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  1. I'd say Eve online, space engineers, Planet explorers. That said you could also look into entropia universe which is free to play kind of. With entropia it can get expensive though depending on what you want to do in game.
  2. Hi, just wondering if there are any players near Hilton Head Island, SC. Would be nice to find local players to join up with from time to time when servers are open.
  3. Haha, way to kill this topic. I used to enjoy reading these but as I read this one I peed a little laughing.
  4. Awesome, I was looking for somewhere to contact someone about it. Thank you, I have submitted a ticket and figure things will get fixed in a day or so. Thank you for taking the time to help me out.
  5. Awesome thank you, I'm incredibly new to DU and I appreciate the breakdown. I am also excited about the fact that mining will not be automated as it will make mining worth the time taken to learn it. Most games make it too easy to just automate and it loses the fun aspect because its just offline production.
  6. I am interested in joining a mining corporation as in Eve I was a miner almost entirely and enjoy it very much. I have yet to be able to login yet to play as I am a new donator but look forward to learning the mining system as I haven't read anything that truly shows the process in detail. Before I make a commitment is there a mining tutorial or anything that shows something more than just the animated gif that seems to be everywhere (or is this something that I have to wait for my pre-alpha forum access to see)?
  7. I know this is an older thread but I am having the same issue and am wondering if there was a solution found for this? Re-logged several times and still no pre-alpha forum access
  8. Hi all, So I have purchased the Patron package so that I can access the game now but the forums are not showing my pre-alpha forums only the public forums. Anyone have any thoughts? I have already logged out and back in to no avail. I'm sure its something stupid but its escaping me. Thank you in advance. Brandon AKA MokiMofiki
  9. Hi, Im new and haven't even logged into the game yet but am excited to do so March 29th. I have been watching all of the tutorial video's and reading on the forums trying to learn as much as I can before I am able to login to the game. If there is any advice anyone has please let me know as I would love to hear it to make the best of my first login. Thanks, Brandon Orndorff AKA Moki Mofiki
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