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  1. discordauth:Qb0HnMUagSMftx4benz0IEsXo0MntKNT7Crkn_vITpU=

  2. did the kick starter say what the features would be ? even vaguely ?
  3. seems there is no option to upgrade a founder pack to one of the new ones ? that seems very punishing to the original backers
  4. I would love to see some kind of custom options so we don't all look like clones running around xD
  5. Does anyone know a list of the character creation options ? can't find much info on it atm
  6. these new backer packs are awesome, really looking forward to the Alpha and the designs of the suits
  7. does anyone know, roughly how many clans have been formed so far?
  8. NoDps is a broad gaming community, spanning a variety of games across different platforms, such as Sea of thieves, Destiny, Monster Hunter World, Counter strike and many more. We are intending to create a player-base for Dual Universe, which can upon release, work together with the community to create a stable foothold in the game world. As release will be completely player driven content, it's hard to say ahead of time if we will be focused on PvP or mining/construction/automation aspects of the game, but I am sure all aspects of the game will come into our strategy in some form. If you are looking to join a friendly, competitive, creative gaming group to help found a solid clan for release, please do visit our DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SwDMY7p Make sure you change your nickname on Discord to match your in game name, this saves a lot of time and confusion! Please note, we would prefer members to be 18+ and/or of a mature and constructive attitude towards social play and interactions online. NoDps Website & Forum : https://www.nodps.com NoDps Twitter: https://twitter.com/no_dps NoDps Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/nodps NoDps YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQiDrVP7-8n9xk9g4KfUGSA/featured
  9. So after watching several game play videos of No Man Sky, I was VERY disappointed and angry at the developers. They basically lied about half of the features and now I find out you can't build the ships as well........ So then I saw a video comparing similar games which led me here... and wow, YES this is what I wanted! Multiplayer, single universe, voxel based custom ships and exploration on a huge scale Just make sure you don't go back on any of this content Dev's, I think NoManSky will fall off the hype train as soon as people realise everything is the same, just with a different skin and get bored real fast.
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