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  2. im meaning like make it out of "metal" so it has a metal look, if you want colour, you then paint it. but yeah the opacity sounds a good idea
  3. Landing gear already raises and lowers and looks pretty nice, the door is a great idea, maybe not when it collides, should have about a 30o angle I’d say
  4. Hello Is it possible to consider removing all the coloured varients of materals, list all available as they are, carbon fibre. Plastic, etc. Then introduce purchasable litres of paint. Then use an overlay sort of option to be able to use a shape tool to paint voxels. This would mean better colour customisation and the Ability to change ship colour easily. if noy a way to paint shapes, a paint voxel area option. Shape painting would be great to add that bit more authenticity to builds, make a ship look like metalic hull, bulkheads, warning markers, all that kinda cool stuff. thanks
  5. I was hoping to put forward an idea regarding the current rendering.. unless im mistaken, the rendering area is the same no matter what you are doing, walking, running, flying. this got me thinking, if your as yourself, in no ship, not piloting, the likelyhood of you wanting to render the whole world is slim... is there a way to hve the option to progressively render, for example, if you have rendering at 10% for being on foot, then when you get in a ship or control something that moves, your rendering distance is increased based of that items potential speed, would help when trying to build in areas that are busy, trying to build in a high populated area atm is almost impossible!
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