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  1. discordauth:PWvhauANNTWa3jkitRx4klb9mdCZYeJOlOY4rfhJfpE=

  2. Will be nice to use a light 3d desighn redactor without landscape objects. With possibility to rotate construction and make zooming. With possibility export bluprint to "hard" game client.
  3. It's strange to see a similar design for flying vehicles from the far future. It look like 70 - 80 yrs old airplane with same "new" interfaces. Technically it not working good (deadly bad) for atmospheric - space pressure difference. It cant protect good from flying objects like space junk, ballistic weapons and other. If cockpit has micro damages in aggressive environment, pilot has no chance to survive. Why pilot from far future need window and physical manipulators to operate vehicle? I thinking, more realistic and same time futuristic to see a cocoon or capsule with human - machine interfaces like neural interfaces with fully customization camera, life supporting system, emergency life rescue and support system, beacon and others. Very interesting, what are you think about current version of cockpits.
  4. In real life not a new idea, use energy like money. One cell element = 100 credits for example. All times all players needs energy for moving, production, etc. They are ready to by or sell energy cell elements any time. If someone wont to by or sell something, they can do a transaction in universal moneys - ENERGY! This money mass not be born from nothing, and has a physical representation in game, like a gold in real life. So we have much more interested game mechanics with money, like a stocking, transporting, etc... Some examples can see in old old single space simulator Parkan.
  5. Yes, only one tradeble, destructable, not lootable MBP, and more then one - one-off BPs, they can be lootables. MBP working like a core or a key at construction. MBP owner can do all changes with construction or virtual construction in design mode, and can re-save it into MBP for factory crafting and one-off BPs copy taking. Like a normal car key with reproduction dates. For gameplay like pirates, better if any player can have a chance to steal, repair and use crafts, but cant make a BP copies for factory production, or copy trading, or design ideas coping (Ctrl+C Ctrl+V). P.S. Idea with cores is good, but it is an old day technology, we need something more progressive i thinking.
  6. From the development diary for August, rights to edit constructions are implemented through the core. Do voxels inherit the player access rights to construction, if core is destroyed? May be more correctly to realize access rights through undestroyable master blueprint. So other players can hack and drive or make modifications, but has no chance to take a copy from construction or construction elements (any construction voxels).
  7. First spaceships to the moon.
  8. Like your idea, dont agree safe zone look like District 9 .
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