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  1. Honestly, I cannot fault the OP or any of the comments in this thread. That said this thread is like a carbon copy of so many other threads. Its starting to get sickening with how many Nay-sayer posts there have been, including the "dev discussions" which are just full. I'm not a kickstarter backer, but I've been here and active since Beta launch, through the ups and downs. One thing I learned along the way is NQ as a company is full of old people. They have no concept of social media, youtube, or the proper use of internet terms. Their ability to communicate ideas is severely lacking because no-one who has ever posted has a background in communication. How do we know this? NQ used the "term" pod-cast for a 3 min video. Which mainstream internet refers to as a normal video. They used it for a 2min 38 second video, which mainstream internet refers to as "shorts" (under 3 mins). A pod-cast generally is 30mins to an hour long in length discussing at length topics that are involved in said pod-cast. What we have is a case of tech people trying to communicate with other people, and many of you know that tech people aren't too good at social engineering in general. This is totally okay as well. Because they try right? Wrong. Today NQ took down the PTS. They announced in the same post a scheduled maintenance tomorrow. Literally everyone I know is now discussing if the Mercury Patch is going live tomorrow. ITS A VALID question when the devs state this; Hello Noveans @here, The PTS is now offline. We want to thank all of you for all the bugs and feedback that have been submitted on the forums. If you have any bugs or feedback left to report, please do so here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/24890-mercury-update-on-pts-bugs-feedback-thread/ We have also scheduled a maintenance for the live server tomorrow morning in 17 hours on Tuesday 21st, at 08:00 UTC. We expect the maintenance will last for 1 hour. Thank you for your support! The problem is they don't understand that this creates negative feedback loops with their community. Players begin to argue on if the patch will go live tomorrow, they begin to worry if tomorrow they will be reset, if tomorrow all LUA will break. The White Knights say "No way it will launch tomorrow, they wouldn't do that without telling us" and the Black Knights say "They just might, they've done it to us before!" Now don't get me wrong, I like NQ-Deckard (poster) and the rest of the NQ devs I have spoken too. When you speak to people with respect these people are always willing to help you out, or answer questions in general as long as its within their ability to do so and does not pertain to stuff they aren't ready to talk about or share with the community. These are GOOD people in general, and their posts are often heartfelt even if the information isn't constructed in the best fashion. The issue most feel though is that the devs will say "The cheese is really good, you will like it.!" And we the community have to ask "What kind of cheese?" "I like cheddar but not parm" and this is what causes further strife with the devs, and between the players. If NQ is going to move towards release and game as a service model, they really really need to hire a Communication/Social Media Professional and soon. Just some thoughts after reading the forms for about 4 hours this morning while listening to people debate if skill reset is happening tomorrow.
  2. You may want to look at you're PC or Internet service provider. In 2 years I've never heard of teleporting ships. Or ships returning to their base without assistance. This is likely because your on bad internet and no longer connected to the server. PVP desync is common, but there are ways to combat it, like having a friend tell you information, or take the helm while you relog. (because your bad internet isn't keeping up) Ships always resume their speed when someone gets on them after they are killed or the player logs out. Ie: If the ship is going 20,000kph when the pilot disconnects (due to bad internet) or logs out. When anyone gets onto the ship or the pilot logs back in, the ship resumes its speed. This has been this way for years. If you and your friend don't have the same mission then you are obviously not communicating. Missions aren't random, they don't change. You are both taking different missions, its not a bug, its just your failure to read properly. When you turn on your radar you see too much information. Maybe try using Alt+V to bring up the radar menu and unclick some of the boxes. That said, none of your post has anything to do with this patch and should be in the "I need help" section. Hope that helps.
  3. As the only real voxel game on the market, Dual Universe has a tight grasp on voxel builders. As a voxelmancer prior to the new addition of voxel tools, I'll be here wipe or not. As someone who comes from the survival genre game background where wipes are common I am used to regular wipes. While I don't approve of regular wipes after release, I do feel that so much of DU has changed between when I started and today and will again at release. I'm honestly tired of rebuilding to fit new rule sets. (wing stacking, brakes, gun sizes, etc.). That said I feel if there is a wipe I would be happy to continue playing with the following concessions; 1. Element sizing and hitboxes are set to their final size and placement rules (no more adjusting physical size, only tweaking balance) 2. NQ sets the "Launch" or "after wipe" the final rules they want for the game. No more "financial adjustments" (ie: core slot changes) 3. ANY player that logged into DU and paid for time DURING the beta be provided 3 months free time at launch and an increase from 90 talents/minute to 240/minute for the first 3 months. (This would both financially appease the 2 years of loss for me, and help to restore the game talents to a point where content can appear quickly) 4. Minimum price SELL ORDERs are implemented in the game. This will stabilize pricing and allow people from miners to industrialists to make profit along the way (unless they are silly about it) As a builder with hundreds of constructs spread across several organizations, I don't care about constructs, I will just build a new place, with new ideas and new growth. (personal opinions) The largest pool of people that will be upset will be the industrialists, these people spent so much time managing their factories to get them operational that there is literally a hard sell for them to reset. In order for them to re-establish themselves up to the tier they currently have reached in 2 years will take a shorter time without schematics due to the need to earn additional quanta and this overall is a positive, provided their profit margins are safe through "minimum sell order prices" To the nay-sayers "If you wipe I'll quit" well it was a pleasure knowing many of you. But lets be honest here, many people threatened to quit at literally every beta update NQ has had since launching the beta multiple years ago and yes many good friends of ours have moved on already. With so many planned changes, and yes a big change in initial development plans, NQ has adjusted the game in good and bad ways. They followed their general goal and realized that they over-reached on some of them in a way that many people will not be satisfied with, but there was no point during the beta that NQ could wipe even if they wanted to and sustain a significant enough volume of beta testers to get to where we are today. Final thoughts I'm PRO-full wipe, and have always been. I have billions of quanta in assets and I'm sitting on hundreds of millions of ore. My voxel box alone is worth at least a billion in the current economy. I currently have more elements and voxel than I could ever hope to use on my own, and that is the primary reason I have orgmates. Yes we are a small group that is dedicated to just having fun, but we have made connections and friendships in DU that we could not find elsewhere. I'm sure many many of you are the same. DU is about "community" and once you realize this as a player you start to enjoy yourself more. From IC's fly ins to the DU-creator website, most of us just love being creative and showing stuff off to each other. That is where the true magic of DU is. This magic will NOT disappear with a wipe. For those that remain after the wipe, you will get to see a new magical world evolve. For those that choose to depart, you will find something missing in your gaming life and wish/hope/pray for something to fill that niche. This is what most EQ Next: Landmark players have felt, articulated and searched endlessly for, until DU arrived. Whatever NQ's choice is, I will remain a player. For those that leave. We will miss you.
