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  2. Hello, I come from the world of Wurm online, and I really love their economic system. It is player driven, and the in game currency is valued at real world money. I really would love for this game to follow the same concept. It is also a subscription based game!I personally feel like this game would flow perfectly with that same idea. It would make it much more realistic, and you guys could make some money off it too! I really hope you guys would consider something similar to this! Thanks! Ruukuegg
  3. Wurm Online and League of Legends. Among many others. But this has been my life. Ha.
  4. Hello, I don't know if this has been asked yet or not, but I am curious as to if the in game currency will have real money value. I don't know if anyone knows what Wurm Online is, but with that, one silver is worth one euro, which makes for a very strong player driven economy. Which is what I was assuming would be in this game. Then I was reading about how selling DACs would be for in game money, not real money, and realized maybe that isn't the intention. Anyway, would love to hear some news! Thanks! Ruukuegg22
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