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  1. I also beleive this is the case but how do you know this information? I didn't think they played at all tbh. If they even played solo they would feel the pain, certainly as a new player.
  2. Some sort of solution and introducing decay is coming so active players can salvage all of the abandoned structures and ships. I do hope this is balanced well and things dont decay too quickly as there are many who left "temporarily" and I dont think we need to discourage anyone from.coming back only to find their cores are gone. Balance is key but right now it should be forgiving or else scare more people away
  3. Consider it a lesson learned but it seems you need to move or delete items in your inventory until you have room to accept the oxygen, perhaps your entire inventory. If you are close to a market, consider selling some things so you dont feel you are losing progress but inventory management, early on especially, is critical. Craft several XS containers asap.
  4. Industry units are already behind a TP wall, let's not put the schematics behind a wall too when we already have years and years of skills to unlock for the minimal amount of content available in the game. We dont need more walls and gates here to pass through in order to access content.
  5. I'm hardly panicking and saying that deflation isnt a problem in MMOs (which is true in general) has absoutley no bearing on DU just because it's a MMO. Provide some insight of how there isnt deflation instead of applying something that is true for MMOs and suggesting it's an absolute truth chiseled in stone for DU somehow is crazy. There is less currency in circulation right now, it's just a fact. It wont be forever, it's not healthy but it is happening in this game right now. I'm open to discussing it, it's hardly panic signally.
  6. This would only be partislly true if players could sell schematics however the 100k a day for logging in does not even come close to the millions and billions going out the window forever because of schematic quanta sinks. If we are buying from bots then this game absolutely needs money faucets. Right now the currency in game is dropping rapidly which is leading to deflation. Prices are coming down because of ths and the fact noone is buying but why would anyone buy when it will be cheaper tomorrow. Less currency means the market is valuing that currency more and more and the 100k is having no
  7. This reminded me of a point because this "war" on solo playing is very disruptive because the truth is, playing solo happens even when you are in an org. So many times I am on the phone or multi tasking and cant be on comms with an org. Reality has a way to force you to be solo sometimes or when you dont have long to play, you do so without an org. I fear we are taking a very narrow view of what a MMO should be. People are going to do what they want, you cant force them because they either find a work around or simply leave.
  8. If been contemplating what the player cycle will be in the situation that we have found ourselves in. Do players really quit forever or just until a major update comes along and they buy a month sub and jump in and try again? If the water is still cold, jump back out until the next big update months down the road? I left and came back to eve many many times. Each time with a huge gap in between, I found new playstyles and content to enjoy. I dont thinknthe question is if players will quit and never come back or not, the question is, how much does this all hurt the business case for NQ?
  9. Wait? Huh? Not sure who you guys are but this doesnt make much sense. DU also is not a survival game. My goto game is a survival game and it actually has survival elements. I for one do not want DU to become a survival game, there are way better ones that DU will never surpass. I also dont agree that everyone should NOT be able to build anything they want. You should be able to make everything however, doing that takes time, RL time that is scarce and I simply could not devote the time needed to do everything so that is why I go to the markets. Plus I'd rather buy at a discount th
  10. This may not be a horrible idea, though a bit extreme there are benefits though I would be absolutely shocked if they made this sort of pivot. If it ever happened, I do think dev time should only be spent on elements that actually make this game fun and introduce rich play cycles. Too many things aren't fun, slow boating for hours to planets, for me it's a 45min round trip on Alioth to get to markets and back, excel-mancing to find products I can sell for a profit, worrying about flying especially with a load and blowing my whole ship up again! I like a challenge but risk reward m
  11. Agreed it is sad. In my 20+ years of gaming and MMOs, never has a heartbreaking of an update ever hit until 0.23. It is a paralyzing update and there is more fun elsewhere know but I still have hopes......hopefully realized in due time.
  12. I really think you are trolling the entire forums with this. Absolutely disagree with everything you said and I have yet to find anyone that would think you are even remotely serious with this. On a positive note, thanks for playing thousands of hours.
