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  1. oh, i just felt like it wasnt worth doing if i couldnt stack quotes
  2. im interested to see what the map looks like now, a few big factions have shown up between the date of the last update...
  3. aw, was hoping it would also quote that i quoted you and that we could get a quote train going, DU fourms apparntly doesnt let you do it
  4. very interesting, infact, maybe we should impose a new rule of, you must always quote the last person
  5. aw man dude, i coulda made a killing if i brought a snowblower out here last year, had lake effect snow, somehow, entire city frozen over with 6-10 inches of snow (not includeing snow drifts) everyone was trapped for a week around xmas, coulda blew driveways out- hell, coulda blew the roads out, as the city only has 1 snow plow. coulda got rich xD
  6. bruh, it looks just like afganistan, an army bro said so, so you know its authentic first day that i moved here, i went into a store for a tarp, and the lady said "what do you need a tarp for?" me: "oh, you know, for shade? keeping stuff dry?" her: "oh. dont you know? this is new mexico, it never rains here" it rained the next day. a weird place indeed. turned out she was the manager too.
  7. eyyy, nm man, basking in the sun, and we had a tornado warning today, lots of fun
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