  4. Currently in the game Market 6 is the only real market used. Sure other markets see trickle of players from time to time, but not enough to justify their existence. This new market in space will be dead. There really is no reason for 90% of the player base to fly to the middle of the safe zone on a regular basis when they can just go to market 6. The ONLY way this market will do well is if TAXES are removed from it. Make it a free market. No taxes on products sold or purchased. Since players will need to fly for an hour to get there and back, the cost of hauling/shipping is on them already. (unless they place a beacon close) DO this if you want it to be used as a functional market, not just a complete waste of development time and effort. Planet Markets- Heavily taxed as they are now. Space Markets- Tax free markets. A tax free market would encourage players to pay for hauling, could encourage "Transportation" players and things like Freighter gameplay. Though this blog says that there will be no bots at this market, you do say including the new Alien core resources. Does this mean that these resources can't be sold at any other market? If yes then it will drive traffic to the market, if no and these resources can be sold elsewhere, then they will just end up at Market 6 anyways and players will again have no reason to use this "middle of the safe zone" market. Some ideas Many people believe this is a complete wasted opportunity. Player markets will benefit some, but thousands of scattered player markets don't really help the game. This single space only market should have been placed in the middle of pvp space. Where it could encourage pvp, group play, escort play, freighter play. It should have also included 4 capturable points around it (new pvp objectives) that when held by a single org allow them to earn a portion of revenue from the station. This would encourage large scale pvp combat for those looking to hold the market, also would put pvp orgs on the defensive as they would wish to protect those using the station from pirates to ensure they are making quanta. This would change the dynamics of pvp from attack miners to more natural flow of point capture and hold for increased org revenue. (sure you can hold and attack freighters, but then you limit your income and lower your reputation in the community). PVP Salvage Market Sales. - One of the core space content parts of DU is and always has been PVP. With PVP the result of lost lives on elements has been ever-present. These elements cannot be sold on existing markets. This new space market should have that ability. This would give salvagers a place to sell their hard earned elements to other players through the traditional market system. Constructive Feedback The addition of alien cores for resources and a space only market is very encouraging overall. Many feel this is a good direction overall, though many existing industrialists are miffed that the schematics they paid millions for will change and their factories will change with the introduction of these resources. (yes some existing factories will need new schematics to function after this patch based off the pts) That said, it is paramount that NQ listens to player feedback here. Many of the above posts and posts to follow will contain valuable information from players who actually play the game in this fashion already. As this is the pre-release patch that has the opportunity to bring hype to the community and by proxy bring in new players, every bit of attention should be paid to those taking the time to provide any feedback that is constructive. Thanks NQ and good luck.
  5. I think NQ needs to seriously think about hiring an MMO economist. TLDR: So NQ's plan is to increase the number of players in the market selling elements/voxel and decrease the amount of quanta in the economy(taxes). How is any of this FUN? _____Suggestions_____ 1. With the addition of core damage, remove lives from elements entirely. They die, they die. People need new ones. (Element sink) 2. With all the VFX team's hard work already, why not add artificial quanta sinks (Avatar parts/colors/effects) - Glowing Red eyes Only 50m quanta from Aphelia, green space engines Only 25 million from Aphelia, Smoke/Fog Emissions for builders 10m, etc... (no impact on market economy/player lives, simply removes quanta in bulk from the economy) 3. FORCE DISTRIBUTION OF ITEMS OUT OF MARKET 6 - This can be done by limiting the quantity of items available in market containers. (only 100 XL space engines per market for example) This would allow other nearby markets to gain stock of items due to overflow. Or artificially cause this through "bot movement orders" where the system moves these items to other markets across the system but provide the original quanta to the sale at the location the item was dropped off at. (market linking) (how hard is it to live on Ion, nothing sells there) 3b. Put a Minimum sale price- For example: Remote Controller 10k Quanta. (or whatever the base cost is to create with T1 skills) This allows players to control the upscale but not completely destroy the market by selling at a loss just to earn a quanta. -Second note, put any order list at minimum price into a queue to purchase (with a max quantity per sell order.). This means that if 100 people queue their minimum priced items, eventually they will all make a sale, this can help spread out the wealth in the economy and prevent massive groups from completely dominating the market and prevent new industrial minded players from not doing industry because they can't hope to make any money until they are max talents and can undercut the big guy or leave the game entirely. 4. Put more bots on moons of various planets that only buy ore that cannot be mined in that cluster. (ie: Bot buys Acanthite on planets (including their moons) that you can't mine Acanthite on) This would create a "trade/haul" aspect of the game if people want to sell their ore, they have to haul it. If they don't want to haul it, they can create a mission for someone else to haul it for them. All of these options open fun to the gaming community and feel less like work and less inappropriate like taxes. (yes taxes need to be a thing to ensure tile transference but there are other ways that games do this successfully without making things feel like work. Final remark: NQ we love your hard work and dedication to this game and we know that creating DU is your full time job. But it shouldn't have to be ours too, we all want to come home from the stress of life/work/etc and unwind and relax in a game we love. Not come home to our 2nd job. We want to love playing DU, not be full of anxiety for not playing.
  6. PLEASE READ- Will taxes be implemented before they are due so players can pay them in advance? Or will this system put everyone into "default" as the system checks "no taxes paid" and puts everyone's tiles up for abandonment?
  7. Wings for max maneuvering on smaller ships (M core too). Ailerons for Cruise Vessels - Warp Vessels, Travellers, light haulers. Stabilizers for Max Weight Lift vs Thrust.
