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  1. That is exactly what I am waiting for!!
  2. This Corp looks awesome !!! How can I apply !! Would love to give a small help to make it the largest one in the verse!!
  3. Then probably like a add on !!!! Life time subscription !!!
  4. I just hope that we dont have just another EVE!!! This feels a very promising game from amazing people!! We will see!! But definitely I will be in the org that you will be!! I want to build !!!
  5. Zorac!! I like your attitude !!!
  6. I do played eve for more than a year!! I know this game will be more than Eve!!! The fact that we can build almost anything is what Excite me the most!!
  7. What about upgrade? i have pledged Gold Founder Pack (early bird)... i do wanted to pledge for Rudy Founder Pack (early bird)... will this be possible????
  8. Hello !!!! Greece here !!! Glad to be here with you!! Hope we have a fantastic journey together!!!
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