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  1. And again: it's not about looting, funding an acc or playing for free. It's about the future of DU, creating a precedent with this decision.
  2. Your script with your turret only goes off if you are nearby because it's executed on your pc. Or a person you assigned through the rdms. Will suffer like 90% efficiency but It would work
  3. Yeah well if the 'good guys' let the scammer be then there will be anarchy. So in fact it's up to YOU to stop scammers and show them, that they shouldn't mess with you. You really should see both sides and not always cry about bad boyz
  4. First option will not be implemented because it doesn't make sense at all. Maybe he built a station there. But you won't be trapped, just flagged. Your ship will probably be stolen, destroyed or hidden somewhere else. I don't see a problem?
  5. Not disappointed, it just involves more than 'just declining players to loot dacs'. And people don't see where this could bring the game. THAT is what bothers me
  6. Well pirates want both: harass that person, steal his stuff and get the tears. If you can't understand the difference between buying DACs because you sold other carp and actually stealing dacs, then I have nothing further to say to you
  7. So if I want to rob someone because of their Rolex, I just have to steal enough other crap which I sell to get money (or go working because I get money for it - which is the essential you talk about). Then I buy a Rolex from someone else and in fact I have stolen that Rolex of that first guy? What the hell are you talking about?
  8. As stated in the other thread: Bad idea by NQ. Removes emergent gameplay. No one wants DACs to be stolen because of funding the account. It has to be steal-able because of gameplay and the motto of DU
  9. Since DACs can't be stolen, even when a physical market is destroyed, they will not drop.
  10. Well DU can be better than eve and support more emergent gameplay. No need for eve 2.0 system. Players will regulate scammers and contracts themselves
  11. Mercs protecting ships/people who want to bring their DACs somewhere else? Banks? Yeah you can store some stuff, but nothing of real worth Pirates who specialize in observing the arkship to get to know who could be trading DACs? Messing around with the market (DAC price)? Fun, dangerous and thrilling gameplay gone
  12. No one cares about funding. It's simply a bad move to remove the ability to steal them, emergent gameplay wise. They would be perfectly safe anyway but I know that people don't understand that
  13. Bad move by them, only supports total-fail-nobrainer-noobs and is against emergent gameplay. Oh well, so we have to concentrate on killing and just wrecking their stuff
  14. players will ALWAYS have an advantage over an automated construct (as said by JC in the interview), no matter what (turrets, mining, building, scanning,...)
  15. Pay to win I think it's fine that they restrict those scripts to players being online or people whom you gave the right to execute that script. This suggestion would only lead to afk-kind-of-miners (which I would hunt and kill on every occasion) with no real advantage (except, you know, p2w)
  16. If implemented, you don't need some kind of 'reputation', because that implies a faction of some sort. My reputation score is bad, because I broke 20 contracts. Yeah nice, but to whom it is bad? To 1 out of 500 Orgs? To the ruling Org? That ruling Org might change - then my rep is perfect again... It would make more sense if its just a plain number: 480/500 contracts fulfilled or something. I would just prefer an emergent approach to this whole thing: get players to write some sort of contract they want, sign it out of game if needed and then do the job. Or don't. Let players figure out a way to deal with that basterd who scammed them and let them spread the word about that scoundrel.
  17. 53% griefer (interestingly) and definitely Chaotic evil in DU so yeah, i don't get that concept either because it's not fun for me
  18. Thats why there are safezones - park your ship there Thats why there will be player run lots - park your ship there and pay for security Thats why there will be Mercs - pay them to protect your ship Thats why there will be other Stuff like Camo, Stealth, Shields, underground bases, hiding ships in plain sight - be creative how to protect your ship/city With a major settlement there come lots of people living there, from all timezones - they can and will have to defend the city. No need for a magical shield of some sort which protects you in hostile territory. If there would be such a thing I will be abusing that like hell
  19. You don't lose anyone. People just have to think before they build something shiney. Buy Merck, buy security, buy lazors. Emergent gameplay and all. There is no emergent gameplay with timers
  20. They don't lose anything when they play it smart and use their brains. So don't know why you even think it's bad
  21. That example just doesn't make sense There are plenty of positive things you get from this mechanic but it would be futile to tell them to you
  22. So you agree while playing the game to the eula, where there will be stated that DACs can be raided and looted by others. They will be provided in the arkship or a safezone for you to pick them up (so they are 100% safe). You can then sell them or use them. Perfectly safe and 100% secure. But there will be dumb people and noobs who take theme OUTSIDE the safezone. I will be there to help them get rid of their dacs. Nothing illegal here, it's THEIR FAULT being STUPID. If NQ provided those dacs only outside a safe zone, then it would be illegal. But I assume you are prone to listening to reasons, just want your no PvP hello kitty carebear heaven but I will make sure that this won't happen
  23. Not really, but I'm looking forward to the flamewar that will erupt when some Newbro looses 500$ in DAC to a random guy. It will be hilarious
  24. Might be not big, so? Then you just have to take a price that is 500% more than the minerals used...When you are too lazy to mine and build it yourself, or you don't have time, that's your problem then. Or buy the minerals and build it, be a bit creative
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