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  1. They said that automatic turrets will do like 80% worse (can't recall the exact number) You could man: Navigation Engineering Weapons Driving Shields Armor Power management Communication Fleet command Etc Giving bonus to ship or other crew members, seeing a tactical map (as nav officer), managing power to shields, weapons etc If you want facts then wait for alpha and don't participate in a complete theoretical thread in the idea subforum
  2. no one ever said anything about balance or that large ships should be better than small ones Again: this is about LARGE ships. And for them you certainly need crew - that's just natural. You can automate it, yes, but an automated ship will ALWAYS be worse than the worst player - otherwise you never ever gonna need a team. And it would not make sense to advertise DU as multicrew ship and then don't implement any other stations for players to interact with. Well it's not the OPs or the poster's problem when people misunderstand information or deliberately forget that this is an idea boar
  3. Well if people take information in an IDEA forum for granted - that's their problem Depends on the ship - as you said, perhaps you only have a 30m ship. Depends also what will be in the game and how many positions can be manned. Automatic systems will be possible (yes also stated by NQ - but that's no argument for you) but they will not work as good as a player (also said by NQ) - because that would diminish the MMO part Thanks, YourPersonalGriefer
  4. yes I was talking about the ark ship safe zone. In the protection bubbles you can create yourself you have to be raidable by various means (as talked about in the shield timer thread)
  5. Just started reading the story but just for science: neutron stars are no remnants of a black hole. If a star has several times the mass of our sun (above Chandrasekhar's limit) and collapses, it turns into a neutron star/magnetar/blazar/other type. Only the most heavy ones turn into black holes. I'll edit this post once I finish reading in order to keep your thread clean NINJAEDIT: I like the conclusion of the story and the implied explanations with that, but I think this is very dangerous terrain - NQ said that Aphelia shouldn't be mentioned that much. And that IDA is a nice idea fo
  6. Straight forward and no big plot twists - good story, fun to read. +1
  7. Yes you are 100% safe in the safezone, but outside you are forced to interact with other players as they wish. Consent not needed. Griefers and pirates are avoided with ease if you know how, plus there will be some mechanics to stop griefing in particular. But if someone wants to ruin your day by killing you repeatedly and puts effort in that (like a spy network, paying people to tell him where you are, getting to know your location of the resurrection node, getting a team together to search for you, ....) it should be possible - albeit at a high price.
  8. This is an idea subforum and such discussions are enforced by NQ - because they want players to get involved and think about the game. If we would follow your mindset: why bother AT ALL with ideas/critical thinking about some statements from NQ - because they do what they want anyway. That would be the worst thing to do The question in this specific topic was: I'm very curious to know what the direction is for crewing ships in DU especially large ships. So for LARGE SHIPS you NEED crew and it's the ONLY WAY of dealing with a LARGE SHIP that has to be EFFECTIVE DCs/RL can happen at
  9. NQ already said that they want this game to be immersive and hard to master. So as already discussed several times: - yes you can solo a battleship - no it won't be as good as if you manned it with People. In fact, it sucks. So for the sake of that Argument alone you want to man your ships. All of your points are rendered useless as arguments if NQ just doesn't implement them or not as you said (no 3rd Person, Special skills for Navigation/targeting/Shooting/driving/Engineering,.......). So yes, imho you really want to man your bigger ships. You CAN fly them alone if you need to, bu
  10. could we leave fucking nonsense politics out of the Forums ?
  11. Shit happens Give it a friend and get some money
  12. Buying gametime (sub) will be around 10-13€ per month. One DAC will be around 15-18€. You can either use that as one month of game time or sell it for ingame credits on the markets ingame. That's why they are more expensive. It's cheaper to just buy a sub. People who want more in-game credits can buy DACs and sell them to you. So you can play for free if you earn enough in-game money
  13. Even that is bad gameplay. Combine the death with more power needed from that res-node and eventually killing it, with some death penalties that increase the more often you die or some similar method. Losing skillpoints will drive people to safe gameplay and avoiding others for the most part because they could die and lose skills. I wouldn't care much for that, but 90% of players don't want to risk anything as precious as skillpoints
  14. I was all in at first for skill loss when you die but thinking of it again with eve in my mind it just doesn't work out well. The only progression you make in DU is skilltime since there is no level. Taking that away from players is just the easy way out to prevent players fRom doing something stupid. A complete reset is just the worst option and completely useless. I will break your idea with just one single statement: I will make alts and just troll people by killing them. They lose everything and the alt nothing. Just an utterly bad idea
  15. That's why I said: IF. You asked for opinions and mine is just that simple: I can't really enjoy stories about something which aims at playing in the future when the game hits and will most likely not happen as this story suggest.
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