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  1. Thank you for your welcome, Aaron Cain, sir! Like Madeira, CST also seems a peaceful and appealing place to be. :) The sister will be CSS, right? ... Serenity? :) I'm just playin' like you did... :) I wish you all the best in your adventurous projects and to hopefully meet you in a situation where I can offer more than this simple thank you. Peace, Brother! P.S. I really liked "Precious"...
  2. Olá NinjaPlease1221! Thank you for your warm welcome and motivating words. It's very nice of you to take your time and welcome the newcomers. I also didn't know about the alpha beginner's guide that you mentioned to kumikumi. Gotta go study it. Fast. Ninja, my man, I wish you all the best and hopefully, one day, repay your gentlemanhood. Let's go get'em!
  3. Hello fellow Noveans! I believe that the 37 years I spent in this world, learning and gaming, have brought me to Dual Universe. I'm happy to have joined you all! All the aerospace, flight, racing, submarine simulations, all the grand-strategy games, all the rpg's... guided me to this groundbreaking project. I was carved for this... As a praetorian, expect honour and loyalty to the bitter end... See you inside. Good luck! P.S. To the developers, I leave my congratulations for what they have acomplished so far, and hope that, with the right support and motivation (not hype) from the community, they can achieve, if not surpass, their goals.
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