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  1. Love seeing/hearing community content. Great job!
  2. Yessir, Kickstarter has a system in place where they can cater a survey for their backers. This survey is through the Kickstarter web page, but we will be notified by e-mail... so no worries if you don't check the Kickstarter! I imagine there will be a way to link your KS pledge to the actual site at this time.
  3. I really hope they stay clear of a cosmetics shop... it can really take away from the game in some cases. However, I'm not saying it can't be done well. Hopefully DACs will be enough to keep their coffers full ^^
  4. I imagine these are the packs that are going to be up until Jan 1st 2017, or whenever the next batch goes live next year.
  5. Love all the speedy replies, thanks for the information! Incremental pledges may never happen, as you have stated. So the ability to purchase DACs ala the Kickstarter will not be possible. However, will you ever add "DAC packages" to the store? A package of DACs you can purchase alongside the package you have. This would allow those who are happy with their packages to continue to support the game ^^ Unless these area already a thing, and I'm just missing something haha. Edit: It's also entirely possible you guys are planning to add something like this in the store when we switch over to the January store.
  6. Woohoo, let's get that CvC eh? Have to agree with the DAC pre-order, buy DACs for $10 ea or something. To allow those who are happy with their packs to still help out with the funding a bit ^^ I'm glad you guys didn't implement new cosmetics like new outfits, pets, and the like. Too many cosmetics sometimes ruins the atmosphere.
  7. ^ Ha, if there's someone who doesn't... they're crazy! It seems like most people want it done right though, rather than rush them to alpha. So that's good
  8. No one said anything about printing monies, just that you have a digital log of your operational currency on your person. In order to alleviate the communication problems that arise otherwise. The whole quantum entanglement thing is a bit off topic, will create a separate discussion on that later. Quantum entanglement does not provide faster than light communication, it is impossible for there to be a particle change and then a communication. Unfortunately, I do have sources for such claims. Will provide them at a later date, when I create that discussion ^^ In short, my post will propose a few things since apparently, QE is currently set to impact: markets, currency, and the "death" mechanic. 1.) Markets - There should be a time dilation discrepancy between market A and market B. This would be based off of a simple equation that relates distance to communication time. A market terminal would receive updates based on the distance the other units are to the terminal. Hopefully this will be able to re-use the code that in place to update player data... if not, I imagine there will be some work involved. 2.) Currency - I pretty much went over all that in previous posts. 3.) Death - unfortunately, this creates a gap as to what they were planning. But perhaps something along the lines of: Emergency personnel recover your body, and bring you back to HQ to be repaired by some nano technology. Almost as unplausible as QE and QT... but, I will probably come up with something more definitive before I create the post ^^ Before you say that they can just use quantum teleportation... you would need one long ass fibre optic wire for that lol. Edit: I should clarify, I'm good with what they have at the moment... I don't really care if they falsify the extensions of QE and QT. However, I will give them an alternative... that creates a more interesting playthrough for traders and market predictions.
  9. The risk you talk about is the trader's incompetency, not inherent risk. A trader worth his salt will avoid those situations. Just like a combatant worth his salt will avoid unconquerable areas. As for saying my "lore" is incorrect... communications aren't instantaneous over such large distances. The communication delay between mars and earth is somewhere near 21 minutes. Depending on the type, some communications can go down to 3 minutes I think. However, I imagine the communications would need to be secure. How then can the overall balance be tracked cross universe? As soon as you make a purchase on planet 1, it wouldn't update on planet 2. Money is stable, operational costs are not. Your bounty, and your bounty issuer would be safe. The only risk implemented is for what you use in your daily operations. Your money is safeguarded on some planet, digitally. You have to transfer that onto a terminal on hand in order to use at another location. If DACs drop, so should operational currency via hacking. Adding an entirely new level of emergent gameplay. Edit: Sorry for the apparent off topic discussion, but it seems to go hand in hand with DACs dropping. Considering DACs are practically a second set of currency, much more than any other commodity in game. Much like gold in the US during its infancy, and even in the current day.
  10. It was the fifth of November. Doesn't seem that confusing ;P It's from the movie V for Vendetta if I recall correctly.
  11. You act like the moment you die, you lose all your money. That wouldn't be the case, as far as I'm concerned. The thing is, for traders... there is very little risk vs. rewards. They carry half the reward all the time, whereas industrialists carry the full risk all the time. Just saying they don't add up ^^ How I want things to be: 1.) You carry operational currency, tied to a digital account. The rest sits in a bank back home, or wherever... someplace safe. The lore behind this is that, how would you keep track of how much money someone has from planet to planet? That communication would not be instantaneous. This means the player needs to have something on board to determine their balance, and to reduce fraud. 2.) An intruder can break into the bridge, or wherever this device is kept, and attempt to break into the terminal that holds all of their operational currency. For small operations, this would rarely happen... I mean, the chances that a small ship gets blown to smithereens is high. Thus no chance of losing your precious operational currency. The lore behind this, every ship has something akin to a blackbox that keeps log of the terminal access. It would make note of no changes to operational balance. 3.) . If the terminal is in tact, the ship must be powered. Once the original player's signature is off of the ship, a countdown should begin that slowly powers down the ship. Leaving a relatively small window to steal the operational currency. 4.) . The crew should have a chance to turn off the terminal, however, it should take a certain amount of time to shutdown. Seems pretty straight forward to me.
  12. Umm, just by going off of what you have given. Trader's have: 1.) . Funds (cannot be stolen) 2.) Marketing knowledge (cannot be stolen) 3.) Inside knowledge (cannot be stolen) Industrialists: 1.) Assets (can be taken by force) 2.) Blueprints (Usually can't be stolen, as they use them but if in commodity form they can be stolen right?) 3.) Material costs (can't really be stolen) I would go one step further and add 4.) Commodities to each. For the trader, it is what they physically bring from point a to point b. Which can obviously be stolen. The industrialist has commodities that they produce, which can be taken by force along with the assets. Now, with all this set on the table... being an industrialist is far more perilous than a trader. Most everything can be stolen, whereas trader's have very little risk. To be fair though, I don't see how any of this pertains to the question at hand. It really doesn't. As for a kill all society, I don't think that is what would play out. I'm personally under the impression, that if it's like any other PvP MMO I've played... there will be coalitions of organizations out to protect eachother's interests. As for the lonewolf (like myself) they will keep their active currency at a bear minimum, while creating as much fortitude as they can with their active (stealable) currency. Trusting in safe storages to keep the rest secure.
  13. Agreed, for the most part. However, from my perspective progress can be seen through the skills you have leveled. Which is directly related to how long you have been playing. Of course, assets (including currency) play into progression if you safeguard them. Having lootable currency would mean a player would be "forced" to use a bank or some safe storage while keeping just enough on them for their operations. Perhaps, since the currency is indeed digital... an intruder could attempt to hack into your coffers somehow. Perhaps useable currency is linked to a digital account that can only be accessed through a terminal on your active ship. Or something of that matter. If the ship still had power, you could try and dig into that.
  14. Seems like you can just turn DACs into digital coupons ala digital currency in the game. Weak argument is weak. I stand by my argument that if DACs are lost, so should currency. I also understand the argument that hoarding DACs is a lot like hoarding a commodity, so I do see where you're coming from. Just don't think it warrants being lootable on death. Ultimately, I don't see it being much of an issue either way. What's to stop someone from just hoarding their DACs in a safezone? Just don't see the point of lootable DACs is all ^^
  15. If DACs are lootable, then so should regular currency.
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