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  1. What I loved about this game and I really mean loved, is the fact I could start on a tile, mine the 4 basic rocks and turn that into a base, then that base could become a factory and start producing ship parts and I could build that ship and fly to space without ever leaving that tile. The only thing I would need is a core or 2 but really that's it. That concept is really attractive to me. In a sense, I am self reliant and I honestly dont think that's an issue. It's the way I wanted to play before 0.23 and I dont want to be forced to play together. (I'm not opposed to it, just the forced play style) Either i can build "everything" myself or I wont play the game so is the game better off without me? Is NQ better off with one less sub? The mistake NQ makes is looking across the whole game and making decisions that fit their way of playing instead of a case by case basis. It really comes down to a player and if I want to build everything and I can't, is the game better without me? I'm not sure how it is but I'm sure many will disagree.
  2. This exactly! Many including myself refused to come back despite the threat of losing everything but it seems, cooler heads at NQ finally woke up and confirmed at the same time that the bluff had little effect. Oddly enough I was hoping to lose all this stuff so I could put this game to bed in my mind.
  3. Great post. The defination of stupidity is not seeing the indirect and long term consequences of something and demeter fits that description. Your posts confirms that this change isnt fun. It has drastically changed your game time and priorities to constantly overcome the challenge of paying that *^%$ tax bill meanwhile your income per hour has dropped from 30M an hour to less than 7M. That's close to an 80% drop and that's with setting timers and alarms to log in and kick the mining cans. Quite a chore for 20% of what you were making.
  4. If only NQ had a test server to try thse out on before going live.......oh wait a second. I definitely see the pain here. Taxes are so high and with thse bugs, so many wont be able to keep up and people will start losing those tiles. This will be devastating for whomever is left playing this game right now. Crazy, you just can't make this stuff up.
  5. So what bug have you seen? I'm curious since this does not surprise me about NQ at all. Does picking up and replacing the MU fix anything? I'm sure you have tried a few things? So glad im not playing.
  6. Some studios have a knack for making simple things fun for example, NQ on the other hand has a knack of doing something and it has the opposite effect they want. It's really uncanny. They need more subs to keep the lights on quite likely so they drop demeter which only nails the coffin shut on my friends ever returning. If our tiles and constructs are gone, noone is coming back. What would help is NQ has an internal development meeting, record decisions and ideas as a result and then implement the exact opposite. That might be a game worth playing if it happened over a long enough period of time.
  7. NQ will never say there is a wipe because who would play? Subs would go down if we knew there was a wipe outside of bps and skill points. They are already desperate for subs.
  8. This would fit the trend since 0.23, remove content, eliminate game play loops and take things out of the game rather than add content. I dont think it's a great idea, more NQ resources thrown away to add nothing of value. On the other hand, if we remove planets we might as well remove ship elements needed to get into space and limit flying to atmospheric only. Then the ppl who are left in game we "feel" like the last planet has more people playing. NQ would probably save money on server costs.
  9. So this was one of the awesome *NOT* nerfs a year ago in 0.23. There were some "abusing" this and instead of a sensible limitation so someone couldn't move a ship over a large distance, the limitation now hits those with scanning ships. We all complained but it doesnt seem this was ever adjusted since 0.23. Agreed it's a problem but it wont be adjusted since NQ already "fixed" it.
  10. Agreed, I realize you were using best case numbers to start which are really not achievable so reality would sadly tell the true story as you did above. I assumed there was a good chance on many tiles that your production would go to taxes with nothing or very little left over. Knowing NQ since "beta" I can say there is very little chance we will see a meaningful rollback, at best they will "listen" to us and increase some mining outputs but nothing meaningful.
  11. I really enjoyed your post and have read it a couple of times. Each time I feel the itch to resub I read this over again and realize it just doesnt sound fun. I do wonder what numbers you are seeing now that demeter has dropped assuming you play anymore? I do wonder if so many people have to mine now to pay for taxes (yes I know there are missions and asteroids but that doesnt fit everyone's playstyle), who is buying all of the ore? There are no bots from what I can tell so we all are suppose to sell to each other? I dont see myself ever buying ore so who do we sell to?
  12. That's what the industry calls a glorified mobile game, log in to get your bonus, kick the cans and log out untill you progress enough to stop "playing" for 5 min and progress over weeks and months to playing 30 min and then an hour. Fun!
  13. I do have sympathy for new players. I also dont understand the point of even having auto miners on sanctuary if the limit is 2000 measly liters a day. That's 5 min of surface rocks which if I was new, I would just mine surface rocks. What's the point of autominers starting out on sanctuary? All the work for autominers that contributes 5min of surface rock harvesting tells me I am either missing something or NQ firmly remains as the most incompetent studio I have ever seen.
  14. I may not understand what you are saying here but there are those who were deployed well AFTER demeter was announced so in this case, some find themselves on vacation and cant call any neighbors about the cat.
  15. Haha love it! It's an unintentional feature too, think of it as an easter egg
  16. This is really interesting perspective, too bad NQ thinks just the opposite. NQ seems to have a knack for discovering the most tedious and polar opposite of what FUN should be. Lets design a game that is similar to sailing a boat with many holes. You have to spend most of your time plugging the leaks and bailing the water (ie paying taxes). If you dont do this consistently, the ship goes down. If you dont have enough time to plug the holes and bail water, the ship goes down. IF you bail out all of the water, NOW you can start playing but wait, the water never stops coming in so sooner or later, its back to bailing water. Some of us may not have enough time unless this balanced correctly and at 1M per week, per tile, I can tell you my kids will hate me for playing this tax simulator. Considering that 0.23 took out a huge chunk of players and NQ didnt revert those changes but pushed on, I imagine the same will happen here. Perhaps the taxes will be adjusted down but they will persist and keep the chance long term. I dont want to renew and have my sub counted as a returning player so things are looking up. I'll hold me breath, wait for all my progress to sink with the unpaid taxes and then there wont be any reason to come back. Thanks for breaking my heart again NQ.