  13. Yea I agree the markets are perfectly capable of working properly without bots. Currently, bots are needed as they represent the only quanta faucet besides the daily login bonus. I do think they should have kept in bots for the industrialists to utilize as right now it only helps the miners but when more money faucets appear and are addressable, these bots should die out.
  14. I believe the current solution is you CANNOT be standing on a dynamic core when using the maneuver tool. Try standing on the ground (maybe static core) and maneuver the child dynamic onto the parent dynamic. I tilt the parent so when you drop off the child, you can see quickly if it slides off or sticks. I'll try to find the discord post about this....
  15. How do you know your fps? I didn't think this was available to see in game.
  16. This was the exact point I have been making. I would like to point out that we (aka, NQ) have adopted an externally narrow view of what a "factory" is. Factories can be massive and cost billions like JC said however factories come in different shapes and sizes. I can have a poor man's 3d printer that sits on my table and costs hundreds. I dont need a. Electronics machine, I can have a simple pick and place device that is faster than manual (nanopack) but still cant pump out products in the millions. Factories scale with demand, as demand picks up, you scale up production so you ar
  17. You would have to ask the ATV, but it was planned in this 0.23 initially. Feature postponed pending more gameplay on this before its return. But the mining nerf will come. Could you clarify what you mean? I assume the "nerf" is no longer "linking" to a container on a dynamic core? Why did you use the word "bind"?
  18. I think you are reading this incorrectly, we aren't complaining that we cant get "the best of everything in a few months". I have been playing for a few months, mostly solo as my friends have quit, and I wont have everything with my play style. I'm fine with that as I see I have way more to do then RL time to play. My disappointment with 0.23 is the fact that I need to run to the market every 5 min. I'm about 130km away from the main markets so that's a bunch of time sunk just to fly there. If I have an hour to play I need to decide is it worth it to just fly there and back. I enj
  19. I read the post differently. It seems that ALL schematic prices are coming down so that would effectively make ALL schematics "high" price imo. Let's hope that true and not only reimburse the "rich" as the hardest hit would be the small guy so not reimbursing them (including me) seems to be a kick in the gut while we are already down.
  20. Yea a simple option to reset would have been an ideal implementation route that would have avoided all this heartache. I honestly plan on keeping those SPs in my pool for a long time given all thse changes.
  21. These are good points....sigh.... it reminds me to stay "off" the forums. Despite all of the arguments on this and a number of other topics (mostly disparging NQ) recently in the forums, I have to remind myself it is only one side, our side of the discussion. The other side is not expressed in this medium and prolly will never be (e.g. NQ) Since only side has a voice, and a strong one to be sure, the outcome is oddly self reinforcing as we talk about people leaving which encourages more people to feel disappointed and leave the game which, I believe, is the opposite effect we really
  22. How do you know what the "player numbers" are? Is there an output from NQ showing 24 graph of concurrent users logged on? Is there a site showing current paid subs?
  23. I have always enjoyed this story and it does provide an interesting backdrop when you overlay the development of DU on it. I do wonder though if this is truly reality or just our perception of how NQ operates. Is this community aware of the inner workings of NQ and what their development processes like look? Is there a mechanism that creats a driving function that allows the community to insert their will and direction directly into the NQ machine? Some companies do have this mechanism where the "survivors" of a game heavily dictate the direction and prioritization of a game. The NQ upvote may
  24. It's just perspective, you cant play this game without a half way decent PC anyway so $7 is a very small percentage towards the cost of the hardware to play it. Again, just providing perspective. Alleging that I have an elitist attitude.....ouch! Messaged received sir.
  25. These terms of Alpha and Beta are often conflated. What is one man's trash is another man's gold. I've played games that have been in Beta that are fully polished and should have been released years ago and also this works the other way around. Whatever state you think the game is in, we all agree its not done but why should NQ do it for free?
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