  8. After seeing the video and getting hyped for DU again I almost resubbed my account to come back to the game. (only been gone since Apollo issues). I was like now this, this is the right direction. Now after reviewing with my org the details on the test server I am no longer hyped. No longer impressed and no longer even considering for a moment about returning to DU if these changes go live. Not only will this destroy literally every build I have in the game and remove them permanently (I don't make 27 million a week in profit on anything) but as someone who has health issues, there is no way I can sustain my building enjoyment vs the tax rate. NQ asked players to BUILD THE WORLD so there was stuff here when the release happened so that new players would see a world full of builds. Now with taxes the world will be barren. Did someone just take a 2 week vacation with their family for the holidays? Oh great all of their factories, builds, etc have been taxed and unpaid and now simply gone. They return after a good family outing to find out that NQ has deleted everything they worked for due to taxes. That ends their enjoyment of the game, and they move on to other games. Even mobile afk games have enough buttons to press to keep people playing games like AFK arena for years. Come on. You get so close to something good, something that hypes the community only to throw in some STUPID last minute thing that completely destroys your reputation as a game developer. Its too much for any White Knight of NQ to deal with. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ What Demeter COULD have been. -Auto-mining and more asteroids resulting in more ore in the economy. -Time saving feature allowing players who build to have a constant supply of ore (although low) to build the world with -Beautiful builds arising that function better and have less lag due to the ground rework -Rebalanced Ore economy due to surplus from players not using the ore (or orgs mass mining to supply markets) -Voxel tools making building with voxel easier, saving more time for players. -More time saved = more builds = more pvp content as people have time to have fun in DU. (since they have to mine less) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ What Demeter IS GOING to be; -Auto-mining costs more than the ore that is mined. (tile with 500L/hr hematite generates 2.1m in value to bots in a week, 1m cost to own the tile, likely 1-2m to ship the ore if not on Alioth in warp cells, saved to 400k if slowboat) -With the increase in ore stabilizing the ore market, the lack of ability to pay the taxes results in NO ore on the market -Players who aren't "Hardcore" and are "Casual" or have real lives losing their builds -Ships now cost so much that the ore will never be attainable for the ships to be built. -ALL ships PRE-Demeter become INVALID -All Ship designers pre-demeter leave DU when this releases rather than completely overhauling everything they ever did in DU since September. (see Apollo update results) -PVP will die off completely as orgs/pirates will not be able to afford the taxes on the ore they need to repair their ships and players will not risk hauling anything valuable without warp due to the taxes consuming 90% of the value of the ore before you lift off the planet with it. _____________________________________________________ What should NQ do then?! -Remove taxes from this update. -Remove brake changes from this update -Research how to implement "decay systems" into your game properly. -Remove weird ass mechanics from Auto-miners that not a single person has said was positive. Wtf even is this. _____________________________________________________ Suggestion on HOW to implement TAXATION for CLAIMATION. -Players place the core, receive a pop up that asks the type of tile it will be and selects one of the following options; Residential Tile (Housing and cool looking builds with no functionality) Minor tax (150k/week) or No Tax (already paid upfront) Industrial Tile (Designed for Industrial tiles with factories) Medium tax (300k/week) Mining Tile (Designed for Mining Units) High Taxes (450k/week) Commercial Tile (Designed for selling goods) Taxes paid off sales (10%-20%) directly from dispensers. This will allow players to choose what they want to do; To further elaborate- Residential tiles cannot hold industry units. Industry Tiles could have a maximum # of allowed assemblers, Mining Tiles could be the only tiles that allow autominers to be functional, and Commerical tiles are the only tiles that allow use of dispensers. Residential tiles could be green, Industry tiles yellow, Mining tiles Red, and Commerical tiles blue on the map. This would allow players to identify the tile type in the map and see the various commercial tiles around the worlds and encourage them to go shopping. (boosting economy) Which highest traffic ones could eventually end up with market areas (as previously mentioned at the end of Alpha) WAR DECLARE SYSTEM- This suggestion would tie into future features like the War system as orgs could identify mining tiles or commercial tiles of their enemy orgs while at the same time leaving alone those massive Residential builds that everyone loves to visit that won't gain them any profit for attacking. This would also allow a decay system to be put in place for people who just leave the game for "too long" and would remove many of the towers that exist of people who haven't played since 0.23. _________________________________________________________________________________ TLDR: If NQ implements taxes/brake changes to DU, the game will die fully. These changes don't increase the time for FUN, they remove the FUN entirely. NQ I strongly urge you to PAY ATTENTION to this update more than you did the last 2 and LISTEN to these ONLY TWO REAL complaints from the community and X them out before this goes live.
  9. It's disappointing to see the community poll ignored and the decision to "spot reset" talents not fully explained. Mining Rework- It's not just about mining and most don't seem to get that. This is an entire evolution of the gameplay loop within DU and the resulting change affects all aspects of the game. Previously on NQ files; Mining WAS required by 90% of the community in order to build, earn money, do industry and pvp. With the introduction of missions there was no reset of skills, but this enabled a new form of "trucker" gameplay where flight skills and defensive knowledge allowed for a new gameplay loop and new way of earning currency. Those that did not like mining but had to spec into it did not get a reset of their skills. When pvp changed, most pvpers still had to mine to build ships, adapt the meta, and stay rich enough to continue fighting. (First change whole community received a reset at 0.23) When the pvp honeycomb, shield, new gun size patch hit the entire meta was disrupted (good) however none of those players got any reset to fix their builds or be able to adapt to it without spending the next few weeks learning skills they didn't have prior and being stuck with skills they no longer needed. So much has changed in the year since 0.23 dropped and the brutal impact it had on the community. The community today is not the same as it was previously and has accepted and adapted to all of the changes that NQ has put forth. The game is heading in a much better direction and evolving into a fully casual experience for everyone, while some are opposed, this actually creates a system where "less work" is required for the small time player to achieve their own personal goals. Where previously one could spend weeks mining all the required materials for a build project, only to start building and then need to go mine again. Now with this new system, they may go mine a bulk start, but their autominers can assist with providing materials while they build instead. (insert any job any player wants to do, and this assists). What NQ fails to realize is the need for a full reset. Since mining can now be automated, every part of the talent tree and your "Year long Character Build" for your account is fully under stress. Now that the community has a "clearer" view of the direction of the game as put forth by NQ in their streams, we may no longer simply want to play the game in the same fashion as we did a year ago. With so many new loops and gameplay options available, and the ability to reduce overall time in some tasks while focusing on what you are passionate about, players should not be "held accountable" for their "talent builds" from December 2020 where mining/industrial regrowth (schematics) became the central focus of the vast majority of the community. Players put talents into industry to help their friends/orgs better manage the growth of their futures, where as it may no longer be required if one simply wants to be the best space trucker they can be. New builds open with a full respec of the tree, and although some may say "tedious" it really is just a pure laziness reason for not wanting to do it. Like your tree now, just put the points back where they are. For the rest of the community that wants to "Evolve" with the game in its direction, so many new options are opened, but a year of talents block most of them for the vast majority of the veteren playerbase to date. New Builds and New ways to play are the future of DU. Please NQ let us adapt fully and not just 2 weeks of skills.
