the direction already being taken and I have to say I am not impressed. But I do wish you all success and hope DU brings about the badly needed gameplay space faring pilots long for.
  2. Well, it was pretty clear where the comment was directed, so apologies to nora if he/she felt it was towards them. As for the original poster of the comment. Personally I would rather see Alpha Testing members be active members of the community. The last thing any community needs are A-Team members who put on a good face at the beginning then disappear as soon as they get their testing position. Yes, Lady_Astrum, I am sure A-Team members are busy doing other things. And I am sure everyone else is busy doing other things, like working real jobs and making real money to support this game come kickstarter. Personally, I think if A-Team members really care about DU, they'll be on regularly showing support and encouraging others - because what I am seeing now is a I got mine Jack attitude. Not all A-Team members mind you; I have seen some post fairly regularly which is awesome. But if pointing this obvious lack of effort on the part of some A-Team members offends them enough to actually show up, I guess it's better than nothing. Of course I'm sure some A-Team members like vylqun would like nothing better than praise and smiley faces but my smiley faces are reserved for members who are actually here and don't troll.
  3. Agreed, nora definitely offers content. That said, I think there is a lot to be said about posters who take the time and effort to make new supporters feel welcomed and keep up the community spirit > a great boost given so few A-Team members now take the time to grace us with their presence.
  4. Couldn't agree more feathers632. Dual stick user myself. It really adds to immersion. Also it just feels right for a proper space-sim.
  5. There is just no pleasing the plebs. They want spaceships, DU gives them spaceships; they want planets, DU gives them planets; they want a billion systems, DU gives them a billion + systems; they want to build, DU gives them the ability to build; they want a true MMO on a single shard - DU provides. But then they bitch and complain DU is a ripoff of No Man's Sky? ROFL! Please.... Fortunately the video clearly demonstrated the differences and was positive overall. Still, a little controversy may not be a bad thing.
  6. To be honest, I am surprised Nora isn't on the A-Team. Pretty dedicated.....I don't think I have seen a post without his/her comment.
  7. I have been checking out the replies on the DU Youtube site and it is pretty clear people are interested! So glad DU provided footage - made all the difference. Of course there are a lot of naysayers on TheXPGamers site but this is expected given recent kickstarters (ie SC,ED). So a good start for DU; however, Devs should be careful not to become too complacent or take supporters for granted. Keep giving us tidbits and info; if they don't they could end up with the same kind of situation as Battlescape where interest was white hot but the Battlescape Devs kept pouring cold water all over potential supporters. Keep the communication up and again, well done DU.
  8. Personally I would LOVE to import my stuff from 3ds max which is pretty well the standard for 3d ship modeling. But it really wouldn't be fair and hope the devs have some kind of in-game development scheme.
  9. I love pretty well everything about this game; the building, the single server persistent universe and the ability to seamlessly fly from planet to planet and step out of your spaceship and of course play with others - not big on single players. So welcome and if you ever build a house, space station or city, please let me in - I'm not as bad as everyone makes out.
  10. Welcome. But size may not matter - it's how you use it. Often larger ships are susceptible to smaller ships so we shall see.
  11. Zen001


    Great having you! Lived in Germany for a time but many many many years ago. I hope DU develops a strong support base in Germany.....home of many awesome gamers and developers.
  12. I'm an EVE'r myself so know what you mean. Personally I think EVE is in decline anyway - it's technology is now obsolete. Anyway, good to have you fellow DU'r.
  13. Zen001

    Hi there!

    Dad also. We should start our own Game called Alpha Dads. Welcome to the DU family.
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