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  1. Love seeing/hearing community content. Great job!
  2. ^ Ha, if there's someone who doesn't... they're crazy! It seems like most people want it done right though, rather than rush them to alpha. So that's good
  3. No one said anything about printing monies, just that you have a digital log of your operational currency on your person. In order to alleviate the communication problems that arise otherwise. The whole quantum entanglement thing is a bit off topic, will create a separate discussion on that later. Quantum entanglement does not provide faster than light communication, it is impossible for there to be a particle change and then a communication. Unfortunately, I do have sources for such claims. Will provide them at a later date, when I create that discussion ^^ In short, my post will
  4. The risk you talk about is the trader's incompetency, not inherent risk. A trader worth his salt will avoid those situations. Just like a combatant worth his salt will avoid unconquerable areas. As for saying my "lore" is incorrect... communications aren't instantaneous over such large distances. The communication delay between mars and earth is somewhere near 21 minutes. Depending on the type, some communications can go down to 3 minutes I think. However, I imagine the communications would need to be secure. How then can the overall balance be tracked cross universe? As soon as you
  5. It was the fifth of November. Doesn't seem that confusing ;P It's from the movie V for Vendetta if I recall correctly.
  6. You act like the moment you die, you lose all your money. That wouldn't be the case, as far as I'm concerned. The thing is, for traders... there is very little risk vs. rewards. They carry half the reward all the time, whereas industrialists carry the full risk all the time. Just saying they don't add up ^^ How I want things to be: 1.) You carry operational currency, tied to a digital account. The rest sits in a bank back home, or wherever... someplace safe. The lore behind this is that, how would you keep track of how much money someone has from planet to planet? That communicati
  7. Umm, just by going off of what you have given. Trader's have: 1.) . Funds (cannot be stolen) 2.) Marketing knowledge (cannot be stolen) 3.) Inside knowledge (cannot be stolen) Industrialists: 1.) Assets (can be taken by force) 2.) Blueprints (Usually can't be stolen, as they use them but if in commodity form they can be stolen right?) 3.) Material costs (can't really be stolen) I would go one step further and add 4.) Commodities to each. For the trader, it is what they physically bring from point a to point b. Which can obviously be stolen. The industrialist has commodit
  8. Agreed, for the most part. However, from my perspective progress can be seen through the skills you have leveled. Which is directly related to how long you have been playing. Of course, assets (including currency) play into progression if you safeguard them. Having lootable currency would mean a player would be "forced" to use a bank or some safe storage while keeping just enough on them for their operations. Perhaps, since the currency is indeed digital... an intruder could attempt to hack into your coffers somehow. Perhaps useable currency is linked to a digital account that ca
  9. Seems like you can just turn DACs into digital coupons ala digital currency in the game. Weak argument is weak. I stand by my argument that if DACs are lost, so should currency. I also understand the argument that hoarding DACs is a lot like hoarding a commodity, so I do see where you're coming from. Just don't think it warrants being lootable on death. Ultimately, I don't see it being much of an issue either way. What's to stop someone from just hoarding their DACs in a safezone? Just don't see the point of lootable DACs is all ^^
  10. If DACs are lootable, then so should regular currency.
  11. I imagine it will be the more traditional WWII planes in space. Would love to be surprised, but it seems like it would be just too much for them to do anything otherwise. I mean, if they have to settle on a lock and fire system, and a system where the further you out you are the less updates you get... I imagine they will have to make sacrifices in the flight model as well. Like I said, would love to be wrong though
  12. They're only adding a secondary funding option because so many people were asking for it. It was not originally planned. This is also probably why there is some silence, they're hard at working throwing together new packages whilst developing the game. They had investors lined up if they were successful on the campaign IIRC.
  13. If you can spend the time to figure out how purchasing bananas work, you can find time to purchase a prepaid card. Takes like 30 seconds ^^ Another good method is to have a separate account setup for online transactions, with far more anti-fraud measures in place. Transaction limits, daily limits, not even sure what's all available these days. Most banks are also very good at righting fraudulent purchases. I can respect your decision, but I don't think it's a problem with KS at that point.
  14. Huh, I've never understood this viewpoint. You can just use a prepaid debit card, with the specified amount for the singular purchase. Purchase-able at your local Wal-Mart, or any store for that matter. The only anti-KS I understand is from those who do not have cards supported by KS. I know a lot of people outside of the US have that problem. Although, I have to wonder if Visa, MC, and the lot offer prepaid cards in other countries, I've never tried to find out I guess.
  15. Precisely, you can say it works fantastic... a perfect, flawless system. But the fact of the matter is there will probably be hiccups when they integrate everything to the live server. Wouldn't worry about it though.
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