  10. This was good XKentX. Made me laugh I'm not a streamer, but thanks, the insult was great. All I did was just provided facts from the spybot at markets since the release of G-force now. But I will concede. July 29th Starbase released. DU Died. NQ pushed Apollo early to recover. Again didn't listen to feedback. Massive server issues. Worst experience since Beta launch. (if you didn't leave for Starbase, it was New World)
  11. We asked for a PTS, they gave it to us. We provided feedback about stuff on the PTS. They did nothing. We reported bugs we saw on the PTS and obvious balance issues. They ignored them. (don't say they didn't, multiple posts on forums, reddit, discord and direct messages.) PTS was a publicity stunt to make us "feel better". Missions were advised as exploitable. -Pushed to live with no changes. Missions were advised made with pay to win mechanics- Pushed to live with no changes. (Post made by NQ about multi-accounting being totally okay) Missions created by players capped at 3 at a time- Destroyed any chance of player use for mass transit/content generation. PTS for Apollo came out. Advised weapon imbalances, advised weapon hp imbalances - NQ did nothing Up until the Apollo release I was one of those people that said "I'm here till the lights go out" but problem is, it seems now to me that there aren't any "lights on" over at the NQ development office. I've tested/bug reported and QA'd hundreds of games since the early 90s. Never in my life have I seen a developer so "set in their way" that they refuse to fix issues that are "OBVIOUSLY" exploitable. I was a white knight for NQ, but NQ poisoned my game and my mind. Now I'm not even a NQ hater, I'm just disappointed in them. Disappointed fully in their refusal to see truths. We all know they pushed Apollo early due to Starbase and New World launches, due to mass exodus of players. But all this did is result in the players who didn't leave having the absolute worst experience playing DU since Beta launched. NQ I really hope you wake up and start smelling the big steamy pile of #$*t you have dropped on all the players currently in your game. If you don't, you won't make it to end of year. (this coming from a DU loyalist) ____________________________________
  12. This person really got pissed when I provided data from sources in the game. White Knights have nothing to do with it. They are so mad that they got shut down in other posts they bring me with them everywhere they go. I'm glad I'm in your thoughts joaocorderio still, obvious I hit a nerve with you by simply providing data. Also the source of the data and the code for the data was all made available publicly so you could run your own script bird to find and locate players yourself. But as a White Knight your ignorance of the game continues to shine. "the servers are packing with players" If your going to call me into your fights, at least use correct factual information. Run your own data tracking tools (publicly available on git hub), stop shitting on DU when you already confirmed you haven't even logged in since 0.23. But hey, big streamers like Gottchar quit right so the game must be dead. (he returned) Other streamers like AmigoMike quit too because pvp was extremely frustrating. (oh wait, also returned) Landmark explorer took a vacation, does that count? (also back) The argument "everyone was at markets in September" doesn't really account for people who are self-sufficient and don't go to markets. Watch General Chat in game- new players daily Watch Help Chat in game- NQ responds to new players questions constantly. Facts - NQ has focused development to increase content in the game (true) - NQ did a pvp balance pass on talents to fix issues with damage reduction at high talents (true) - NQ added new voxel tools and improved voxel tool results (true) - NQ added GFN service and optimization which has brought a new batch of players to the game (true) Fake News- NQ is an abandoned game now that JC isn't in charge anymore. - Ground mining is going to be removed when asteroids release - NQ doesn't listen to the community. (see org change delays) Are number of players the same as September? Its impossible for anyone to know. Since NQ has never released this data and all inquiries to NQ staff to this end results in them stating; "This information is not for players to know". Are the players who played in September the same as the ones playing now? - Definitely not, most players quit DU due to its janky controls, steep learning curve and lack of direction for new players prior to 0.23. The remaining ones left when 0.23 dropped because they were upset that something changed they didn't agree with. NQ certainly is aware of this. Only a handful of players pushed through 0.23 and are now fully in control of market prices. (Gottchar, Moriar, others) (also sure those that did weren't happy about it either) Is DU a good game to watch on twitch? - No. Watching mining is boring. Many of the systems take so much time that it is not entertaining to watch. However there are new people and old people streaming daily still, and the twitch community is by far the funniest group of viewers/players you will find supporting those who do. Conclusion: NQ and DU have come a long way in the past 8 months since the release of 0.23, that said there is still a long way to go. Many of the systems encourage players to take breaks from the game, and afk activities are more predominate now than they were at Beta launch. Missions allow you to spend 10 mins aiming, 6 hours afk flying, then 10mins landing. With auto-mining coming down the roadmap, massive pvp changes (visible on the PTS) and asteroid mining fixing what many say constantly "Ore is running out" nearly daily on the DU-Discord. Has NQ made mistakes, yes they accepted joaocordeiro's application during Alpha, as well as other mistakes. ____________ TLDR- I haven't quit DU but I do play "less" than I did 8 months ago, but that might be due to the fact I now "have" stuff in abundance and can be more selective on the projects I start, and the commissions builds I do. But my friends keep me in the game playing and building and having a good time, pirates keep me busy with Salvage from the 10-20 ships they kill per day. I do play other games daily as well, but there are many good games out there worth your $7.00 per month, or even $50 one time purchase. Its okay to take a week off, two weeks off, a month off, because if you set yourself up correctly you will have more talents, better stats, and have made some quanta hopefully by the time you return. At the end of the day, your entertainment budget and free time are up to the individual player to decide what is worth their time or not. Every single ALPHA tagged player has their "own" interpretation of what DU should be today. However trashing the developer, then saying "why didn't it get better" is in no way helpful to anyone. Calling people white knights because they provide raw factual data as a response that counters your "I hate NQ propoganda" isn't getting you anywhere. Quote- "Yes I'm playing New World, and will probably play it alot, however I'm still going to be playing DU, because no other game scratches the building itch quite like DU." - D4nkKnight Oh and joaocordeiro, I'm a happily married individual, I'd appreciate it if you found someone else to think about daily.
