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  1. Hi! Does anyone know how and what kind of sensors might be included in the game? I've heard radar mentioned on youtube but that is a very general term. Furthermore, it would be interesting to know if the available sensors use anykind of physically motivated sensor model. In more detail: Will there be a difference between active (e.g. Radar) and passive (e.g. IR) sensors? What about choosing frequencies? For example, can I build a medium frequency radar with 3 MHz for long range detection but low resolution (100 meters) and a higher frequency one for shorter range but higher resolution? That would enable the construction of tracking and fire-control radars to aim at specific parts of a construct. Radar range is set by output power, gain of the antennae and the radar-cross-section of the target (ignoring pathloss and pattern propagation). Any chance this will be modelled...? Active sensors like Radar are easily detected (roughly twice as far as the radar range), so radar warning receivers and electronic surveillance/support measures would come in handy. Passive sensors only give the direction to the target, not the range. So one needs to do cross bearing, preferable with several ships. And how about faster-than-light sensors? A radar with 1 lightyear range that gives me a target position from two years ago would be slightly useless. So, are there any informations available on such topics?
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