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  1. We really should have an account system that mimics the game. You have a Master Account that you log into, and then you can post as each Character or as the Player.
  2. I'm not sure I get what he is proposing... Does he want to link our Forum and Community accounts? I don't get why they are separate in the first place, so sure. But then I'd like to be able to have a separate page/forum profile for each of my characters. Oh, and one for me as the player behind them.
  3. You need to go to https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile It's at the bottom. Or it should be. My sympathies that you didn't get to join the last test.
  4. With the sound of thunder, Gandalf turned to the Balrog and said, CITE YOUR SOURCES! But in all seriousness, can you show me that vid? Cause that sounds pretty cool.
  5. @unown006 I'd suggest deleting or editing your post to reduce confusion. Per the topic: I'd prefer to have something like @CalenLoki's suggestion and have to physically move cargo around if you don't want to do it "by hand". However, looking at how Space Engineers struggles to hand its merge blocks, I don't think we'll see this. More likely we'll have cargo containers and conveyors. It still requires engineering and usually creates weakspots, but it's a bit simpler programmatically.
  6. From what I've seen and understood, when constructs move, every part of it, inside and out, moves. They've got it down so that portals/instances for interiors are unnecessary.
  7. Real Life Cities are primarily composed of residential buildings. In games, there is no need for residential structures beyond a few containers or prestige.
  8. Ahhhh... I'm following you now. I thought you wanted something free every month because you paid less. I agree that long term (year +) should get a small trinket or something.
  9. Why, though? Subscriptions are already cheaper. There's your reward.
  10. discordauth:ClFp1cl5gSoYZTu-bq33bxH8K4dFofz_NpHBXAQK21s=

  11. FantasyLand! Role play an eleven archer and collect 15 bear butts! Or be a Dwarven smith and fight the forces of evil with escort quests!
  12. This is why I'm glad DU is subscription based. It's already heading up a difficult hill.
  13. Ultimately, this might be an interesting idea, but since the game hasn't even come out, it's not yet relevant. :-/
  14. Had me worried for a minute that you were going to advocate for artificial benefits. I quite like this idea. Especially that power generation should not be a trivial manner. However, I think that the largest ships should be able to carry a factory unit or two. You are confusing Market Bots with Trading Units. Market Bots do exactly that and make things appear/vanish out of thin air. They are NQ's economic regulation mechanism. Trading Units just allow you to automatically buy or sell things.
  15. Static constructs don't move. If you want to call it anti-gravity, go ahead. Dynamic constructs do move. However, they will also have restrictions on what can be placed on them. And since it seems we are going to have high impulse/high thrust engines, going straight to your destination, rather than computing a transfer orbit, will be the most common way of reaching a station.
  16. After the rather poor reception of my propose sleep mechanic and more research into combat, I feel I can offer a unique spin on the idea of Food. First and foremost: Food should not be required to survive. This is not a Hard Core survival sim (though I wish it were, sometimes). My proposal is thus: Food will give bonuses/maluses to stats. These bonuses/maluses will be in the single digit percentage ranges and will cover a few skills at a time, with one primary. (+5% shooting, +2% reload, +1% crafting, +1% dodge) Food items can be combined to improve their "taste" and the bonuses given. (For example: Raw Wheat will give a small malus, raw flour will give a malus, but a cake will give a bonus.) All food items will have "taste" profiles and modifiers. The profile determines what "taste" is added when combined, while the modifiers alter the "taste" of the other ingredients. (This will probably be best displayed as a radar plot) All players will have a randomly generated "palate" that slowly and randomly evolves over time. This "palate" determines how much of a bonus is gained from the food. "Tasty" foods give bigger bonuses, "nasty" foods give maluses. It will take years before a "palate" noticeably changes. This will be shown in the UI when a food is selected. (General Bonuses * Palate modifier = Actual bonuses) Bonuses will last for 3-4 hours, with a slight increase during the first hour and then a steady drop off afterwards. Maluses will only last for 30 minutes and quickly decrease. Every food has a "satiety" value. You can only eat so much before you are full. Once you are full, further eating adds Maluses, rather than stacking Bonuses. The more you eat, the longer the bonuses last. Spices will exist that have small "satiety" levels and limited "taste" profiles, but they will have large "taste" modifiers. (Don't like savory foods? Add cayenne pepper! Make it spicy!) Finally, all plants will take months to grow and harvest, however between planting and harvest, the plants will require minimal supervision. They'll require more supervisor the less friendly the climate is to that plant. Harvests will produce a great quantity of food. (Farmer's should be able to explore the universe too!) The purpose here is many-fold: To encourage economic activity by creating an intuitive category of good. Most people understand food and how good eating is good for them. This idea is focused on organizations as the primary producers and consumers. A solo pilot isn't going to mind being a few percentages slower at mining, or reloading, or crafting. But on the industrial scale of large organizations, these foods will be very important to squeeze out every Quantum. Wars have been fought over spices and I see no reason DU can't be the same. I've always disliked games where plants grew very rapidly. To gather a large stockpile, you were constantly running from plot to plot, planting and then you only have a few hours before you need to go harvest everything. Plants take time and care. Insta-plants aren't fun. The random element to the food is because a) everyone likes different things, and b ) this way there will be no "best" plant. What's in demand will change with the seasons and the years. (P.S: Wooo! 100th Post!)
