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  1. Translation: Do you wonderful devs have anything in mind to allow us to group cores? Could be nice for various reasons like not seeing 100 cores named N1, N2, N3, etc when you are looking in radar. Also to have a single entry listed or have them grouped into tabs or folders for organization in the constructs tab.
  2. 💥Fantastic! A sorely needed Quality of Life improvement! Really nicely done guys, thanks so much! 🥰 Definitely looking forward to more improvements like this. Just being able to sort constructs alone makes me very happy... 👾 Question: Is there a framework in place to allow us to take advantage of Transponders in a way that will give us IFF capabilities like red vs. blue dots notating friends vs enemies on the minimap/gunnery seat hud/other useful places. This is important to alot of builders/PvPewPewers/(and people who like things other people like because they lack imagination) for a literal shit-ton of reasons
  3. Hey another thing to consider. We veteran player regularly lift up newer player by giving them quanta, ships, territory and resources. When u take all that away we won't give two shits about the pricks that cost us all our hard earned stuff and will hoard the resources we would have freely given them to help them start the game
  4. Think it may have to do with how expensive Exotic schematics will have to be with the current system. 1.4 Bil Quanta just for a single schematic, not to mention all the part schematics leading to the element...
  5. Also, what happened to power systems? Aren't you going to have to wipe again to implement that? Or will we just have to rebuild all our ships again
  6. With the new planet tech changing the way tiles wrap the planet, will that affect bringing in the old bp's?
  7. It takes more than a month to make some parts alone as things are in the game
  8. I'm still leaning towards wipe with magic blueprints. How do you plan to prevent players from exploiting this by creating L-Core blueprints full of advanced parts and industry, expensive voxels, containers full of ore etc.?
  9. Tried out four different outposts on 4 separate accounts and I was very impressed. The only issue I encounter was the being unable to deploy the speeder BP as I "was too far away". This happened on all four characters, with 4 different speeders. The outposts themselves we're all very well done, giving the new player something nice to own right away gets them feeling invested and spares us the unsightly platforms and roofless buildings of the past. I would recommend expanding on this a little. Add the construction tutorial to the end of the intro FTUE and have the player add something onto their new house, this will really cement the feel of ownership and make it more meaningful. If we actually had player-made places to visit in the VR, (There weren't any on the PTS... ) There would be so many inspiring examples for new players to get excited about, their little heads would explode thinking about all the possibilities. **Shameless don't wipe excuse** I also really liked the tutorials being on the screen right there in the outpost and the Planet info LUA screen was a brilliant example of what those new screens can do for us. Can't wait to see what players do with it. Fair warning, I was able to enter build mode on the lander before jumping in the seat to start the sequence, AND I was able to remove everything including the rocket tank and engine that usually disappears when you land. (Thanks Archaegeo) All said and done, the FTUE was very impressive, I'm excited for the new players coming into the game.
  10. Shouldn't there be some more variation here, like freights weigh the least, maneuvers in the middle, and military heavy but powerful with high fuel usage. You've got the variation in the fuel consumption vs. output, but I feel like weight should also be taken into consideration.
  11. "As these changes significantly increase the scale of which these talents previously applied, these talents will be reset at the 0.28 Panacea release." ~Does this mean a full talent reset? (We need one for changes like this... and weapon/pvp changes that change the entire meta) "We try to limit the resetting of talents as much as we can; however, due to the considerable changes in the way these talents now behave and scale, we feel that refunding these talents is required." ~Just these talents or All the talents? "Each Novean will have 15 assignable organization construct slots, with an additional 10 available from talents." ~So each player can only have 25 total for personal use and/or to contribute to an org? If Personal is separate from the number you can assign to an org, how many total personal constructs can we have per character?
  12. Will shields have power requirements and perhaps come with power management systems of some sort or just be another element for stacking and increasing functional element count? Rare Gems were mentioned in the roadmap, will the mining update bring these in as well and how will that impact current schematics and industry? If and when we get a new PTS can we pleaseeeeee get a more recent snapshot so players can test the changes on their current builds ❤️ Otherwise... Loving the changes so far, keep up the great work!
  13. Had to change my shorts after, a bit too excited! Can't wait to experiment with the new voxel tools!
  14. I forgot to say before <3 I didn't see it mentioned.... Is it possible to offer more than Quanta as rewards? <insert long winded video rant here> If we could over ship blueprints, stacks of parts, ores, etc. rewards it would add more options for missions :P I see that there is open dialogue that would allow for that in the negotiations, which is awesome, but having that reward visible up front (SHIP IMAGE in 3D rotating super cool animation GIFs etc etc) would be cool.
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