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  1. The community, as we knew it, left after .23r dropped at a really bad time. JC's insisted on doing things his way, and the greater community revolted. That is NOT the way to foster goodwill. I'll continue to watch how things unfold, and if they fix things, I may be back to DU. I just hope Nicolas Granatino does right by both the company and the players. Only time will tell.
  2. Toxic positivity is just as bad as toxic negativity. Being positive to the point of ignoring the glaring negatives isn't healthy and should not be encouraged.
  3. If you can find any lies in any of my statements, you can criticize me. Until then, you have no credibility. On another note, I believe that new players should be given the facts. Right now, the game is in alpha state, no beta. That's the very first lie NQ has told. Pretty much their entire advertisement campaign is a lie. That's not fair to the perspective players at all.
  4. Cool. I'm still going to warn new players about NQ's talent for ignoring and alienating players.
  5. Boring? Well, I don't think any of the disgruntled complaints are meant to entertain anyone. Perhaps if NQ actually listened in the first place, then people wouldn't sound like broken records, and it wouldn't be "boring."
  6. Why in active container? Across all containers/equipment would be optimal.
  7. I've worked in data centers that don't allow devs direct access to production servers, and after a proper testing phase only admins push updates, which is ideal. It doesn't guarantee no mistakes, but does minimize them in practice. NQ is a mess, and it really shows in this game.
  8. So literally, they put a decimal in the wrong place. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. This an admin that needs a reprimand, or a bad decision on the part of NQ/JC. Devs should never have direct access to production systems. This is why there is always a test server, and changes should roll up to it before ever being rolled out to prod.
  10. No, t wasn't a grind when I subbed. NQ made it a grind with .23. It was a bait and switch, which is considered false advertising. Most people can tolerate a bit of grind, as long as there is progression. There is no progression in DU now because it's all grind, which is boring. This is why I let my sub run out. I might sub again if/when they lower the grind factor.
  11. I disagree. PvE element destruction was a terrible idea and would ruin the new player experience as they learned the game, crashing and all. If they'd implemented it just after I joined, I'd uninstall and be asking for a refund. There needs to be balance or the game is going to suck. A game that sucks is a game without subs. A game without subs is a dead game. Also, the more play-styles an MMO caters to, the more players/subs and content there will be. Honestly, PvE destruction was why I grounded all of my ships and pretty much quit playing, before my sub ran out. If I ever renew, it will be because the PvE perma-death of cores is gone.
  12. Semantics. You state they are different, but don't explain how they are different. Either way you are making money to fund stuff, either by "generation" or being paid money. There is literally difference to the player on how the money is acquired, as long as it is acquired. The two most widespread ways to acquire wealth is to mine and sell to bots, and the 150kh daily allowance.
  13. Well, right now they'd be showing an awful lot of mining. They don't really have a cohesive game yet, and they're treating it like jenga. I'm sure that the .23 concept convo went something like this: Devs: Players are making all their own stuff! The market will never take off! JC: We've got to STOP THEM! *points to dev* You! Release the schematics! Dev: But that will anger the pla... JC: I DON'T CARE! They must be STOPPED! Dev: Yes master... *drops .23r and 2/3 the subscribed player base quits* JC: How DARE they? That patch was PERFECT! Perfect I tell you! Devs: Well, now they say there's nothing to do but mine and solo play is dead.... JC: YES! That's the point! Devs: They don't like that... JC: I will do a "Q&A" on discord and tell them they should like it.... *does discord Q&A* Devs: They don't believe you... Some do, but many still don't... Unsubs are at record rates... JC: At this rate, we're done for! Ok, ok, let me think... We'll tell them that the element destruction will be backtracked SOON(TM) and we'll give them *air quotes* "something else" SOON(TM). Also, we'll lower the price on schematics, since they're griping about it.... *posts video saying such* NQ sits on backtrack patches to see what happens...
