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  1. Once this game is big enough with a huge player base and different client language - then you can think over a subgroup. But for now, bad idea. See it as free English lessons
  2. Fun As long as I think it's funny to be in that org, I'll stay. I don't care much about the people (they are only voices on Teamspeak 10'000km away) so we will never meet. When those people do hilarious stuff, are creative and don't bother much with boring and senseless bureaucracy - you can count me in
  3. there is nothing more to discuss here i believe, everything's said
  4. "I see your single shard universe with emergent gameplay, player driven politics, economy and freedom of gameplay has no air to breathe. That really sucks for me as a roleplayer, screw you"
  5. Besides the exploitable points I mentioned earlier - I have another objection (though it would be hilarious for me to do it) Imagine a spacestation with lots of automated defenses or run by players. OFC there is a script running which detects criminals who damage the station/other players constructs/players in and around the station in order to flag them and kill them. I, as the bad griefer I am, would just wait for a good target (large ship, expensive cargo,...) and ram it. Will the script know that I did the damage initially? Or will it just kill us both? If it CAN distinguish that damage, then I just ram that ship so hard it gets flung at the station and does damage to the station - now he is flagged too, killed and I can loot him. Or a third character involved that is.
  6. you have more questions.... - Why not? - Nothing, except fun building it - Lure people to it, then kill em there - they will stay forever - Megalodondollars and Raretium
  7. All true what you said BUT as I said: the more players are in a system in EVE, the more nodes will reinforce - same with dual (more complex and another topic - but in general) - and even then eve needs Tidi I perfectly understand your intentions, in a way it would be nice to have for me too, but the problem with ideas like that one is: we don't know yet how the servers will behave and how much load they get. Plus, and thats the crucial part: it has to be balanced well. Let's assume the server handles it with ease and we look at your sample idea: fighter crashes into larger ship. Worst cases would be, the impact is too hard - no fun to play when everyone can just make a huge torpedo - and when it's moderate then big orgs would just build heavy, fast, cheap ships to suicide kill bigger ones. If you make that collision too light - why add it in the first place if it has less to none impact on gameplay? Why waste resources (money fo develop + server resources)? Only because it's "better" than just bumping? I don't see any positive aspects (gameplay wise) about adding a simple collision: your ship touches there too hard - you are damaged. Only whiney people who can't fly properly and get killed because they crash into every obstacle. I would love to have a well balanced collision model to tear ships apart, crash them on the ground, set them off spinning and so on.... but it won't happen
  8. Then look at Eve online. The server gets reinforced by other nodes to handle the load. ONLY because there are 1000 People hitting keys and clicking. There is a thing called TiDi (Time Dilation) where the server slows down time in order to handle that load. In a warzone that is. At weekends you even encounter TiDi in Jita, only because lots of people are there and trade, no shots fired. It's no easy task to build something as big as DU with the least possible lag, so a collision would only add to the load, but is not the most important thing
  9. @beowulf: The server needs to calculate and receive information about ALL things which happen. It's not only those 50 shots. It's EVERY keystroke, mouse gesture, click ALL players do per second. Moreover: 'Collision' in order to touch something != Collision to split/destroy something. there are WAY more actions to take with such a model Ofc it would be neat to have such things: ramming ships, crash sites on planets and so on. But I doubt it we will see it soon (or ever)
  10. which is good, as pointed out (at least on spaceships)
  11. I think in the first few months it'll be something like this: Hauler: - cargo is heavy - needs thrusters to even achieve a reasonable velocity - outrun / hide - fast, small and light cargo or slow, heavy lots of cargo Pirate: - small, fast - big, slow, but manned with death squad when CvC is introduced, some mechanics would be nice...like (if i may take eve example here) scram and warp core stabilizers.
