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    Hi all, I don't know if it is yet on the game or the develepors are thinking/working about it, but I think it would be a nice idea and good thing to get into the game. It could have a double purpose, in one hand, it make a mining dron driving easier, and, by the other hand, it would be possible to put it all around your base in order to get a security view of it, specialy on cases when the commerce is your firs occupation. What do you think?? Good afternoon
  2. Hi all guys!! My name is Nacho, i´m from Spain and I´ve got 20 years old. And that´s basically all about me, well... that is not realy truth, is it? I can probably say three or four more things about me... By example, I can say I love read, play de guitar and gaming, other of my hobbies is the sci fy, in every variants, books, films, games, tabletops, etc. I looking for the game development during a year ago, more or less, but I was so poor to buy the game for help to development until now. And now I have it, I want to buy a shipyard corporation at the game, my interest is to draw together this company, INTEGRATED SHIPYARD SOLUTIONS [ISS LTD], I invite to you to join in and get into a funny company. On this company you have the posibility of be what you want, do you want to design the civilian or military ships that will be all around the universe known? Now you can, Maybe you prefer sell our ships at the modern complex of the company? Be part of our security department? Taking care of our transport ships and our installations on our military ships with te better equipment? Or may you want to harvest resources for increase the wealth of the company? All this and much more on ISS Ltd. Do not hesitate and Join in now We are waiting for you! Thank you for your attention.
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