  17. How do you designate a tile as HQ? I wonder if it defaults to the claimed tile that is the oldest or do we need to resub for 3 months to log in for 5 min and pick one?
  18. This is a really clear sign of the shape NQ is in atm. Internships, though are attractive because they seem "cheap" are not going to yield the results NQ desperatly needs right now and its insult to injury that's it for 6 months. No intern in 6 short months will do anything meaningful, it takes a junior engineer 6 months to learn the software development process, company culture let alone the game they are coding for. I suppose this is th reason that I keep.comong back to the forums despite not playing for a year. How can a company in seemingly poor financial shape and staff leaving and being let go, somehow trip over their potentially best resource. If the ship is sinking and everyone is jumping off, how do you miss a player driven lifeboat along side attempting to plug the holes and bail the water. It does keep me coming back to the forums to watch because it's quite unbelievable.
  19. In game protests will be tough since not everyone here has an active sub. (aka me) The only protest that will be impactful is the one that can be felt which is un subbing. Since the shortest sub is 3 months and it tempting to resub so move stuff, these "new" subs will be used to affirm and vouch for demeter and show how well it's doing for not 1 month but 3. Everyone unsub. If noone plays, the message will be sent and those inevitable decisions will finally be unavoidable.
  20. Getting back to the OP, if there is a change here, it does make playing more difficult when large changes keep impacting the gaming environment. I dont care if we call this alpha, beta, gamma, gold or dead, this is making a substatnial change that has a massive impact on how everyone is playing. If changes of this scale are on the table, I'd wait to put any serious time into it or we will constantly be pivoting. Real life example, if I am starting a business and 6 months later, the rules change to make that business now in a downtown area with a massive tax, I have to pivot and costs time and money. If things aren't stabilized, that's fine but it would have been nice to know.
  21. Agreed and well said. They give a wink and a nod to "team up or play solo, do whatever you want, build a civilization in space without restrictions" (or something to that affect) and then they set out to drive a narrow playstyle that is so boring the dev's don't even play. In a sense, even NQ doesn't know the "certain way", they have a general idea but players always find a unique playstyle to make the game bend to their will and then NQ says, no no no, that's not how you play and then they change the rules. This cycle repeats over and over. My kids do the same thing to each other, the younger never plays "the right way" so the older changes the rules and this cycle repeats until the younger quits, the older gets frustrated and everything explodes. Bottom line, noones wants to be controlled. We are nearing the explosion stage.
  22. Exactly. I do question why our "real world" framework and thinking, whether you agree with it or not, should be a template to follow in any game environment. Case in point.... "Well we have taxes on real life so we should have them in game!" I escape to the warm embrace of DU because I can travel the stars, design a spaceship and then fly it in the same day, scratch my industry and entrepreneur pitch and so many other things I want to do in space in RL. I want a sandbox game so I can do things I cant in RL, wouldn't making it the opposite of reality instead of a mirror make more sense? It shouldn't be a hard and fast rule but keeping things simple, it makes some sense. Beautifully said. I made this mistake and a bigger one, I still.love the game though havent played since 0.23 and I still cant let go. I wish I could buy a copy of the game before 0.23 and play that by myself and I may throw all my other games away. How can I move on? Lol
  23. I can answer my own question here but i do wish that we answer the following question before we find complex and novel approaches to taxes and that is: What problem are we trying to solve with taxes? I know what NQ would say but let's start with what problem we are solving rather than iterating on a bad solution. Once someone states the problem clearly which I can do too but next lets ask, is taxes the beat idea to fix that problem? Are there any alternatives? I think many will say no let's redirect attention to novel solutions because tweaking a horrible solution is still a horrible solution.
  24. I say content, you say systems. Whatever word you choose, NQ delivers a framework and players leverage that framework however they want. My point still stands, NQ doesnt like how players leverage their framework so they change their "systems" to force us to play (ie create content) a certain way in their sandbox.
  25. I appreciate your ideas and I did read through it though it's a bit long. Your tax system is elaborate but adding complexity should be done in careful consideration as players need to learn all the nuances which just makes it more tedious. I appreciate your ideas but I dont think it solves the true issues. The best thing they could do about demeter is to scrap it and now ae don't have to solve all the demeter issues. If NQ cant afford the server costs to keep track of millions of tunnels, then simply have a mechanic that back fills those holes once they are a week old. Perhaps an anti-collaspe item would be added so some tunnels could be left open with some restrictions of length per account. Problem solved. Millions of tunnels would be full of dirt again. Ore not respawning could be solved later. Mining units could still he introduced and now progression is mining the surface, then mining underground, then auto miners with still the ability of manually mining. Wow content! Taxes solves nothing. Constructs that have remained dormant by their owners could be sent to the local market as a BP with materials so you could deploy again in the future. Solved! Now the universe is cleaned up. Tiles already had a steep price curve and I only owned a few and I'm sure there are still plenty of tiles left so let's not fix something that isnt broke. Solving problems smart is really hard. NQ's knee jerk reactions show a complete lack of understanding of engineering and problem solving skills.
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