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  3. L'équipe Novaquark a déjà expliqué (en français, évidemment) pourquoi la communication se faisait en anglais exclusivement (à quelques exceptions, comme celle-ci). Aussi, il existe une organisation appelée Communauté Francophone DU qui s'occupe, entre autre, de traduire les news. Tu peux rejoindre cette communauté sur Discord.
  4. I have pledged for contributor pack, and I can upgrade it to sponsor pack for 60 euros instead of 120. So, yes, I confirm you can upgrade your pack any time. You can go progressively through patron pack instead of directly buy it for 180 euros. It will cost you the same price in the end.
  5. I enter it about 2 hours ago, and I confirm. It's really friendly, and very fun. And I am not a moderator
  6. You know, you can make newbies pass tests to know how trustworthy they are. You can also explain them some tips for their job. For a taxi : "you should go this way to avoid pirates" for exemple. it's like in real life. When you applie for a job, the company don't know you, if you are really qualified for this job, if they can trust you (have you lied on your CV ? ... ). So you pass tests, you have some documents to show how qualified you are, what are your motivations, etc. In the game, the work you have to do is a lot easier than in real life (hopefully), so you don't need certifications, you don't need years of work to know how to do some things. But yet, you have to show that you are a reliable person, your motivations. You will then know your job by some tips first, and the your own experience. For basic gameplay, you still can mine, even if it's not usefull at all. It'll still works. But again, I know and understand full automated systems will not be possible in DU. Still, new players will be able to do what I explain above, with the difference that they will not have to applie for jobs like that in the first place. It will also greatly depend on how the player progression will work (there will certainly be many things we will not be able to do in the begining).
  7. Voilà, ShioriStein, this is what I was talking about when I was talking about "many other things to do" (thanks Whalekit, well said ). Lethys, you answered my questions about how EVE works on what DU will be similar to. And I think I understand what devs want to avoid for DU and why you don't like this idea ether. 0something0, there is some ways to avoid scripted robot, to make them impossible to use, isn't it ? So NQ will probably do something against that without adding full automation, as they will consider this behavior as cheating. So how is this a problem ? Is it that hard to forbid this kind of gameplay ?
  8. you seem to forget that, one main idea of the game is the possibility to skip what annoys you. For exemple, if you don't want to build your ship, you can ignore that and directly buy one that is made by someone else. In the same way of thinking, if you don't want to code, you can skip this part and profit from the code of other people. Even if the game allowed full automations. There will be many other things to do. Also, the first task in the game is not mining ... at the beginning, obviously yes, but then ? It will still be mandatory after few months, even years, but not for everyone. If a new player want to go in space and transport people from a planet to another, he can do that (maybe not a good exemple, but he can avoid the ressource gathering work ... in fact, it will strongly depend on the way we will manage our organisations, but this is an other story). In a fully automated world, it will be the same thing. A new player will not have to be a coding master to have fun with the game, because there will be plenty of other things to do. And don't forget, the automations have purpose. They are not meant to erase small jobs such as collecting ressources (it still is a consequences, I do agree), but rather avoiding each one of us to have to mine for 10 hours in order to build the death star (for example). An other thing, it will probably be impossible to automatise things like we are doing in our real world because it needs really complex programs that are made with an organisation that we will not be able to buid in the game (imagine a computer company with dozens of devs ... inside this game ... that will work with technologies similar to what novaquark is using. It's crazy, and I think it's impossible, even if they allow us full automation). Soooo, all these crazy things to say that we will still have many things to do that will not be able to automatize. Even for buildings. If I want to come back to the purpose of this topic. We will be able automatize the build of one building, but if we want an other with different shapes, the machine will still need us to reprogram itself to do it. In the other side, I don't know how it will work with the building system ? I suppose it will not be as hard as in Minecraft (in survival mod) to build things. But how "easy" it will be ? I don't really ask you because I know you have to not talk about your gaming experience. Don't worry about that. But then, even if I don't agree with you about the behavior of the ingame experience if we allow full automation, I am okay with the idea behind your way of thinking. Particularly because I know that we will be a big organisation, and as such, for each one of us, it's like an automation (the same way than in our lives). With the difference that, behind the fact that lots of ressources are gathered, there are dozens of citizens that works together in order to make it possible. For new player, they will experience what old ones have already experienced. And we will still be able to not be stuck in one gameplay. So yeah, if the devs feels that it's not a good idea to allow full automation ... then ok, they work on the game, they know what they are doing and where they want to go. Alos It's not like everything will be manually done. We will be able to do some automations. I am completely aware of that, and ok with that. And as you say, you can already do many things. The most important thing is that the game will be fun
  9. From X3 : terran conflict Neptune https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpjEm5KjCyI Saturne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9SQgkCxyX4 Mars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAfJuQaXWgk
  10. Cybrex, I love your first choice. It should be great to design it ingame . But in this case, we also need to design the SpaceBall One, which is a little bigger In my case, I hesitate between classic interstellar or atmospheric fighter. But I finaly choose interstellar because it feels better.
  11. Thank you all for your kind messages. I am allways happy to meet such nice community
  12. Thanks Cybrex, I'll read that now.
  13. C'est fou ça. Je vois des francophone partout ici Il me semble d'ailleurs que l'équipe de développement est française en plus ? But you are right. We are not alone, and we need to be understood by as many people as possible. So writting in english is better. Anyway, we are both new here. Hope to see you in game (don't know when).
  14. Hello, I saw this game in less than a week. Before, I felt Star Citizen will be great, but Dual Universe ... wow, it has much more to offer in terms of gameplay and what we can do. We can do almost everything. And if we don't want to do something such as building ships, we can directly buy one from an other player. And we can also program in the game (autopilot, security system, ... maybe another game as usual with this kind of feature) I find it fantastic. It make me want to play it now. But I have to wait. I havn't purchased anything yet, but I will surely pledge in a near future (when available).
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