  13. As the largest purchaser of salvage ships in DU, pirates get sweet F all. Salvaged elements are worthless unless they are key items, advanced/rare engines, agg, warp or containers. Other than that salvage has no value. It cannot be sold in markets and cannot be sold in dispensers (unless fixed) due to the dynamic properties. Ultimately the cost to pirates in pvp is generally always higher than the value of what they acquire with a few exceptions. (fully loaded hauler for example) Often times the fuel/warp/ammo costs just to kill a hauler are not covered by what is recovered. That said I too agree a special way to turn in these "acquired" mission packages would be a good source of income to help cover the costs they put out. Even if the mission turn it ONLY paid out the Collateral of the mission. Meaning they only get the money for fencing the item back to the mission provider for a "finders fee". Alternatively they could implement it so that the pirates can claim it and turn in the mission as if they had taken it the full journey. In case you wonder why I purchase salvage it is simply to encourage more benefits to pvp players as part of the DEK SALVAGE pvp support initiative. Salvage parts are terribly hard to build with, don't stack in containers, so each salvaged adjustor must be put on your bar in order to be placed. (Imagine doing this 80+ times for a ship instead of just placing them from a stack) In addition there is no way to break down the salvaged parts currently, so most pirates wouldn't consider salvage a "reward" unless it is one of those items I originally mentioned. PVP has been a pure money sink with no benefit for almost a year. Saying "how much do you want" is simple, they just want to cover the costs of the content they provide/seek.
  14. You obviously haven't been online since the GFN and Mission system releases cause if you were you would see the same amounts, just minus the constant server issues, because NQ has already fixed most of those issues. You can't go to most markets in the ring without seeing 5-30 people during peak NA or EU playtimes. Help channel is constantly full of questions. If you want to continue debating that is cool it will be one sided. But comparing "Now" to "back in my day" didn't work for the Boomers and won't work for you either.
  15. Most ship builders will sell you a replacement BP at a fraction of the cost, but they are protected by DRM for good reason. You can see knock-offs of Dankknight and Seripis's ships literally sitting at Market 6 with different names even now that look similar but don't quite have their "refined" feel. Kinda like similiar knock offs in real life you can get on Amazon/Wish for cheaper then the original. Without DRM anyone can steal the hard work of voxel/design artists. That said, there are plenty of DRM Free blueprints around to use for experimentation. -Voxel Libraries (shapes) -Do it yourself Hanger Kits -Do it yourself hallway kits -Furniture kits -Ship Voxel Designs (no elements) Don't forget if you are going to fly into pvp space make sure to take a "Manual Snapshot" of the ship prior, this ensures if you don't die but take damage that you can restore the ship on a repair unit. Also as a resource is the DU-Creators discord, there is a channel there called "commissions" if you can't be bothered to do the voxel work you can hire those with talent to do it, often times they will provide you with the core bp of your design for you to place elements and eventually sell as your own for an upfront cost. Some of us spend hundreds of hours getting a voxel pattern to look right, and often times put them together for sale DRM free, even knowing that they can be ripped off and someone can resell our voxel libraries to others for cheaper just to make a buck or take advantage. I've sold 113 of my POP UP SHOP (small shops at District 6) and they are completely DRM free, because I brought an idea that didn't exist of a compactible shop prior. I've still only seen about 15 of the actual shop around, but people have purchased it to support the idea and then gone and built their own market shops, or compactible shops for events.
