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  1. Oh, I had somehow missed this topic. Thanks! And it makes sense for the participation prize, thanks for your answer. I had assumed that all contests would require the same amount of work, but if there are "smaller" contests there is no sufficient hard work to reward, indeed! Thanks for answering my questions
  2. This sounds interesting! Am I supposed to click somewhere in order to "join" or is it just some kind of agreement? (I'm not familiar with much of the forum/website yet, sorry) Also, would it prevent me from joining another org at the same time...?
  3. I think it does! I'll see how it goes after creating his account, in any case. Thanks!
  4. Oops, I didn't re-read the dates and I guess I'm too used to writing 20xx. It's supposed to be late 2400 then early 2500 for the last one. Edit: okay, I don't understand WHY I put "year 4000" everywhere in the beginning of the diary part. It doesn't make any sense at all and pretty much ruins the effect I wanted v_v'
  5. My numbers? I don't get it And yeah, sometimes I repeted stuff because I wanted to insist a bit on it/the narrator's mental state, but I guess it becomes a bit too much. I still lack experience in writing, it should become a little better with each story, I least I hope si Thanks for for the feedback, I need it to progress!
  6. What about accounts that aren't created yet? (Sorry if this is not the good thread to ask this question!) I pledged for a Double Silver account on Kickstarter and I told what the email for the secound account will be (by sending an email to Novaquark support). But I haven't made said second account yet, because it will be my boyfriend's as a Christmas gift and he will obviously see the confirmation email for the registration. So, if I create his account at Christmas, when will he be able to see his forum title? (I hope my question is clear)
  7. Ooooh, that's very nice! I'm even happier now that I managed to write all those words (it was loooong). Will we have a little "participation prize" every time? That might be a cool incentive to participate. Another question: is there a chance for non-winning entries to still somehow be included in the game's lore, at least for little elements of the stories? That would be, in my opinion, an even greater reward than any prize. I was mainly trying to aim at that, actually!
  8. I'm not a native English speaker, and I didn't ask anyone to help me with my (unavoidable) english mistakes; I wanted it to be 100% my words, and I took it as some sort of challenge. I don't care at all about winning, only participating And I'm already very proud of myself for managing to write 5000 words (that's my new length record!) in a foreign language. Sorry in advance for any bleeding eyes! It's kind of a philosophical story (well, at least it tries to), more about values and feelings than any real action. It can be somewhat moving or utterly annoying, I have no idea. But these are themes I really wanted to talk about. I'll try to write something in a different style for the next context, if it has similar rules. And now I'm going to sleep, because it's nearly 6 AM where I am and I spent my whole night writing. But I'm the one who won this battle, headache! Edit : I'm adding a (slightly edited) version, with the correct dates, and some minor modifications (less repetitions and a few less english mistakes), it's more understandable that way. Especially the dates, that didn't make any goddamn sense (I didn't re-read them before posting, didn't think I could possibly have them wrong -_-'). I leave the original version too since it's the one that will be taken into account in the contest (sadly) but the new version can bring a little clarity! Crossing lives.pdf Crossing lives.compressed.pdf
  9. I'm just three pages in and I'm in love with your writing style! It's funny and pretty well-thought. You're an AI lover, ain't you?
  10. I suppose this rule is to check if the quality of the text comes mostly from the proofreader or the original writer? Just to make sure I understood things properly: each version is to be submitted in a different topic? Or is it only one topic with both texts? If it's the first option: should we add a [Pre-proofread] tag or something? And thanks for this contest, I absolutely love writing on this kind of subjects!
  11. That's nice to hear! But will you offer a "Double Gold" upgrade option for those who pledged for the Double Silver? I wanted it because I wanted to gift an account to my boyfriend (and have one myself), so I won't upgrade if it means giving up the second account. And are you planning to give us the possibility to buy goodies separately? I would love to have some of those that are included in pledges higher than mine, but am not planning on buying the associated packs as a whole.
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