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  1. PvP is broken. Flying dead cores, 100% misses, and a lot of other bugs. How do you want us to test pvp balancing changes, if whole pvp aspect of the game is currently not working properly?
  2. Yeah i get that. But this mechanics was implemented to stop players from stopping their ships via log out. So while it's technically stays in place, it's still not "stopped" and have speed. So if you not "stop" your ship in safe zone, it's quite obvious it can travel outside of safe zone with time. It's just realization of this mechanics, that for construct to CONTINUE moving it requires someone onboard. But how is unfreezing ship can be treated as exploit and be forbidden, if it was intended. I think that if restoring constructs speed is forbidden and counts as an exploit, then this mechanics should be removed.
  3. If you jump on a moving a train with the purpose of moving it, are you moving the train? Will we ban now for purpose others think we have, or for the actual actions?
  4. There was no "Pushing, Manoeuvring, Bumping, Docking, or in any other way moving a construct that does not belong to you" involved. At ALL. Ship moved by itself via INTENDED game mechanics (that was added specifically to avoid stopping undocked ships via logout) of restoring speed. Counstruct moved itself out of safe zone, not the pirates. No, not enough clear, because there is no "moving a counstruct" involved. If you are jumping in a train that goes with some velocity you do not move that train by jumping on it. It's the train who moves you UPD: If ships leaved in safe zone should stay there, then just rollback that mechanics which restores construct speed
  5. Okay, NQ released 1.23 patch to block the ability for someone to stop their ship via going log off. Let's assume I am flying towards pvp zone at 30k and I see someone at radar, probably pirates. I will log off while still in safe zone to stop my ship there. If pirates then step on my ship so it will restore it's speed and will fly out to pvp zone, will this be an exploit? And if it will, who's exploit it will be, mine for stopping my ship via log out, or pirates for dragging my ship to pvp zone? IMHO this is not an exploit from either side, It's a game INTENDED mechanics.
  6. If I understand correctly, docking and parenting are the same process looked from two different perspectives. If you fly your ship to station, you "dock" your ship to a station. If someone else's station flies towards your ship and your ship magically attaches to station (without you wanting to dock there), that means station "parented" your ship. I know station can't move, you can change "station" to a bigger dynamic core, logic won't change.
  7. If hauling missions are taken and completed via "mission containers", how much volume would they have? Do i need 100 containers in both points to ask for a 20m liters hauling mission?
  8. The game currently have issues placing us accurately in space at 30,000 km/h. The PvP encounters on max speed are so bugged, you can not even imagine. Disappearing ships, teleporting ships, dead cores continue to fly at 30k km/h, etc. If they will increase the speed limit it will be even more bugged
  9. To build a large space city for an org it would require massive amount of space cores to restrict other random ppl of placing a core and building a cube in between their assets. And if there will be some defense mechanics like planned with regular TUs (only the most outer ones can be attacked) this will create an opportunity for big orgs to build a somewhat-safe trade/military/other outposts in the wild space
  10. @NQ-Naunet One really major point i haven't found in comments of this thread is: - What happens to the destroyed ship in PvP at max speed? Currently it stops because all player on the ship are killed when the core explodes and ship stops as there are no players in range. If the dead ship calculation will be transferred to my PC, i will be flying close to the dead ship on max speeds and will have no option to capture the ship or even the cargo. PvP at 29,999 km/h should be taken into consideration as well. We need some way to stop ships (at least dead ones) on max speed before making such changes.
  11. W1zard

    Warning Placards

    If you add proper svg with proportional height and width (not absolute in pixels) seems like it does not resize, move or jitter when you move around it. Adding textures like this will increase on-disc game size, and I don't really see any gains from this. Screens are much more customizable and you can create any king of signs on them (There are even special screens for that called "Signs") with much higher freedom than just predefined textures.
  12. Instead of AGG parked ship you can use "logged-out" parked ship like 100-200m above market platform to increase "Mario accuracy". Anyway "not likely" does not mean "impossible".
  13. Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTIrWYGoA44&feature=youtu.be as you can see, there are usually 2+ ticks it registers enemy ship while it's in warp state And if you think warp could happen, AC HYP GRIZZLY was spotted later on same route in safe zone flying toward Alioth (30-40 mins later, around 20 su from point of disappearing) We are not accusing anyone in anything, we are trying to figure out what happened, and sharing our unpleasant experience with community, and maybe increasing NQ's attention to this kind of problem. Again, this was more than an hour long PvP encounter. This outcome is not acceptable, so this should be brought to public, as issues like this makes the game almost unplayable for us. It's our core gameplay, and while we spend so much time and resources this kind of bugs is a critical issue imho.
  14. As I think of it think right now (after emotional heat cooled down) this could have been just a huge desync (and probably it was). But the amount of time and resources (a lot of fuel, more than 2000 ammo) wasted on this fight are much higher than average interception, and after an hour long PvP interaction it ended the way it's represented in the video. I think this should be taken into consideration by NQ to fix, as it makes our gameplay very unpleasant. My apologies to Hyperion (can talk only about myself though) for this kind of overreacting.
  15. Yes, sorry, I checked it before your comment, and edited mine. Seems like I was just posting in wrong text channel, and after that rights to this channel were removed or something like that, and I misunderstood that as server ban.
  16. Only one, almost dead ship, out of 8 in range suddenly desyncs? when all their engines are down and speed is 0? Sounds veeery suspicious After 45 mins of PvP encounter it somehow desires to desync only when it's almost dead? I can get if it was like 5-10 mins fight, but we were shooting this target for 45 mins straight.
  17. Warp jump during fight registers differently, you first see velocity increase, and then few ticks of ship moving away from you, it does not disappear instantly. Later (like 30-60 mins later) this ship was found flying same route (Lacobus - Alioth), like 20 s.u. from the place it disappeared, already fully repaired, but was already in safe zone. So it surely was not a warp jump.
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