  16. Thanks for replying. I do hope they provide a way to sell the parcels or even break them down into something tradable, or useful
  17. NQ has not published this information at any point. How is it you "know" the current number of players? Inside info? If I were to just go based off Market Scanners (LUA code that records names at markets) as of last week there were approximately 8,442 unique avatars scanned over a 1 month period, this is after duplicates were removed scattered across all markets in DU. (obviously some players aren't listed because they didn't go to any markets). So if you aren't running LUA to determine player numbers how are you determining your value? As an Alpha player I would expect you might have some other way to determine this that we "new players" aren't familiar with? Also not all appear as duplicates which means some of those people may have already quit. There are all sorts of "ideas" we can come up with from the data pool, but nothing concrete. Also some people know well enough to hit Ctrl+Backspace to remove the LUA from affecting them so its not 100% accurate either way. Nor did the scans hit 10,000 people so we can't accurately say there are 10k players. Obviously these may all be Alt accounts of 1 player, so there is that. But please inform us of some factual information you have access too that the rest of us do not? Or again is this your "feeling?" So I will state again, we only have factual data provided to us as players by NQ, everything else is either opinion or rumor. I choose not to live in rumor. Got some facts? Rumors like "ground mining is going away" or "DU is Dead move on" aren't credible sources if they don't come from the developer. Yet the loudest voices always respond negatively. NQ has provided all the information they are willing to provide on the DU-Discord and its easily read through. We literally have weekly updates since March. There development process hasn't slowed or stalled out. We all agree the game has a lot of work ahead, but this is to be expected, its okay to take breaks and come back later. The passive talent over time system lets you set up talents for endless learning, you could literally queue up every single talent and come back in 5 years when they are all maxed. Even WOW people play for 2-3 weeks after an expansion and they lose 1-2 million subs within 4 months of a new expansion. Does that mean the game is dead or dying? To some, sure, to others not at all. If you take nothing away from any of this, just take the following; For $7 you can easily put in 100 hours of enjoyment and entertainment into your budget with little overall risk or cost. If you don't, simply don't renew your subscription until you see improvements or move on to the next game you enjoy. (Even for $30 for 3 months, its still cheaper then most games, Conan Exiles, Ark, Eve, WoW, Archeage, Black Desert, etc...) Thanks, DekkarTV (A bigger problem exists)
  18. Part of the problem? Really going to throw insults. So what your saying in your post is there is nothing out there to explore and you have already "seen" everything in the game. Which is fair, by the look of it you are a very old player with "old ideas". My post was not hostile and was direct to the point that NQ has made leaps and bounds since January in improving the game overall. Noone (except maybe a few) expect that a 20-30 man game development team would be able to produce World of Warcraft or EVE content in a matter of months. There are ZERO stakes if you don't fly in pvp space like an idiot. Don't fly the pipe, this rule doesn't even come from DU it comes from OTHER mmos. Don't fly what you can't afford to lose is another rule many people listen too. Attacking people for voicing an opinion about the current state of the game just because it doesn't "jive" with yours doesn't really help anyone. Its obvious NQ didn't listen to you during Alpha, and you are now upset with them, which is fair. PVP Was a huge issue with massive problems up until a month ago when NQ fixed much of the talent errors for damage on higher tier talents and fixed the Desync between ships to be more responsive. Since then many of the DU pvp player community has returned. Don't believe, just ask in game if anyone is pvping. Mission runners are getting killed daily. Every single MMO in existence has a huge disadvantage for new players vs old players. Most of them do eventually try to do a "catch up mechanic" however we are still in beta and that hasn't yet been put into place. (Use EVE as a great example, players with 15 year old accounts have far more wealth and skill points then new players, unless new players bust out their wallets (catch up)). This game isn't for everyone and statements like "part of the problem" really are just trolly AF. What problem? The fact not everyone hates DU like you? Give us a break. NQ is very much aware that the new player "on boarding" process of the game is very very unrefined and can be extremely frustrating for new players. Especially since up until missions the only way to make money was to mine. But since many of the best mining nodes had already been located by those Alpha players that knew were to look before the rest of us and claimed them, it made making money even easier. Combine this with the tutorial system that doesn't function properly and the UEF store with ships created by ALPHA players that don't even work in the new systems. That said, they are aware, much of it is planned for change in the future, and missions have provided an easy alternative to making money early while you wait for your talents to improve. Have exploits for money occured, yes, have schematics exploits occured yes. Are the people who did them still around? Not really. The last exploited warp cell schematic (purchased for 10% of value) was sold off in Feb. Did they make a killing, sure, but quanta is less valuable than the elements and money in DU is 1000% easier to acquire now than it was when that happened. Most people who didn't exploit these things are now richer than those who did, so there is no real advantage anymore. There are a lot of ALPHA backers that "will talk straight" about how much "potential" the game had that it didn't realize since they put their money in and feel that it is now their job to tell everyone how "bad" the developers are. There are also many White Knights who love building who will tell you how "good" the game is. At the end of the day you need to make your own decisions. For $7 per month for most its a risk they are willing to take, for others its not. Thanks. DekkarTV - Part of the problem.
  19. If video games cause you pain, you probably shouldn't be playing them. There are many people with chronic illnesses that play DU and are a large part of the community that suffer from actual pain. As such, no I have no counter to your pain caused by playing a video game in general. Arguing about your quote is not beneficial to the community or constructive, simply independent feelings. But obviously if you are still active, then others must be as well. Unless of course you are just replying for the lulz. If you aren't actually active in DU, then you shouldn't be commenting here to new players either, because plain and simple, you don't play. Credibility is all that matters, and NQ has done factual changes for the betterment of the game, up to and including today to decide to delay org changes because they listened to the feedback of the community. If your pain is due to the system issues, crashing, lag, etc... the game is now available on GFN and its free to use the service, this removes much of the issues people have with hardware, and many many people are using to play on their tv, laptop, chromebook and even cellphone. This agreement in of itself with Nvidia proves that NQ is aware of the hardware barriers but has opened the game to a much larger playerbase through GFN. If neither of these are the reason for your pain then it might be psychologic in nature, and that is okay. We welcome you. We accept you. That is the nature of the DU community.
  20. Hey Master, I'm just curious as I've not had the time to test it myself, but what happens with the mission item in the hands of a pirate. For example, can you open them? What is inside?
