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  1. im not talking about losing skills to get the next level skill im talking about branches like mining level 123 and scanning level 123 and your transfering all of your skill levels in mining into scanning levels regardless of time to complete, mastery of all skills would still somewhere down the line create a class of people for which the skill system has no meaning. they can drop in and out of jobs with ease and there is no challenge left at that point. its unfair to other job candidates from a skills perspective and these people will be extremely attractive to an employer, no
  2. this is nice i understand most of your points now please continue if you have more to discuss after this reply skills are not lost they would be transferred into another skill at the expense of a related skill like 2 sides of the same coin with the intent of preventing the player from achieving mastery of all skills as this would kill the job market with no demand for specialised people it would not be an instant respec of points in order to respec your character you would need to work with the tool or task it has abilities for this would transfer the points passivel
  3. if im understanding this correctly i dont like the idea of getting a new tool id prefer that you are granted the ability to buy it i also dont like the idea of passively gaining sp/bonuses if you are not actively using the tool, at least gain more points under active use of the tool im concerned about engagement i would prefer that the skill points are specific to that skill branch and can not be respeced to completely different abilities also and that certain skills that are related cannibalise each other say for example mining and scanning they share
  4. when i think of game 'grind' im thinking of repeating a simple action over and over again to progress towards getting a reward at the end of it the reason it often boils down to this is because the tool with which you are practising often has a narrow use case and there are limited ways to effectively train with it. as for when the player gets the tool i think you are right but it would be better if it was something you could just buy or learn how to make it and proficiency levels in that tool require its use and are specific to the class of tool you wouldn't have to master the
  5. clarify what you mean by 'real time to train' if your referring to actual hours minutes and so on i dont doubt they will do that but does this training time take real effort or do you just press the train button then come back in a few hours also as regards the genuine knowledge of how to use a high end tool versus just getting the tool with no knowledge of how to use it, i am concerned that if people can just press the train button and come back in a few hours and get a new ability, they haven't earned that because they haven't worked for it, and perhaps most import
  6. time based? please tell me we dont just pick a skill then sit back and relax for 200 hours or something until it has finished cooking, at which point you are just handed an ability? if so i am struggling to think of the merits of such a system. as it allows anyone with enough will to click a button once, to progress with no real effort, true understanding or learning in the capability that would be handed to them in 200 hours. (hypothetical figure) this i feel is equivalent to training pets on mobile games this in stark contrast to the 'grind' method where, put simply, abilities are earned wi
  7. eternal i agree with the majority of what you outlined except however in the case of the close in weapons system which for me in game id only like to see it used as a hard kill anti missile system i still feel that such systems should be automatic given that they would be shooting at incredibly fast and maneuverable projectiles and the examples of the weapons systems you gave looked to me like medium caliber secondary point defense guns and i was talking about gun crews being required for large primary main weapon systems such as the 16in guns given in my example
  8. if as JC has said previously something along the lines of 'ship weapons will have to be manned' instead of one man controlling some weapon system similar in size to battleship turret perhaps larger weapon systems would require multiple people to operate it such as in this example of a 16in 3 gun mount turret from an iowa class battleship hopefully this will illustrate my idea however i do accept that you could thin out the number of people required and attribute it to 'technology' my meaning being for example now we have an invention called an autoload
  9. would be preferable to having to make your ship Armour out of beetle poo because it is the only thing that has just that shade of purple you want... ?
  10. Are you saying you want to visually represent the strength of territory shielding that has a predefined maximum size by showing it to cover more area on the map the stronger it is this doesn't make sense to me..
  11. clarify? maybe a News Org will step up with mobile reporters and 'billboard/television' ships (like advertising blimps) to dispense the news to citizens or reporters pass news bulletins to the public screen operators of populated areas
  12. im assuming we cant talk in depth about actual dual universe map features and design however that said.. surely we are allowed to speculate based on what information has been legally and publicly shared i will admit now i have not read the NDA but i have no intention to break it this also makes me think about how this affects BOO's mapping system is it in violation of the NDA i hope it is not i like what i saw in that youtube link and it is exactly the resource i was proposing
  13. hadn't considered this but i agree with your prediction
  14. Perhaps we could entertain the possibility of having live footage taken from CCTV available on your mobile device through an app. See who's snooping around. I welcome practical thinking and discussions about feasibility on this idea
  15. Can you clarify what you mean by scope creep I have never head that before I don't know what it means And as for wasting resources I don't think they would be wasting much because the have already created the map they would just need to get it running on the website granted I don't know how the made that map and what coding language it runs on or even if it can be defined in that way so it could be much more difficult to bring to the website However I believe it would be a useful tool for the community and potential interested persons it would show that dual universe is becoming a l
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