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  1. Bro, the 30k cap for all ships before was "arbitrary". Now it's tied to mass. That's the opposite of arbitrary.
  2. Sad thing is this has been shouted to NQ for at least 5 years. They don't care about making a fun game anymore.
  3. They are going for that 1 wave but I think even that will be small. Pretty much everyone I use to play with is completely over DU and said they won't be playing release. Maybe if the game doesn't die they will check back in 5 years. But as it stands I get the feeling that most who would be the type to be interested in DU have already heard of it. It always has and will always be niche.
  4. Ya this isn't star citizen where you can land at any space station or city and instantly refuel for a small fee. This isn't EvE online where warping costs nothing and moving around the game world isn't restricted.
  5. Would make sense, keep it for space and static cores.
  6. So you are only ok with things that don't effect you personally. As long as it's not bad for you, A ok.
  7. Say what you will about Star Citizen, but you gotta respect them for correctly classifying their game, and treating it as an alpha with regular wipes and doing what they can to develop their game.
  8. Which it's not or ever been, so it's a pointless post.
  9. Can you imagine NQ even attempting to put in atmo pvp and AvA sometime after release? Sure that will go smooth with no lasting problems. No need to alpha test that just slap it in and all good. And watch them not put any real rewards and everyone still just lives in the safe zone.
  10. Will they have atmo pvp ever? If they do it's gonna be such a drastic change who knows what will happen. Something like that is usually reserved for the alpha stages of game development....
  11. Ya ok. This makes no sense. Making games are a risk. "Oh just do this and it will be success". Not how any of it works. You need funding, and MMOs aren't 1 man projects. There is nothing saying DU would be a huge success if they had better content. Could the game be profitable and sustainable. Sure that's realistic. But it won't guarantee some huge booming success where it makes 10s of millions or more a year in profit not gross.
  12. Game, metaverse, whatever. Doesn't matter what you call it, as shown by NQ they call it beta when it's alpha or even pre-alpha. The question is, will people play it, enjoy it, and sub to it. And will the way NQ monetize DU be enough to keep servers online and also enough to continue development and make a profit. That's all that matters.
  13. And we have told them this for years now. I guess it really is about selling alts, because they know the player population will always be low.
  14. You are right NQ never thinks of foundational mechanics. Everything is a bolt on. Same with Asteroids, we get a shitty dsat and it's done. Instead they could of made a long range scanner that not only detects Asteroids but other ships. It would be a foundation to add other gameplay. And to find those Asteroids you would have to fly out in space and look and scan for them. Makes the pvpers have to move about too Instead of sitting checking a dsat every 20min. There really isn't any good foundation mechanics in this game at all.
  15. Well that may be true, I just can't envision a big group of people wanting to play the game with that we have. And are people gonna wait around for 2-3 years after release for more real content? I just don't see it happening. This game should of been the way of space engineers and have players rent out servers then can mod and play with rules. NQ doesn't even utilize the single shard they just make boring afk mechanics.
  16. I think NQ is banking off reducing server costs and selling DACs and possibly other micro transactions to survive. And possibly some layoffs after release. I feel that's their plan of attack. Keep in mind NQ has to do more than break even, as NQ is around 25mil + in the hole right now.
  17. Well you are wrong. It's been well documented. Because NQ sold it as such, saying repeatedly that only Sanctuary was safe zone and maybe 20km around Ark ship. This was not a one off comment this was said many times and put in. They originally were goin with AvA first but claimed the community "wanted CvC first" but who knows why they switched. And the discord was under NDA during alpha so the community wasnt some huge size. So the people in it generally had seen all the pitches from NQ and it was very much pvp focused.
  18. Can you in 3weeks? 3 months? Ever? And during that 3 hours we did encounter bugs and some desync during FPS. Luckily the bugs were the smaller ones and didn't force us to restart. But it just goes to show that they have a good foundation of FUN. SC isn't sitting there talking about economics, all this bullshit. SC is actually going to wipe again in a week. They call themselves alpha. But did I have fun during that 3 hours. Yes I had a damn [filtered]ing good time flying around in a space ship with my buddy doing missions and pvping real players. Fun matters.
  19. In star citizen they have lots of PVE. But guess what, all of it is in a pvp zone. Segregation is not the answer.
  20. During alpha tons of people wanted pvp in some form. It was the main focus. DU without open world pvp Is dreadfully boring. Star citizen is a buggy mess in alpha I won't deny that. But yesterday I got a friend friend play it with me for the first time. Here is a recap of our 3 hour play session. I picked him up in my ship and we went and did some NPC missions while he manned the turret, and made a few bucks. We then went to gear up and did some shopping. After that a player Ingame activated a mission saying he was downed and needed a revive. So we went to that bunker and found him and revived him. But then my buddy decided he wanted to kill him and blasted him and we looted him ([filtered] move but hey player driven). My friend now was a criminal and as we were flying away someone looking to get his bounty engaged us and we had a 5min dog fight but me Being a new pilot and bad I rammed into him and we blew up. Well I respawned and he went to prison. 2.5 hour sentence. Or he could mine and reduce it. So he did some mining and got out in 20min or so. After that we went bounty hunting for a criminal that lead to a space station where he was hacking to reduce his crime status. We landed our ship and went in on foot, and we killed him but also 2 of his buddies. After that when we were about to leave another ship arrived and blew our ship up so we retreated into the space station. no ship we were stranded. Well 5min later a guy stuck in and downed my buddy but then I killed him. I then had time to revive my buddy, and he said "can we steal the ship he came in?" So we went outside the space station and were jetpacking in space. Found his ship!!! Back door was locked. So I pulled out my gun and kept shooting the door watching it take damage until it opened. Success we have a ship!! We took it and flew back to a space station to regear, get more ammo, food water and reflect on our adventure. All that in a span of 3 hours and my buddies first day. No need to build any thing, just get a space ship and go on an adventure In pvp zone that also has npcs. It was FUN. It was organic. It showed what SC could become someday soon. When u compare that experience to DU well...I think you get it.
  21. Last I heard they were going to release with safe zones still intact. Anything past release is a crap shoot as no guarantee the game survives long. And how are they gonna make outer planets pvp without atmo pvp? Or do you mean the just reduce the safe zone down to the atmo of the planet. It all sounds bad anyway. The whole game needs to be in pvp zone or this "concept" will never work. EvE ans Star Citizen have all their content in pvp zones, and both have more money and eyes on them than DU. Coincidence?
  22. Talking about lies....we all should of known how shady NQ was calling their public release "beta". Hindsight is 20/20 I guess but the reality is when you look back NQ has always shown their true colors. Nothing but lies and stretching truths as thin as they can.
  23. Everything constantly moving to aphelia and things NQ controlled (asteroids and alien cores) just proves the game is going as far away from player driven as can be. And it all just leads to BORING. Imagine back in 2020 when beta released, no schematics, a decent starting player base. Now Imagine only Sanctuary safe zone and elements died at a good rate in pvp and pve. Game would of been alive and super player driven. DU is not redeemable in my eyes and whatever bastardized version that limps to release you can bet I won't be paying for it, I will also tell any friend that asks about it to stay away too.
  24. I'm empathic but guess what, if I fail at my job I get FIRED. It's the way the world works. Just because a company exists doesn't free it from criticism or responsibility. NQ has failed and that's the reality so yes some people will lose their jobs after the servers shut down when "launch" fails to generate a sustainable player base. That's life we live then we die and companies form then they die.
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