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  1. Want for choice indicates a simple mind. Idleness is the ignorance of capability. With so many options, why not aim for the best of both worlds? Uncover what's within you. That's what Trust is; Potential. [OPEN] Required stock vector attribution: <a href="https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/water">Water vector created by alvaro_cabrera - www.freepik.com</a>
  2. 'Read to the End' by @Klorox is a work of literary fiction - and it's online on our website! Click the link here to read it. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter! P.S: Both advert spots on our website are currently occupied by the Heimera Trade Xchange. That's one too many (or two if you want). Let us know if you want a spot. It's Quanta free from now until the start of Beta. From Beta onwards, in-game proceeds will go to paying staff and giving incentives. Interested? Let us know right here or on Discord here. Cheers.
  3. A pack of wolves is a threat, as is a grizzly bear robbed of her cubs. The quiet combatant moves faster than a standing army. Skill up. That's what Trust is: Effectiveness. [OPEN]
  4. Outpost Zebra is back online! Check out our new website and let's talk. With the new formatting and outlay of the platform, we're also introducing some changes. Going forward, individual authors will be allowed and encouraged to post content themselves. Naturally, the staff will offer editing and proof reading services as requested. There are open positions for reporters, contributors and fact-checkers, too. Send us a message via Discord or through the contact form on the website if you're interested in filling any of these roles. From now until Beta, advertising on our website is also free. Once Beta starts, the proceeds in Quanta will go to paying the reporters and fact checkers of Outpost Zebra in-game. Talk to us if you want an advertising spot. If you want to share content that's not in English, we're open to the idea. Dual Universe is a diverse place: limiting the platform to one language alone is not our goal. As always, we're on Twitter, Discord and the Forums. Whether it's stories, news, articles, a friendly conversation or anything Dual Universe related, chat with us sometime. Website: https://www.outpostzebra.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/KbKvKfD
  5. Congratulations to @Lesdecus, who has become a premier player in this Universe. Welcome home. Born of stars and forged in the deepest parts of the infinite Universe, It is falsehood to deny that each man is a god in his own right. Discover the god you are. That's what Trust is; Greatness. [OPEN]
  6. You know, I completely forgot this existed. Funny how these things happen, but it's too bad the story isn't canon anymore. Many thanks, Paragon. I'm glad you like it. Cheers.
  7. Infinite possibilities are of little use without the exhilaration to explore. Untold numbers of stories will come to life. Start yours. Trust is; The Thrill. [OPEN]
  8. Hello, le_souriceau. Congratulations on taking the initiative with this venture. With credits to the Dual Universe Historical Society, Outpost Zebra has retweeted the first of your announcements on Twitter. Our new website is almost done and the Oz team has a section dedicated to interviews such as yours. If you are amenable to the idea, we'd like to see your content on the Oz platform too. Naturally, we'll offer to help with editing whenever and wherever we can. We look forward to hearing from you. Cheers.
  9. What are you, the dreaded hunter or the cunning escaper? The relentless hunt or the daring escape, Your call. That's what Trust is; Choice. [OPEN]
  10. In the OP's view, a cool-down timer is not ideal. He'd rather the incarcerated found a way out or were freed only by the detainer. Glitching out of prison is a bug. I doubt it will make it to full release. Unlike Star Citizen, Dual Universe does not have NPCs who enforce security standings at ports, cities and stations. The captive player will have to rely on the good graces of his jailer or weaknesses in the jail's layout. As to how such a thing will be implemented in the first place: I'm lost. Will a new 'hand-cuff' tool or asset be introduced? I find it hard to believe many people will submissively follow another player to prison. Does he intend for a 'jail-resurrection node' to interfere with the functions of the resurrection nodes?
  11. That depends on what you're trying to achieve with the prisoner mechanic. Are you trying to inconvenience the player, or attempting to deter them from exhibiting a behaviour? For the former, I think the suggestions work fine, ergo: Anything more than a mild to moderate inconvenience to the player would deter all but the most determined. In this case: stop the players from engaging in PvP to avoid the harsh consequences. A captor could log out for days or months. The captive would require developer intervention. What happens when nefarious tendencies are displayed? There's something missing here. What do you want the proposed mechanic to achieve?
  12. https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/background Stock photo by Mirish: https://www.deviantart.com/mirish/art/Daenerys-Targaryen-5-321161944 'Shoot for the stars,' they say, 'and if you miss, you'll hit the moon.' The Heimera Trade Xchange is a portal to distinction. Step up to the stars. Trust is, Greatness. [OPEN]
  13. Prisoner mechanics could have a cooldown timer. A player could be imprisoned until he logs out or after thirty minutes; whichever comes last. One has to agree with Lethys: incarceration without the respawn mechanics is akin to kidnapping. That's not ideal for the game. Were the developers to implement such a tool, I wouldn't expect to see it until after release.
  14. Hello, Sarge_of_Greyhawk. Going into the community page will give you nothing but an experience of how bugged out it is. The only proven way to post new or change existing content is to log into the game and do so from there. Cheers.
  15. I suggest you send another ticket. Other than that, there's not much you can do about it client-side. It may be better to wait a bit longer. In your defence, four days should have been sufficient to receive a reply.
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