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  1. Dear all Heard about this Dual Universe and it certainly sound very promising. And congratulation on reaching its Kick starter milestone. I am a designer, an architect and have designed, managed and built several airports in the world. What excites me is in D U, you may have the chance to build something and also to explore the universe. Coming from a background of SciFi lover, I grew up having been inspired by all these great movies/TVs such as Babylon 5, Star Trek , Stargate and Star Wars worlds. And also experienced the virtual world of gaming in Elite Frontier and Freelancer. I've jump into Eve online hoping to experience these. Unfortunately, I have had good and bad experiences. It contained 'cliff-like' learning curve, 'big fish eat small fish' world of trying to survive in this sandbox universe, not a great place for newbie/explorer as you said. The concepts was great, but it has grown so huge................. I'm worried D U is going to adopt the same 'players run universe'. How will they address this in D U? When it grows larger and larger, we will see lawlessness, freeworld, privateers - see what's happening over in Eve now. Perhaps I may be naive ...........I can only hope D U will be develop into something better for all of us explorers. Yours truly Thunder Han
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