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  1. That's not even a single year worth of subscription time. You can pledge 480 € on their Kickstarter page to get a lifetime subscription right now.
  2. A new major update for Kerbal Space Program is on the horizon.
  3. Well, what's the worst that could happen? Running into another ship in interstellar space doesn't seem hugely likely (especially if you deliberately steer slightly off-course and do a last day correction towards the destination, just to be sure), and since Novaquark aren't too fond of collision damage, stray asteroids wouldn't be a big deal either, other than slowing you down and throwing the ship off course. If interstellar bodies are even a thing in the game. You would certainly want to check back daily if everything is still working as intended, but otherwise it doesn't seem so dangerou
  4. They promised realistic(ish) ship physics, I don't think there will be drag in space. Plus JC is still holding fast to the idea that space travel with early tech and without stargates should take days to get to different star systems, so I imagine it will be possible to just point your nose at your destination, boost up and then coast there with idle engines (and being offline). Since planets are currently not planned to move and I imagine they'll do that classic cheat of having no gravity in space, you wouldn't have to do any calculations to get the right trajectory either; just point, boost
  5. Not going to happen. Being able to talk to strangers is an important feature either way.
  6. That's what you get for living in a small country with a small population. Per capita you're probably above the European average with a single late dev studio that deserves mention. ----- Personally I don't understand the hostility towards the idea of separate language forums. The English speaking parts pretty much always tend to remain the main focus of all discussion anyway, and separate language forums tend to attract people who just aren't capable of effectively communicating in English, and provide a place for them to find community-provided translations of official news and annou
  7. Huh, are you sure? As I understood the devblogs, "safe zone shields" that take a lot of firepower to take down can be set up on every territory, but require an enormous amount of energy to maintain, while actual arkified zones will be indestructible just like the original one. I might have misinterpreted the system, but that's how I understood what JC was planning.
  8. Why do you always have to burst my bubbles? I hope such problems would be rare enough that people would be content filing a support ticket and discussing with the mods whether they can get a new ship spawned somewhere, instead of tailoring the gameplay around "what happens when everything breaks". That's a procedure I'm familiar with e.g. in Elite Dangerous. Although I can see how this would be problematic in a game of high economic competition like DU, hrm... Your suggestion would certainly be workable, but you can tell I really don't like the unrealism of it.
  9. Well, the Terran Union for example is organized in a similar, modular fashion. Although they are a government rather than a private enterprise, so I can still see where you're coming from.
  10. I like the way you think. Very good idea.
  11. It's actually four more-or-less interdependent subunits of the same company as I understand it.
  12. I believe this is my favourite general solution. When I think about it, it might be necessary to make it possible for territory owners to declare "no parking zones" where foreign constructs may only stay for a limited amount of time after which they can be legally destroyed. There would probably need to be a minimum amount of time to avoid abuse, so people don't lure in others under the guise of a free fly zone and then after 1 second all automated turrets in the vicinity start shredding the poor "intruder" without further warning.
  13. I don't think it will be possible to connect multiple voxel grids with moving parts like that, no. At least nothing of the sort was promised yet. I'm afraid we might be down to pre-made elements like landing gears and blast doors.
  14. I do hope people understand the sarcasm here so that we don't have to introduce sarcasm tags to this forum.
  15. Schoff is talking about your expert ability to walk the fine line of talking down to people while still flying under the mods' radar. You are free to make of this whatever you will. I'm not surprised people find your way of communicating offensive, but personally I guess I'm desensitized enough after so many years on internet communities that I don't care anymore.
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