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  2. @robert131997 to determine the power and controle they have of a specific area, might be an idea to color code by faction and the size and shape of the displayed area on the map could linked to the shielding strength of the space station . saw on youtube that space station will be able to get shielding that is probably expensive and can scale up very high on power consumption). so was thinking that this could be used with size of faction, or something like that... to paint the map on a macro scale
  3. Penta


    Could work but probably only with a system in which your own computer would take up the processing power needed the stream the video, So in that case you would need to leave your pc running to get live feeds. the game knows if people are around. so no people should equal minimal drain on game. but would indeed be an very cool and practical addition to the game.
  4. I would like to see a map of the current global situation with live updates on a web site and/ or App for mobile devises . - like a news station reporting on current wars if x amount of fire power is spent in x amount of time with x amount of players in a area of x size. - and give faction owned space station a area of influence based on the people in faction and the strength of the shielding of the stations to determine the power and controle they have of a specific area. to color the map of the universe. as for the resource drain on the system, with my minimal understanding of programming and knowledge of the language involved in the game and how to make this work... i would say that they would have to use data bases to get information out of the game that would already be in place, and the rest of the software would not interfere with the game itself. so the extra strain on the system would be minimal if thee would be a extra server for this purpose. Right? @Lethys, Would the community have acces to the information needed to create a map like that?
  5. Would it not be possible to "Tag" the voxels and elements that are the product of a blueprint as being a copy. And then exclude marked voxels from being blueprinted if you don't own the rights ... and thus Like Lethys suggests "it would have to be completely rebuild voxel by voxel. this could/ would mean that - each play would create a unique tag based on player id, date and blueprint (+version), - players can alter/ update there own blueprints without worry, (buyers will be able to see the version of blueprint) - the blueprint will be back traceable to owner, - marked as master blueprint or authorized copy ( as is intended by the devs) and to make it harder to reverse engineer, it could be implemented that no warning wil be given if there still is a "Marked" voxel / element in the to be created blue print that were excluded from the new blueprint so just replacing blocks of the build, block by block will get a lot harder to manage on larger builds.
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