  17. You cannot buy a Patron pack if you are a Founder. This is expected to be changed later.
  18. Honestly, I'm still holding out hope for a solid CAD implementation. Love me some constraints and relationships.
  19. You, sir, are correct. I was thinking of debris and breaking apart ships. From this: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/02/08/in-game-ama-feb-3rd-2018-transcription/ I'm disappointed that the AvA combat is going to be a lock&fire system, however I understand the load issues when transversing servers. It just makes me very sad, because I love sniping. Hopefully, it's as transparent as they say it will be, and we can mount up miniguns against waves of infantry.
  20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skybox_(video_games) That's exactly what I mean. So far, nobody has really found the trick to make voxels rotate without crazy calculations. The theory that always gets suggested is "frames of reference", where you only move a bound section containing the voxels. NQ decided not to bite off more than they could chew. I imagine that they'll give it a shot at a later date. (P.S: The + next to "Quote" allows you to multi-quote people in one post.)
  21. This is sci-fi, overpowered engines are standard. It wouldn't be surprising if you could make a straight line to the moon. Though NQ may (hopefully) balance against that. It doesn't make sense to turn off gravity when a ship is moving, either from a programming perspective or an immersion perspective. While you'll save a few cycles, there are far bigger places that can get slashed first. Namely voxel interaction and manipulation. Planets don't spin. The sun is a skybox that revolves around the system. For your hypotheses: They'll probably have Air Brakes and Space Brakes. Space Brakes will only work in space. Air Brakes will only work in atmosphere. There is 100% going to be a speed cap. It's simply not possible to compute required physics over a certain speed. I believe NQ has said that fuel has mass and as it is used, you'll lighten up. You are going seriously in-depth with so few resources! It's pretty awesome to watch.
  22. @CalenLoki That's a very well written argument, but I worried you are getting into voxel damage territory. IIRC, NQ has said that they cannot afford to simulate voxels being destroyed or blasted off. Now, I strongly approve of the AP/APHE approach. With (probable) hitscan weapons, each voxel should decrease penetration, based on the armor value of the voxel. This would be countered by the penetration value of the ammo. If penetration value is too high, you go through a ship with little damage (unless your target is behind them). If it's too low, your shot lodges in the armor (potential reducing the armor value? Maybe tol much calculation) Each element along that hitscan should take damage. With APHE ammo, the final element would take the brunt of the damage. Plus, some surrounding damage. You could also have weapons have special effects, like Sharpnel against avatars, micro EMP to distrupt systems, or even heat damage to overheat the reactor/engines/weapons/whatever. Ultimately, I don't see why we would need a lock on system. It'd be helpful for CvC, but AvA or AvC should be free aim. Simpler to account for and more fulfilling. Edit: I critique you about voxel damage and then wander in and suggest it! *sigh* Round riddle ship corpses are JUST so appealing. Edit 2: Lock on would help with lag compensation...
  23. @molemoore Unfortunately, Founders cannot upgrade their pledges at this time. You will have to wait until the devs upgrade the Pledge Portal to support Founder pledges again.
  24. That's a short form multiplication symbol.
  25. Why is there any need for a separate bounty hunting system? This whole premise should be covered under a player contracting system. If you want to place a bounty on someone, you create an Open contract with a target, price, and request specified. With a Smart Contract system, the bounty will automatically complete once conditions are met.
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