  14. What's holding it back? NQ (or maybe just JC, idk) doesn't know the difference between alpha and beta tests. This game is still in alpha state, but advertised and sold as a beta. It needed months/years more alpha testing and tweaking before ever doing open beta. Note, beta means that the game is generally feature complete and the test revolves around bug fixing and small tweaks here and there. A huge example was patch .23. This was an alpha level game-breaking change that should rightly piss people off in a beta. What NQ is doing is wrong.
  15. I think they're waiting to see if the missions system will bring those of us they lost back. HINT: At least for me, nope. I've been watching Reddit and there have been new players going over there and asking about what there is to do besides mine. Of course now there's nothing to do other than mine when you're brand new. They'll have to slave away for months/years at this rate. Even after the mission system implementation, they'll still be months away from doing anything useful. Oh, and good luck mining the asteroids in the PvP zone. The gankers will be out in force to get easy unarmed kills. That's so dumb.
  16. Shut up man. PvP changes are coming. Deal with the wait.
  17. You're not helping anyone. Parasocial? Naw man, all business contracts (like subscriptions) are a relationship. I pay you money, you make a product that I want. I signed a contract and paid a sub to beta test a game and I get alpha changes being made that break gameplay in major ways. I consider that a breach of contract. They knew before going into this patch they were going to piss people off. Weeks before .32, there was a suggestion similar to the way schematics were actually implemented and it was met with pretty cold reception. They knew it was a shit idea at this time and implemented it anyway. When .32 dropped, they broke my confidence and trust right then and there. It proved to me that NQ has no idea what the majority of their player base wants or what the game actually needed before hand. Listen, I know you have no real clue that you're not helping retain this customer over here for NQ, otherwise you would've just shut up and continued on with the crap sandwich of a game you paid for. If you really like being crapped on, hey man, stick around and they'll do it again and again. HERE IS WHY I'M NOT HAPPY: I signed up for a game that advertised that I could do anything, even alone. Great! I signed up. Then, after months of me putting in time to build a small basic industry just to I could toy around with ship building, THEY BROKE THE GAME WITH SCHEMATICS. AT THIS POINT, it was no longer the game that was advertised to me. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. IS THERE ANYMORE CONFUSION IN YOUR MIND?
  18. Sure it is. As @Lethys said it best. I see it more as a relationship. Once the devs decide to start abusing their player base, it's time to leave. I've done it with other games and I'm DUing it now. I refuse to be abused.
  19. Why did you post the same thing 6 times? It doesn't matter. I've pretty much moved on and am playing other games that aren't ridiculously over complicated for no good reason other than to gate and hamstring progression.
  20. You must the most boring person if you think the grind is interesting or even necessary. I'm done with you, and I'm done with this game. 10 more days and my sub ends.
  21. Right, but no one being able to anything can ruin a game. Without enough paying players, the game is dead.
  22. Why should I slave for an org? And actually, no, I was never setup for Warp Drives or AGG's. I set my sights on building small and efficient ships. Good for you and good for him. That has ZERO to do with me. The sooner you figure out that not everyone is you, the less disappointed you will be when we don't care what you do. No, it's a "I have a life outside of the game, screw being a slave, and don't have years to pour into a game just to be able to do what I want" kind of thing.
  23. @Warlander is correct. The current content gate and money sink in the form of schematics is terrible for new players. No one wants to play 1-2 years to be able to do what they want in a game. With all the competition such as Space Engineers, Starship EVO, and Stationeers, that don't have such gateway and sinks, they really don't need to screw it up for new players.
  24. You're nuts if you think pre-.23 was that easy. I spent weeks building and buying the little industry that I had, just to make a few parts I deemed too expensive on the market. Then .23 came along and killed it all, and the fun that went with it. This patch did nothing but pander to the large orgs and cause a large percentage of the player base to leave.
  25. I'm doing the same thing and just logging in to collect my daily. I've grounded my bigger ships and use my pocket rocket if I get an idea and need something, but it hasn't happened in weeks. .23 sucked all the fun out of the game. Everything I was interested in, gone.
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