  21. With the recent news that the org changes have been delayed/are being discussed here are a few suggestions I have about what can be done. Parent Org- Leave these as the massive organization that encompasses all things. Add "Companies"- These would be organizations that do not have the ability to claim land tiles, but can still hold constructs. Meaning they can be assigned a construct token by an organization that owns a tile in order to set up their business. This would encompass "Ship Showrooms" for ship builders to tokenize many ships for sale. Also would encompass things like Mercanary Companies, Casino's, etc... Add "Org specializations" via an Organization Talent System. This would allow players to work together to complete Organization objectives and receive perks as an org. Some examples would be as follows; Mining Experts- Orgs receive a decreased time on refining ore on cores that belong to the org. (instead of 3 minutes it could be 2mins 30 seconds) Manufacturing Experts- Orgs receive a decreased time producing elements Ship Designers- Orgs receive a 5% weight reduction on ship elements other than containers. Transportation Specialists- Org receives a 5% reduction of fuel costs within atmosphere. Explorers- Org receives a 5% bonus to thrust elements while in space. (this allows them to exceed the 30k km by 5%) Mercenary Squad- Org receives a bonus 2% hp and 2% damage output while piloting ships. These are just some examples, but could be broken down into even more bonuses. Make these bonuses require certain "criteria" to obtain by these orgs. This will provide gameplay loops within orgs as they strive to acquire boosts that benefit the whole org. Some Company bonuses (due to not claiming land) criteria might be as follows; Mining Experts- Org must mine 10m ore in total to acquire 1 talent point. Org must mine 20m ore in total to acquire the next tier of talents. Etc... Manufacturing Experts- Orgs must produce at least 20 different schematics with maintain levels of 100 and reach this amount in linked containers. Ship Designers- Org must crash at least 20 different cores to acquire the 1st talent point. Transportation Specialists- Org must complete at least 50 player creates hauling missions. Explorers- Org must discover at least 5 asteroids before anyone else. (in the new system) Mercenary Squad- Org must have killed at least 50 players or destroyed 50 cores to acquire the 1st talent point. However people feel about the above talents is not relevant, its simply ideas to spark the thought of "goals within organizations". These could be further broken between "organizations" and "companies" for example; Parliament of Alioth(x planet)- Organization. Must have at least 10 claims on Alioth(x planet) in order to get a talent that reduces the claim cost of future tiles by 5%. Standing Army- Organization. Must have at least 10 separate constructs with guns linked to gunner seats and containers. Talent could include 5% reduction in power cost for static construct defenses. This list could go on, feel free to add more suggestions. Ultimately the reason for the post is to bring up the idea of different types of orgs and companies, companies can be within an org or independently run on an org's tiles. (or in space on cores that don't require claims) and to provide bonuses to players looking for a specific gameplay type to get perks for working together to achieve goals. Each of these bonuses could include multiple "achievements" for the org to acquire to receive various levels of bonuses. Also this will help to bring different orgs and companies together to help each other. Why mine yourself when you can hire a mining org to refine ore to sell you. Why haul it when the transportation can do it cheaper. This would also allow new gameplay loops to be engaged with that allows player run content to shine further. Just some thoughts.
  22. Game is far from dead. This is just a few "nay-sayers" that push that propoganda, like they do in every MMO. (you said you played hundreds, then you are aware of this). Financially speaking the game isn't broke and is still on full blown development cycles. We can see this based off the time between regular updates/announcments. The main issue you are feeling (which is common) is that you don't see people. The main reason for this is the sheer scope of the size of the solar system itself. (it takes 7 hours to fly to outer planets without warp for example). That's like saying a Country is Dead because you don't see people on the back roads while travelling across the country. DU's population suffered a major hit in November due to the schematics update that was not well received, this is true. However most of the people who pushed through this update are still around. Its also hard to compare the server population via the # of twitch streamers due to the sheer resource cost of running DU and OBS together often requires a 2nd pc for streaming, this limits the number of streams. It also helps if the people streaming are "actually" entertaining. No offence meant to any, but some of the streams are basically just Discord streams to friends that someone decides to put on twitch. There is no "show" attached to the stream like there are in other games. Not to mention DU is not a "stream" friendly game, many of the gameplay loops are boring to watch others do. This does leave some great "chatting" streams though and these are where the DU twitch community engages in amazingly fun discussions and "theories" about what NQ is up too. But remember we always hear the "loudest" voices. Make your own decisions. Also of note on General Chat- this chat function is literally a month and half old. Ie: prior to this we didn't have general chat. Its a newly added feature that was just included a few patches ago. You also cannot see the general chat while you are in build mode, and since the vast majority of the games players are building something for most of their play time, they don't actively chat. (people you see chatting constantly are likely people with nothing to do, no motivation to do anything, or scammers looking to recruit new player mining slaves.) From those that aren't builders are the miners, and they are usually lost in an audiobook or watching netflix (other shows) while mining mega nodes of 2+ million ore. If you like playing with voxels and building you will enjoy the game longer than if you are waiting for NPCs to fight. If you just care about shooting npcs, you will want to move on. If you are content with shooting players instead of npcs then you can have hundreds of hours of gameplay ahead of you. Simply min-maxing your pvp pirate craft can take you months of tweaking, learning and fighting. Final note: Game isn't dead, new players join everyday and the finances of the dev team aren't even at the point of reliance on player subs, the investors are still on board and working with NQ to continue to develop. But DU is a game where time=ability and time=wealth. So that said, many people who started in September that are still around are super rich and have maxed out the talents they wanted, they are currently waiting for content. The best advice I can give you is this; It only costs 1 Starbucks coffee to play DU per month. Not many MMO's are this cheap. If you play 2 hours a week or 16 hours a day makes very little difference to the "grand plan" of the developers(also talents develop over time so taking breaks is encouraged by design). DU is a game where you get out what you put in and like any game if you cannot find something to be passionate about you likely won't remain. I for one put in my daily 6 hours, but then I go play other games to not burn out, however when I find passion in a build then I can easily put in 16 hours and maybe not go to bed on time either. Make your own decisions, gaming is about having fun. Don't let a few voices ruin your fun and remember, there are a lot more positive quiet voices that NQ listens too, then the few "super complainers" everyone else hears.
