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  1. So I just got done listening to the newest podcast and I am super excited whats detailed there but I do have a few questions for clarity That Id like to spark a conversation about. In the podcast it talks about warp cores which seem pretty awesome and straightforward until a point where it was stated only planets and or large stations can have a beacon which I would like clarification on or argue against. I understand that these beacons in a lore/gameplay requirement sense need to be rare and thats fine, however I do object to them being limited to planets and large space cores, and would sugg
  2. Wrongo Bongo Banana Nose (btw that terms is reserved ONLY for you Daph)!!! In the recent dev diary NQ stated that the planetary system was proportionally the size of our own and stated that the size of the galaxy would not be expansive in quantity but rather in size which I took to mean that, like our own current planet Orgs may own state or nation sized swathes of land but each org having its own planet not realistic.
  3. I think that's a terrible name, might I suggest Twerks MotorInn? Make it a space trailer park.
  4. Wrongo Bongo Banana Nose, there will be expansion costs for SQ42. The PU will continue to be free but they will have expansion campaigns to make money off of, think the expansions to ESO, Guild Wars 2 ect. Also its good to see ya here Daph.
  5. You guys are probably flipping out over nothing. Anyone remember Star Citizen...which now has $150 million in pledges....up until a week before KS ended it looked like they might not get it, then the last week it was a sky rocket up. They are at 400k or 561k, they have 16 days to go, im thinking they will be fine.
  6. Look into some of the in game API gambling that Eve Poker used and try to implement that
  7. Forum boards .."Murder for Hire" and PM's
  8. So I was playing Space Engineers last night because there is a forum thread "Show us your skills" or something like that where I wanted to build some ships for, and I got to thinking about skills in a game like this. I was building using light armor blocks and got to thinking that it might be kind of cool if material types (ie wood, copper, iron, steel, titanium, adamantium) were useable based on skill level and blue prints that you purchase would change attributes based on your skill level to build them. An example would be I buy a blue print from Yama and Yama is a master shipwright, he
  9. Id disagree with you 1 DAC is worth $14.99 or something akin to that, which mean buying one from someone in game puts $14.99 in the pocket of the person who purchased one with in game currency because in essence the person they purchased it from has paid their sub for that month.
  10. I think the best example of the ingame economy, long term, may be Eve Online. DAC's worth will fluctuate based on supply and demand and as to your example of Wurm there MAY be a parallel in that 1 DAC is worth $14.99 or whatever the monthly sub is but can perhaps be broken down into credits in game. If this is the case than 1 DAC, worth say 500k , makes 500k in game currency worth $14.99 to a person selling their DAC in game to another player. The issue I run into is that for early subscribers DAC will have a significantly lower value than later subscribers making the early adoption of the gam
  11. Not sure if its been said yet...cuz reading other peoples posts is for sissies, but what about this. Sell naming rights Pre-Alpha but post KS end. We know that while the KS may be successful, 500K dosent go very far, hell I make 50k a year and im sure they have more than 10 employees that do jobs that earn more than me. What I would propose is selling "Name Tokens" for $100 USD on the site post KS with the caveat that the dev's have a final Okay on all names. Pretty much you pay $100 and you get a token to submit lets say 5 names. The Token is only good for 1 name and you put them in orde
  13. https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2014/07/06/quantum-immortality/#more-210 Enjoy
  14. Im necroing this because I wanted to see if big game safari hunting is still even a possibility? Can you imagine a guild of hunters, going from planet to planet to hunt the most lethal creatures in the galaxy and also support for a hunting mechanic...ie traps and tracking?
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