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  1. They are either not allowed to talk about future features, or super restricted, anything about the future is always just "We might be thinking about maybe considering it at some point, if people want it." So why even bother about planned features, if that is all you get. I rather hear about the reasoning behind past choices.
  2. The most valuable resources are in pvp space. And, assuming pvp players like to pvp, it is also the only place where pvp players can do that thing they like. People who want to have some tight pvp action are not drawn by pvp, the whole framework doesn’t really work for good pvp. Instead of adding more and more stuff to pvp space, and making changes for all players to balance pvp even if it harms pve players, maybe it is time for NQ to instead look for more ways to make pve more interesting and work with what DU is already quite good at. Look at games like Stormworks, Airmen, Satisfactory to compliment the who player driven, resource management, ship building, civilisation building thing. Stop trying to shoehorn the whole game into the pvp genre. And if some percentage of the pve players like pvp, you get more pvp players, too. because the pve players can live without the pvp players.
  3. Basically: Whoever makes the bigger decisions doesn’t see proper player markets or any other of the many ideas on the subject as priority. Nicodemus thought he can help out by doing something that he can do almost by himself, with little need for any coders, game or asset designers to do anything, as he is pretty much just using the ingame assets, ingame mechanics, his GM tool set, and does nothing that could impact the economy. If you think "I could have done this" or "this has been done before", that is because you are right, one guy can do this, just that when Nicodemus does it and it is in the patchnotes it actually draws a crowd. I see this as a "better than nothing" solution by one guy, while the rest of NQ does, erm, I dont know what.
  4. For years we are told any kind of test-account is a bad idea as it does not work with the player driven economy and persistent universe, introducing it almost seems like there are plans to, you know, not have it persistent, like due to some kinda already planned wipe. anyway Player markets of this type, as in, some L cores for decoration and foundation, filled with S or XS cores where people can have dispensers or advertisement, is something that players have already done, but could not get to really take off because of the missing ability to advertise. Instead of giving players the tools to advertise such a thing (see below), NQ builds their own version, which is now "official" and gets a sticky top spot in the VR list, twitter, website, release note, youtube, launcher advertisement slots. What are people with actual markets (sorry, dispenser halls with screens) supposed to display there? Big screens with price lists, screenshots of the market and an info button to set destination? If the normal market ui ("J") had an option to "include player dispensers", then any player wanting to buy item X could also see "Oh, somebody has a dispenser on a construct called SVEA-Market" 50km away and sells it for cheaper, 52 items available!" A ship seller has screenshots of his ships, descriptions and destination button at the NQ-Market. Imagine he could just upload the BP into a "ship databank" and any player can, via VR, load and test those ships in a VR enviroment, and of course buy the bp, I mean it is just a data item after all. Nope, what we get is the way that needs the smallest amount of work possible, an intern building a market like players already did, manually choose who gets to "rent a stall" and it all gets advertised via the usual outlets. So a player market, made by devs, advertised via out-of-game tools, without adding in-game tools. Website based DAC stuff, without adding in-game stuff. Website based new friend invites, no change in game. Talents reset, without any change to the talents, which sure could need one. But in the game at least square lights now do what vertical lists already do, that’s a relief, unless you actually wanted to have some kind of spotlight, with a cone, like the square light works currently.
  5. NPC missions shouldn’t pay out a lot in general, they should only be a filler, between the human made missions. And if you now ask "which human made missions? Alright, a brief history of heavy hauling, and why we don’t really do it between planets: .23 comes out, creates (amongst many other problems) a quanta sink which needs to be countered. Thus, bots now buy ore for double the amount, 25q/l, and daily login is increased to 150k per day, just for the time being *cough* For quite some time, this means that the need for ore transport died completely. There used to be plenty of people mining on outer planets and ore used to be much cheaper there, as barely anybody uses it outside of Alioth. And due to this, massive amounts of T1 ore was slowboated to alioth. patch.23 killed that, ore was now even cheaper on alioth compared to other planets, as the bots died there first. Mission system was introduced, it was meant for players to make missions for players. It is not only really bad for that purpose due to generally flawed designs (volume limit, mission amount limit, unable to split stacks at market), but also, the NPC missions pay massively, can be done with alts, and cost no collateral in comparison. So, because bots killed interplanetory hauling, there are now new bots offering interplanetory hauling missions. Missions get nerfed, but are still much better than player missions, due to the other reasons. If I have a dead possum and mold in my coffee mug, changing the brand of coffee is not solving the mysterious issue of my coffee tasting odd. Maybe I should remove the mold and the dead possum first. All the bots ruin the supposedly player driven economy, and the shittily introduced mission system for players amplfies it. And I will continue to just warp my ore in from my sicari miners myself, because I am unable to set up a useful mission for it.