  23. Hello Perry666 and welcome to DU. I wanted to give you some answers that might help out your gameplay experience overall. Most of these answers can be found by searching youtube for DU or reading through the forums but here are some simple things, I hope they will help you. 1.) Early game in any sandbox mmo is going to be difficult. It isn't meant to hold your hand, its meant for you to figure life out on your own. But I can tell you that once you do, the experience you will have will be vastly different. The original tutorial validity has changed compared to where the game state currently is, and the only reason to do the tutorial options is for the bonus quanta/talent points early. You can see "claimed tiles" on the map, but no "heatmap" because this is by definition a pvp game, and although territory warfare is not yet implemented, it will be coming soon. You can easily find combat in pvp space, but to succeed at it requires knowledge and talents. Even then doing it alone will not be easy. The starting "speeder" is crap, its designed to be that way. But did you know you can buy 1 xs engine and 1 xs wing, and then attach them to it, suddenly you are at double the speed and actually flying instead of hovering. Now imagine what you could do with larger engines and bigger wings. This is why the speeder sucks, so that you move on to build your own. 2) The game is laggy. This issue can generally be solved by fixing up your graphic settings. DU is a hungry game, more hungry for resources than any other game I've seen. Its well known amongst the community to set your graphic settings with the following options; # of Threads set to 2, Voxel Quality set to 1.4, and keep shadows on and "low or medium". If you change all of these you should have a much better gameplay experience without as much "lag". The game will use "as much resources as YOU allow" and this often results in new players experiencing 100% CPU usage. Markets will always be slightly laggy, as will some massive buildings. This lag does disappear though once you have "loaded" all of the shapes/voxel details from the server. (I live in a massive base that when I have cleared my cache will be laggy for about 5 minutes, then perfectly fine to run around in until I clear my cache again) 3)Mining can be improved with knowledge of "how" to mine efficiently. Surface rock mining is trash, for good ore you need to be in the ground. However there are many things you can do to improve this. Talents that don't take to long to learn, few hours to a few days, to get yourself into a position where mining becomes a lot more fluid for you. There are items called Territory Scanners (expensive) that you can buy off players/markets. When these are placed on a construct and brought to a Hex (the tile on the map) and then activated, after 15mins it will tell you all of the ore it scanned under the ground. Then its just a matter of finding it. Tier 1 nodes for example range from 6000 ore to 4 million of a single ore type in some tiles. This takes some luck to find the "mega nodes" but they are still out there. 4) NPCs are not something currently planned for implementation according to NQ from the many many new players that have asked. Secondly you as a 3 day old player are in no position to actually defend your stuff if it was. Combat requires knowledge of game mechanics, systems and defenses. There is no "alien invasion" that has attacked this system at this time, therefore no NPC to actually push at us. If you followed the lore of the game even just slightly then you would know that we are technically by the lore the last remaining survivors of humanity and we arrived here to start a new life for humanity. Humans now called Noveans, have only been in this system for a short while and although we have not found an "alien" species to fight yet, there is plenty of fighting going on outside of the safe zones. There are many PVP orgs out there, many pirate orgs and if you want to experience combat there are many players who can help you find that experience. Conclusion: Yes Perry this game is new, its system of design is not for everyone its true. However this is a gem of a game, not only is there many things to learn through the early game, but the game provides the ability to use your imagination and build/do whatever you want. It takes time to learn this game. Unlike Conan Exiles. This game takes what you build with voxels and converts it to 3D meshes upon leaving build mode. (no other game does this). This game pushes the technology bar for new game technology that doesn't exist in the market currently and hasn't since EQ Next was shut down by Daybreak. This is NOT a SOLO game experience. This is a community game, join the community, find friends, bring friends, make alliances, make enemies, or frenemies. This game is all about what you make of it. I played SOLO for 6 months and struggled as you did, learning as much as I could, but once I mastered many things, I quickly realized that in order to attain my own goals, I would need friends to help me or I just wouldn't make it fast enough. Lastly I would say that the DU community is very tight knit, very friendly and helpful and always accepting of new players. You can easily see this by tuning into any of the twitch livestreams as the chatters and streamers are all friends and seen in each others streams regularly. If you want the best experience then its the community you want to seek out, and we will help you get to the "sense of this is a good game" rather quickly. Salute! o7
  24. DekkarTV

    Anchor unit

    The basic ECU element script is "entirely" broken at the moment. It triggers adjustors that won't shut off, can cause flat spins in space and loss of ships. This can be countered by a smart LUA person putting a script on the ECU, however by default its bugged and does not work correctly. If NQ fixes this default issue, then you are correct it would work as expected.
  25. @NQ - Fixing industry is a struggle we all understand, from the full blown industrialists to the part time weekend machine starters who destroy the economy with underpriced goods. There is are some ideas that have floated around the pvp community as well as the pve community and here are just some thoughts from those discussions; 1. Like Moriar said, fix the talents that aren't working. (Step 1) 2. Provide a "Parts recycler" for salvaged (damaged only) parts from destroyed pvp ships and haulers, these damaged parts go into the recycler and provide a "unique" item. Something not currently used in industry, but could be a part for "upgrading" machines/elements. Here are some examples: Low Burn Efficiency Atmospheric Engine Upgrade- Provides more thrust at low atmosphere levels. Industry Cable Management Module - +1 link per machine when installed. Advanced Fuel Combiner - Allows similar fuel tanks to be linked together. (ie Atmo/Space/Rocket) So you can fuel all the tanks from one location. 3. Add Salvager Talents that allow players to remove parts from damaged pvp ships with a "RNG" chance to proc one of these Upgrade Parts but remove the ability for players to "remove" damaged parts without the talents. (This would add a whole Salvager gameplay loop) -Combine Salvager Talents with Industry Talents and require both Industry to Craft the Upgrade and Salvagers to get the parts. This is what other MMO's would call "chase items". Items that players would need to go out and blow stuff up in order to acquire. Those who love pvp would engage in this practice, but it doesn't affect those who don't want to pvp, as these items could be sold on the market by pvp players to earn some quanta. These items could not be "mass produced" as they would require "parts/components" unique to pvp salvage, and the market supply would determine the Industrialists chance to produce these. (smart industrialists could put up "fair" buy orders) The main issue with industry vs mega factory is the fact that once the factory is up and running with schematics, there is really no "future" gameplay loop for these players at all. Its a simple; Buy ore, produce X, Sell X to players/markets. There is nothing for them to "chase" (other than t3+ ores) which is currently going to be solved by the Asteroid post previously announced by NQ. I could easily generate hundreds of these "unique salvaged parts" just simply based off of feedback from the community in various discussions. Many "I wish this could do...X better" conversations and I know NQ could as well. Within the spirit of Dual Universe is the motto "interconnected gameplay" which is something that currently does not apply to DU. Miners spend 1000+ hours alone in tunnels, Industry tycoons spend the same time alone in their factories, and builders never talk to anyone because they can't even see the chats in build mode (don't change this). So currently there are only 2 interactions I see between players frequently. Ship Designers/Sellers interacting with players looking to buy ships. And PVPers destroying ships. If NQ adds more reasons for pvpers to engage in communication with ship builders, and with industrialists, we might actually get somewhere on this motto. Just my thoughts on this. (I have 2 mega factories I help with and use parts from, I know the complexity of industry and the difficulty to source parts to build ships on distant planets)
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