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  1. G'Day Chewie, Let me know if you want to meet up in-game. I'm based in Melbourne. Cheers _Axio_ https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/trans-planetary-partnership-tpp
  2. Cheers, I might need to bribe people, to join with free Tim Tams. Milo and a Tim Tam slam anyone?
  3. Hi All, If you are interested in joining the TPP, you can reach me in the DU Discord. I am happy to have finalised the organisational governance model. See link below. Feel free to reach out for comment. Hope to see you in-game. Axio Trans-Planetary Partnership - Governance Systems (ECM) 20180529.pdf
  4. Hi Dominar,


    ShinyMagnemite reached out to welcome me to DU. He suggested I contact you as I was wondering if you had plans re:Guild/Faction in DU.


    I've created a nameplate faction (Trans-Planetary Partnership - Aussie piss take), but want to work with others to build ideas and flesh-out what it may look like. Let me know if you or someone you know may be interested. Oh, I'm based in Melbourne by the way! Hope to see you in-game.





    1. Dominar


      Hey _Axio_. I apologize for the rather late reply.

      Currently, I am one of the three Superintendents of the Aeonian Federation. We're an alliance of like-minded organizations who together hold roughly 400 members.

      I'm happy to help you if I can but I'm not completely sure what it is you're asking.

      Let's take this to PMs


  5. I don't like cheese on mine, just plenty of melted butter thanks. Let me know when you want to pull up a chair for a bit of a chin-wag and maybe even a dog's-eye with some dead horse - semi warm of course.
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if any peeps in the Australasian part of the world or even similar time zones (+10GMT) would like help me to build a guild/faction? I've create a guild called 'TPP' https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/trans-planetary-partnership-tpp Yep, its a bad joke because the Yanks pulled out of a multi-billion dollar Pacific regional trade deal (TPP-11) then imposed tariffs the same day the agreement was signed, who'd would have thunk? Well, they may come back sometime in the future. Any who I digress, we all k
  7. Thanks Felonu, I had a light bulb moment (and sorted it) when reading the discord instructions for the 10th time.
  8. discordauth:xbDqZ9qR8ubp7-BjhN3pN9VrNfwm7W6c1UjuUbzCCbI=

  9. Thanks for the welcome Glad. I was given a Discord link (in discord) for DU but unsure where I need to post in this forum? The only reference to Profile (see below) I can see is under my account. Is it the activity stream? I feel like like I'm slipping to the wrong side of the digital divide on this one, any help would be appreciated. I was given the following advice, Navigate to the Profile section of the forums, and under "write a public comment" put the token there.
  10. G'Day all, Was talking with my new friends over at the DU Discord server. They suggested that I need to post in the forums to sort out my access. Any who, I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, been playing MMOs since 98', before that it was all console. Started playing EVE in 2008, spent over 1500 hours (so far) in Space Engineers wrestling with 'Clang', and 'diped my toe in the water' in Empyrion. Looking forward to seeing what I can build in DU and with who? APAC/Australasian Guild anyone? Cheers
  11. Hi Noveans, First time poster here, from Down Under. Any other Aussies or Kiwi's getting into DU, send me a msg, happy to join a larakin group. If anyone can steer me to the profile section (I cant find it) so I can sort out my Discord set-up, that would be grouse. Cheers Axio
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