  12. You bend spacetime with an alcubierre drive. It contracts space in front of you and, most importantly, expands space behind you. You are not moving at all (in a common sense). Possible? Perhaps - if you overcome the problem of negative energy density by exotic matter, radiation inside the bubble doesn't kill you, effects of the sharp bending of space is handled and the particles inside the field don't destroy anything while you 'decelerate' at your destination. Relativity would just mess things up in DU, better to use good old Newton
  13. Most people will just be lazy and use the direct path - so even in a seamless universe there will be kind of lanes. the balance has to be good on this one: - pirates should get their chance in looting people - haulers/miners/PVE/whatever should get a chance to avoid being looted
  14. No, just no.... No information travels faster than light here, it's only the state the ion is in - but you won't know for sure if the other ion is the same until you compare - that being done STL btt
  15. Well that is obvious, but you can just leave your computer running or bind your script to your org. Only disconnects at downtime. Automation should and has to be restricted because players will abuse that system in every way they can. Plus it's more fun and emergent gameplay when players do it (pirates and stuff, blowing up mining ops, mercs protecting them,...). Personally I think mining is the most boring and stupid part of ANY game, but for some people it's entertaining.
  16. uhm....a few collisions? A battle with hundreds of ships (consisting of VOXELS), every player issuing commands every 0,5seconds, different flying vectors,.... this is already enough for a server to handle now you want collisions too - great: if just ramming a ship and bouncing off doesn't seem right to you, then a ship colliding into another one and just splitting it in half (plain, no momentum, rotation and no torque) would also not feel right, right? The server has to calculate where it is hit, which voxels are hit, how big both parts are, players on either side, damage taken,.. even in a very, very simple model. And I think it's a bad, bad, bad idea to implement such a thing because: I (and many others) would abuse it to hell. Losing that battle? "50 crap-cheap ship pilots ram those battleships!" server crash / lag get- out profit
  17. +1 like the idea of that and what could be done with it
  18. Mining 24/7 is just a bad idea. -1 Everyone will abuse it and mine 24/7, using ask and bot like mechanics. Crashes the market Turret automation will only lead to lone wolves, flying with their bot mined super-extreme ship. It enforces solo play Bad idea Plus it's completely against emergent gameplay
  19. Those are called 'technical advancements'. 'Content' is another story as said. Nope its not, see Eve. Every KS has it's downfall. Will rise again at 3 days remaining. If you are too poor to pay for this game, then don't. Nobody will force you. Or miss you. It's for adults only, no kids, no children - so paying is good. When people don't see the potential because of that "paywall" then be it - people just always want everything free, THAT's the problem. I have nothing further to say to you, because obviously you just want to troll. And you sir, are butthurt because: "MIMIMIMIMI, I want to play it for free but the devs won't let me" (which is completly wrong btw, because you CAN play for free - but a troll will never be intelligent enough to realize that)
  20. Quote from kickstarter: ID Card Arskhip Passenger (Physical Reward): You will receive a personalized card with the pseudonym of your choice, representing your avatar's name, who have slept during thousands of years before landing on Alioth. This pseudonym will be automatically reserved for you in-game. So yes, it's a PHYSICAL REWARD
  21. depends what you take, EVE can also be only 10,95€ (12 months package), the more you take the cheaper
  22. And again: If you have RL problems/don't earn enough because of .... reasons.... then don't play a P2P game. It's no human right to do so. BECAUSE IF they would sell subscriptions/DACs for less in those countrys then it would be abused to oblivion
  23. Well I can assure you that the devs do their best job. Who knows if all what the devs say and talk about the game will make it to realease? Perhaps all? maybe 50%? This project is ambitious as hell, so why trust them? When you read interviews, watch them, follow their releases/videos/twitter/posts they make, you quickly realize one thing: THEY LISTEN ! They read the forums, get PMs and they actually hear us, the gamers. They do their best to clarify worries (see threads), let us play the game in pre-alpha (see meet-up at NQ), they answer our questions on various occasions (AMA, interviews, player run events,...). We even had a major discussion with the devs because of some spicy topic, they actually started it to hear what WE have to say. They always clarify that some aspects of the game will not make it to realease, but they will come at a later stage with an update. They are honest in terms of ideas for the game which players ask (will there be weather - no because.... read the AMA). In contrast to other games (yeah, we all know which oneI mean), NQ always honestly tells us, what to expect from the game, which ideas will be followed as stretch goals and (most importantly) what DU is definitly NOT (which ideas/mechanics are NOT in the game, what you CAN'T do). So in my opinion: When NQ is honest with us what to expect from the game, then they can pull it off. I know many devs who don't really listen and who just do their thing. NQ isn't like that. It's up to you
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