  6. Pretty or not, compared to many other games, there is not really a lot of depth. While most other areas of the game have a "if you can’t do it, this is an MMO, find another player who can do it" philosophy, building a working ship is kept as simple as possible so that everybody can do it.
  7. Decorative building is nice, but practical building is not. The practical side is dumbed down to the max, to benefit decorative building, be it for statics or ships. Piloting just got a massive nerf to fun, with anything above 1.75kt having the agility of an oil tanker. For a game boasting about its player driven economy, there sure are too many bots. Instead of slowly closing quanta faucets and sinks, every since they felt the need to introduce schematics we get more and more NPC sources and sinks of quanta and items. Social, fully agree with your points, and want to also point at the current social tools in the game, especially the chat. And instead of tackling those, we get more and more "put valuable stuff in the pvp zone, and nerf pve things, so everybody does pvp and is happy"
  8. "for example in exchange for quanta" What else? This would be a good time to add to the original announcement, that trading via anything else but ingame goods/quanta is against the TOS. Right?
  9. If I tell John Doe: "I sell you a DAC for 20M quanta" and he gives me the money, and I do not give him the DAC, that is not even against the TOS. So with the lack of trust and guarantees, you can pretty much only trade via a trustworthy party, or with with people you trust directly, corret? This is about as good as the old dispensers, which didnt show what you buy as you pay.
  10. Assuming they want to wipe, they would want to A: do it with the release B: not annouce it long before the actual wipe, as that would mean even fewer people play. So if the release is planned for eg october, and they want to wipe then, it is a good idea to not tell us already. If they had decided on not wiping however, they would have told us. So, we can take their silence as a yes.
  11. Why do you even bother doing these, if you do them like this? Same thing as with the discord Q&A, or the youtube ones.
  12. So would this wording be correct? Getting the Secu skin for programming boards disables the ability to apply the retro skin. Additionally, it also resets all boards set to retro back to default.
  13. Could actually delete quite a few lines, nice.
  14. All made up, but referencing the style of some NQ quotes. When asked about why the repair units does not repair, the dev said the user should understand that the repair unit is not a unit to repair things, but a "way back machine" for voxels, and goes into detail how the repair unit currently works (which we already know) instead of answering the question. NQ really likes to mention how they maybe could consider starting to think about maybe doing something, but it is low priority. Example: "Will there be an ability to group territories and pay taxes for a group at once? It's very annyoing to deposit quanta for each territory when you have a lot of them." "Yes, this could be a QOL improvement we can consider for the future, but there is no set date for that. " And the advice to just not use them is mirroring the advice to just not play the mining unit game if you think it is too slow.
  15. What you have to understand is, that a BP is not meant to be some kind of blueprint for having a building placed next to your other building. It is more of a "way forward machine", like, what would it look like if you just build the whole thing, and without aligning it to anything. And the current BP System does that really well, it works. NQ might think about thinking about maybe introducing something like what you suggest eventually, if they thought people actually wanted it. But until then there are things with higher priorities, like letting programming boards know the position a screen is relative to the button that started it, expressed as a quaterinion matrix list, via getScreenPostionRelativeToButton, a new video or the devs playing some other game and calling it DU, new guns to speed up the enemy, and globally reducing running speed to make pvp more balanced. Also, if you don’t like blueprints, just don’t use them.
