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  1. We definitely need another topic on Dacs, excellent idea!
  2. Oh I just copy people I meet there, who write walls over a topic discussed already in length, adding nothing new and give completely false statements
  3. * We need to promote cooperative mechanics rather than competition to prevent things feeling like pay-to-win That's complete bullshit because there's no p2w like you described in some wall beforehand. Competition is a motor for the economy and gameplay. You can also use p2w for your carebear city in some safezone. No difference there. See, you don't need so much words
  4. Hahaha well you read, but don't understand - that's fruitless. Happens to the best, I forgive you. Don't worry. You could add tl;drs to your walls, would help. Oh and your first point on p2w will never happen in DU, but you know that, right?
  5. You miss something mate but you clearly are eloquent and intelligent enough to figure that out. I like you, you are funny
  6. Not coded yet and no one seen it..... I see what you did there
  7. Not that hard to build it, could be done in a reasonable amount of time
  8. There will be like 1300 tiles to claim. Enough for the start and I will definitely take one and forbid anyone on it then leave to another planet. I will see if I do something with it or just sell it after 5 years
  9. Well the safezone clearly misses when you just push someone out of it. Even I as griefer/pirate find that too harsh haha
  10. Would be a broken mechanic if you just could repel everything....
  11. I'm not necessarily talking about trapping ships....More like catapults for players, pulling them somewhere, repulsing ships/players, direct their attacking vector, ....
  12. ....And gets killed by pirates. I like that idea I think such elements may be of concern later, not for the release. Would be cool if you could make traps out of that too
  13. I prefer dictatorships. Democracy is just bad and slow when dealing with situations. In order to respond fast even democratic orgs need one guy who decides -making the democratic part obsolete. In DU though I think a mix of outlaw paired with a dictator is my choice. Cause you as a member can do what you want and are not bound by any laws but will contribute when the Lordmaster calls
  14. Well I know that it will happen, that's my part of the game Without some stats / test flight you can sell people the most hilarious things
  15. There are Ark zones which are protected (20km radius) - that's it Such a mechanic would be broken and abused. It will not be implemented. Thats the idea of a MMO - gather a group to defend yourself. If you don't like that, stay in the Arkzone forever and don't wander outside - You could have the adventure of your life. That's nothing for risk averse people of course
  16. How old are you? You know, there are funny little signs on your keyboard, named PUNCTUATION MARKS ?
  17. As i said in another thread: skill loss but you can't just generally kill whole branches of the game only because you can't understand them. I AM a pirate and I gladly take skill loss -because I'm not a carebear and I don't think only one way like some others here who just want to favor THEIR playstyle
  18. Bad idea to punish playstyles you don't want. That will kill any piracy activity. Or, just make alts to kill someone you hate, minus balance doesn't matter much there
  19. Double post ftw it's exactly what I said, except for the layout part
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