  16. Also, something as simple as adding a multiplier to the normal dispenser interface (assuming the limit and cooldown are set to zero) would already be super sweet. So if I, the seller, set my dispenser to sell you a batch for 9600, you can just have an input to buy that x times.. As you can see, I am not a graphic design dude
  17. I can only connect one dispenser to a container (or hub), currently I need an extra container for every dispenser, if I want to sell warp cells in batches of 10 and 100, I need 2 dispensers and each need a container. I am a shopkeeper, not a coder, so I just quickly describe what I currently think I can do (or want to be able to do) with the new LUA: -Allow a customer to interact with a screen, in order to change batch size. The screen stuff is already in, so setBatchContent and setPrice is all I need there. -Allow a customer to select which items he wants (only for small items like operators, cables, barriers, furniture, plants). So he can, via screen, just click here and there and then finalize at the dispenser to get his 3 fruitplants and 5 AND operators. I would personally will stick with 1 dispenser, 1 board, 1 screen, 1 container for most items There is "unconfigured", in which case the dispenser simply states an error message.
  18. A dispenser that has not been set up in any way returns an error when a use is attempted, so the lua would just have to have a "reset" function, which disables the use. Just check if setBatchContent{{0, 0}} disables use due to this. (I guess I would have to use an actually existing item ID and set amount to zero?) Other than that, Yoarii and I may have the same amount of dispensers, but he sure is far more knowledgable when it comes to lua and dispensers in combination.
  19. "the Market station provides a new dynamic in the transport of cargo, in that merchandise can be bought and sold without the need to make planetfall." so like any of the already existing moon markets, without the moons. Market 1 Alioth moon 1 is: -closer to most players -also in space -more landing space -easier landing, because a tiny bit of gravity is nice to have -you can already warp to a moon, no public warp beacon needed I have no idea how the new space market adds anything in any way for anybody except the Utopia guys, that was not already provided by any of the moon markets. Unless the fact that there is a moon below the moon markets is an issue, which I doubt, the new market is not going to see a lot of action, it is yet another waste of time. Next time players ask for something that would actually be nice and make the game more fun and the devs say "we would love to, but it isn’t priority, maybe later we find the time" just remember there was time enough for this thing.
  20. to sell, for example coal, type "coal" and use the sell button there.
  21. Either the game is considered main feature complete and you release because of it, which many, me included, are afraid of, as it means the game will not get any of the many things it still needs. Or you release the game despite not being finished, which means you are running out of money and try to get a last round of funds in a sink or swim move. So which one is it?
  22. deleted element number bug, added short-range unpacking, tilted core +docked ship explosions, talents +sust speed.
  23. Whatever works best for you, but you will have to learn some things double that way. The patchnotes are also often incomplete or misleading, even wrong. On top of that, the stuff there is to know and learn is not in the patchnotes anyway. You would get more out of this if you occasionally print out a wiki page and read it.
  24. correct, I complain the missions are so bad I can barely use them, and I barely use them. I don’t know what the threshold for "cheap" is, but so far I did not get any takers for long distance hauling missions, unless I offer roughly twice the warp cell cost, in which case I pass and do it myself. I usually only do it for bringing some small stuff to the market. Which is an issue. If the 2B worth of goods are as easy to transport as 10M worth of goods, I essentially have to pay extra to compensate for the collateral, which is exactly what I am complaining about. I have a hard time competing with the super low collateral NPC missions. If you can fly ships made of pure gold and bonsais, maybe I should pay less. I am also not sure how anybody has to put his super luxury yachts on the line for my safe zone or warpable missions. That is what I am doing already.
  25. Anyway, if you want the ship to slide sideways when you are tilted, rightclick the engines (one by one) and "disable thrust along gravity". If you want to craft to not slide sideways, enable it. Crafts should usually ignore any terrain slant, meaning should you be on the side of a hill, you do not drift because of it. I will check next time I am on if I notice any changes, maybe there was a change and I just didn’t notice yet, in which case I apologize.
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